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LAW MAKING (Legislation)
Part 1
Motion and bill are veritable instrument of law making. Every motion moved, voted and carried or every bill passed into law attempts to address state general problem, or specific problems of a Constituency.
Motion moved and actions taken.
1. Motion to investigate the remote and immediate causes of tank explosion at Ebocha co-sponsored with Hon. Nathaniel Uwaji
Action taken after motion adoption
A. Joint investigation visit of the Assembly committee, Agip and impacted communities.
B. Post impact assessment of impacted area
C. Clean up and restoration
D. Tank repairs/reconstruction.
E. Supply of relief materials to impact communities, through insufficient to cushion the effect of the incident.
2. Motion to investigate the level of Environmental law compliance by companies operating in Rivers State.
Action Taken.
A. Inspection visit to all Total facilities and installations in OML58
B. Evacuation, treatment, remediation, reclamation and revegetation of the flare pit at Ogbogu flow station. Job is ongoing. This is a plus to Egi people.
C. Inspection visit to Agip, shell, indorama, notore etc facilities and installation.
D. Inspection visit to MCC, RCC etc, facilities and installations.
E. Receipt of quarterly environmental monitoring reports.
3. Motion to investigate into the cause of black soot in Rivers State.
Actions taken after motion adoption.
A. Establishment of four air monitoring station in Port Harcourt and it’s environ
B. Setting up of State technical committee by his Excellency Chief Barr. E.N Wike to ascertain the origin, causes and effects of black soot and prevention.
C. Setting up of Port Harcourt air monitoring group by international oil companies (IOC) and other subsidiary companies in Port Harcourt.
D. Hosting of first and only environment submit in Nigeria by my committee. Attendance; Ambassadors of Malaysia, Pakistan and Ecuador to Nigeria.
4. Motion condemning the spate of Killing in ONELGA
Actions taken after motion adoption
A. SOS letter to IGP over Killing in ONELGA
B. SOS letter to chief of army staff over Killing in ONELGA
Outcome of letters.
A. Establishment of a JTF unit in Ogbogu community, Egi.
B. Establishment of a military unit at Obagi, which was later moved to Ahoada.
C. Deployment of additional mopol unit to ONELGA
D. Federal JTF patrol in ONELGA and it’s environs
5. Motion condemning the printing of fake INEC materials in Port Harcourt.
Actions taken after motion adoption.
A. Withdraw of fake INEC sensitive materials in circulations
B. Quarries were issued to officers in Charge.
C. Arrest were made without prosecution.
D. Case abandoned by Federal Government and INEC
6. Motion to create a safe water ways in Rivers State.
Two bills are ready for Presentation.
I. Rivers State environmental management bill
II. A bill to repeal and re-enact the Rivers State Forest Reserve law
Part 2
The second duty of every legislator is to see the well being of his people and the overall development and improvements of his Constituency.
Activities carried out between 2016/2017
1. Security support programme.
a. Contributed to the formation of OSPAC and it’s success stories in ONELGA.
b. Contributed with support of other Egi sons to the purchase and donation of 2 Siena vehicle and 14 motorcycles to OSPAC for smooth operations. We are all beneficiaries of the results.
c. I bought and donated Hilux vehicle with full security gadgets to the military for surveillance operations in Constituency 1
2. Health Support Programme.
a. Free medical programme across the Constituency. Three Thousand person were attended to at Egi axis while one thousand eight hundred persons were attended to at the Igburu axis.
b. Free hernia operation currently going on at Prize Medical. If you have this medical case, do well to contact the Doctor in charge of Prize Medical, Dr. Orike for diagnosis and operation. It is Free.
3. Education Support Problemme.
a. WAEC registration for over 30 students.
b. JAMB registration for only 15 students.
c. Paid Secondary school fees for more than 20 students.
d. Paid 50% fees for 12 undergraduate students across the Constituency.
e. Facilitated the lifting of ban on NYSC posting in ONELGA Constituency 1 through engagement and interaction with the State coordinator of NYSC.
4. Environmental Protection and conservation Programme.
a. Inauguration of environs care club in secondary schools across ONELGA Constituency 1
b. Launching of tree planting programme across 14 Secondary schools in ONELGA Constituency 1
5. Constituency Project attraction.
The following projects were attracted to the Constituency for the year ending 2017
I. 3 units of 12,000 liters, each solar powered water scheme for Omoku community located at Kreigani Road, Ahia Orie and in ward 2 respectively
II. 300 capacity Town Hall for Igburu communities located in Elieta town. Fully equipped with chairs and tables and also water supply unit.
III. Restoration of electricity to Ohiuaga community through the purchase, installation, connection and commissioning of a 500 KVA transformer and it’s accessories.
IV. Restoration of electricity to Ogbidi community through the purchase, installation, connection and commissioning of a 300 KVA transformer and it’s accessories.
V. Construction of a 250 capacity hall at Akabuka community fully equipped with chairs and tables and also water supply unit.
Part 3
This is indeed another very important function of every legislature. It’s aimed at ensuring value for money for every Government project. Here, MDAs were monitored to ensure strict compliance to budgetary allocations of their ministries departments and agencies.
Within the years under review, I served as chairman, environment committee and member to public accounts, health, oil and Gas and education committee. Also co opted as a member of commission and agency Committee.
I. Public Account Committee
A. Receiving of quarterly budget performance report from head of MDAs
B. State auditor’s report scrutiny.
C. Local Government auditor’s report scrutiny
II. Health Committee
A. Adaption of the universal health coverage scheme in Rivers State
B. Adapted strategy for a tuberculosis free Rivers State
C. Inspection of health centers in Constituency 1 to ascertain their statues for possible upgrading of the facilities
D. Adaption of free AIDS voluntary testing strategy for Rivers State
III. Education Committee
A. Prioritization of education as the bedrock of every developed society. This saw the massive construction and reconstruction across the school.
B. Establishment of teaching hospital in Rivers State university.
IV. Environment Committee
A. Held quarterly environmental compliance meetings with stakeholders
B. Received reports of audited environmental report from companies
C. Visit to civil defense corps with a view to putting to an end thr destruction and burning of illegal crude oil.
D. Quarterly inspection of facilities and installations of companies.
E. Preparation of an air quality index for Rivers State, ongoing
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