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Tunde Bakare: A Belle-Full Christian Leader

¤ By Vincent Obadofin
Funny, Tunde Bakare, the then commander in Chief of all Nigeria activist during Jonathan’s government is now mobilizing Nigerians to pray for his ailing president.!!!
Bakare is doing this while the script writers are busy recruiting all northerners into DSS, POLICE, ARMY, CUSTOM, CBN, and all other federal agencies. They have diverted over 80% of nation’s earnings to the North.
Tunde Bakare is yet to let us know what happened to the multibillions Ikoyi money.
Tunde Bakare is yet to address the worsening hunger on our land.
Tunde Bakare is yet to see fraud in our electioneering processes in the last two year.
Tunde Bakare is yet to appreciate the exponential pattern of maternal and child mortality under Buhari.
Bakare is comfortable with the fraudulent kitchen cabinet of Buhari and the corrupt Nigerians in the presidency.
Boko haram is still ravaging all NE, Fulani helmsmen terrorists are now in control of government’s affairs.
Bakare is a disgrace to Oduduwa people and Nigerians at large. Femi Falana is also towing the same path.
Let me assure these dishonorable gentlemen that Nigeria will overcome this government of Nigeria by the North for the North.
You just continue.
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