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The Reality of God of Adeboye

by Okey Igbokwe

You dragged Lagos with Yoruba, claiming it is a no man’s land, after you have invested all your sweat and energy building skyscrapers there, making it the highest revenue generating state in Nigeria as you abandoned Igbo land. Now you want to drag RCCG with Yoruba, claiming it is a no man’s church run by “Holy Spirit “.

When you were calling it the “God of Adeboye “, what do you expect? Of course it is the “church of Adeboye “, not the Church of Igbo.

Igbo citizens have the lowest thinking capacity in the world ‘per capita’. Years of thorough brainwashing as a result of living in one Nigeria have degraded us below the level of Apes.

The other time, it was Mba Ise versus Anambra, tussling over the post of Catholic bishop, a religion founded by the white man. They keep embarrassing themselves daily before the world.

The Jews, despite all the travails they went through during their years of sourjourn in Europe and America as a landless people, never adopted another man’s religion as theirs nor dragged Catholicism and Anglican with Romans and English people. They stuck to their own religion, Judaism wherever they went, and never allowed external religion to influence them.

Igbo nation have their ancestral religion which our great Chi handed to us. Omenana is our religion! Amadioha and other deities are our go betweens to our great Chi, just like the Christians have their Jesus, and the Arabs Muhammed. We have chief priests that commune for us before the gods, just as Christians and Muslims have their pastors and imams respectively, that commune between their gods.

The problem Igbo citizens are facing today by fighting everybody over land and religion, was as a result of the ‘go out enmass and dominate’ mentality which Zik inculcated in us, and which our intellectually dishonest brothers are deceiving us with today, instead of guiding our people to embrace our culture, settle in our land and develop our religion.

RCCG belongs to Adeboye. It is his private enterprise he nurtured with his sweat after deceiving you to pure in your money for him. That is why you call it the “God of Adeboye “.

If you are grumbling that Adeboye handed over RCCG baton to a Yoruba instead of Igbo after all the billions you invested in the church, you are very stupid! What made you to abandon the religion of our ancestors to embrace a Yoruba church? Is it not stupidity? What has the God of Adeboye which you proclaim daily done for you? How has he developed you after all the billions he ripped off you?
Come back to Igbo traditional religion and where our great Chi is alive and performing wonders.

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