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Princewill Emejuru

Since the incidence of the Ikoyi Osborne Towers saga the EFCC and the FG government has remained mute, only Sahara Reporters has been churning out series of stories or the other, while the Rivers APC e-urchins help them spread such stories about the ownership of the money and the occupant of the Tower.

Firstly Sahara Reporters linked the money to former Director of NNPC Esther Ogbue and the Rivers APC urchins spread the news but unfortunately to them the story didn’t fly as the woman came out to deny ownership of the money.

Then the Sahara Reporters again came with another story linking the former chairman of PDP Alhaji Adamu Mua’zu to the money and as usual the Rivers APC urchins took it on themselves to amplify the story, but again this one too didn’t even take off let alone flying.

But once the former Governor of Rivers State and the current Minister for Transportation Rt. Hon. Chibuike Amaechi was linked to the money, there have been different twist to the story. 

Foremost was the story also coming from Sahara Reporters of the NIA claiming and denying the ownership of the money. This very one got me thinking and wondering how a discrete agency like NIA an equivalent of CIA in USA, M16 in London, KGB(SVR) in Russia will be so daft and unintelligent to act in such incompetent manner. Well this will be story for another day.

As at now there have been and still what seems like media image Laundary for God knows who by the same Sahara Reporters and also spread by same Rivers APC urchins. Initially they came out with the name of the lady the whistle blower claimed to be the woman that always haul the cash into the apartment in Ghana must go bags and claim she is the wife of the DG of NIA just to corroborate their claim that the NIA is actually the real owner of the money, and I wonder how reasonable it will be that the wife of the DG of NIA will be the one that will be in charge of the money meant for a covert operation by an agency like NIA which incidentally her husbandis in charge, just like others this very one died on arrival.

Currently the Sahara Reporters has gone ahead to release the full list of those that has apartments at the luxurious Osborne Towers and the Rivers APC are also all over the facebook to spread this current spine by the Sahara Reporters and in all these, both the EFCC and the Federal Government has remained silent. 

The EFCC that has the statutory power to investigate such issues has not been able to issue an official statement on the real owner of the money and the occupants of the apartments at the Osborne Towers, rather they have allowed the Sahara Reporters to take over their job and feed Nigerians with all sorts of stories.

My worries now are 

Why  has the EFCC and FG remained silent over this sensitive National issue

Why has the EFCC refused to come out with an official statement on the true position of the situation.

Don’t the EFCC have the capacity to carry out investigation.

Why does it look like the EFCC has delegated their duties the Sahara Reporters.

Why does it look like Sahara Reporters is working so hard to launder somebody’s image and who could the individual be.

Why is the Sahara Reporters alone bringing out all these stories and at the same time only APC in Rivers State are the ones helping them to spread the stories.

Is the federal government shielding anybody and who could the sacred cow be.

Too many questions seeking for answer.

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