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The Biafra Discussion

One of the things that I have established over the past two years is that most of these young men in Eastern Nigeria shouting “Biafra or Death” are very naive. And when you remind them of the many possible outcome of their agitations, they are the first to say, “who is talking about War? We don’t want war but we want Biafra” and yet they proclaim, “Biafra or death!” What kind of logic is that?

Indeed It shows that it is naive to think that it will be all smooth and not violent. That all the preachings of hate towards the Hausas and Fulanis and Yorubas count for nothing. They think that freedom of expression includes calling their own brothers and sisters, who are moderate Igbos calling for restructuring, “Hausa slaves,” means love and not hate.

They have no plans save protesting and social media bashing. They are too blinded in their quest that they have not been able to think and perhaps realize that the Hausas and Yorubas might just decide to take them a bit more serious. How do you think the Arewa youths would implement their ultimatum if not by violence? And then those of you who have been filling the veins of our youths with poisons of hate would then turn around to point fingers at the Northern rascals, and say, “they started the violence.”

We are once again being deceived into putting our political eggs into one basket with the chant of “referendum.”

Again, none of them is asking the serious question: what if referendum fails? Would they wash their hands and then say, “ok, fine. Let’s do restructuring now,” or what? But I say restructuring because it will be an ever ongoing exercise towards perfecting the Union of Nigeria.

I still believe that the Igbo will be in a better position in Nigeria through restructuring. And We should pursue it with all of our political wisdom, making friends along the way, not enemies out of people who are normally humane.” – Mike Ikem Umealo

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