Monday , 23 July 2018


By Charles Ogbu.
If you are Igbo and you are entertaining the thought of taking part in that atrocious iniquity masqueradlng as THE FREE MEDICAL SERVICE  by the Nigerian army as part of their murderous Operation Python Dance nonsense in Ala-Igbo, the gods of our land have mandated me to warn you that you are simply dancing Surugede with your life.
Ejim n’aka na unu ma na Surugede bu egwu ndi mmuo. (Surugede is a dance of the spirit)
Do not accept any free thing from Buhari or his army.
Let me repeat this in capital letter.
Nekwa gi nekwa monkey pox. Ekwuchakwaa m!
This govt has proven beyond every doubt that hating on Ndigbo is their number 1 point agenda.
He who hates a woman can’t possibly love her children. Use your tongue and count your teeth.
This army murdered us inside a church and even bathed us with acid simply for remembering our Biafra heros on May-29-30, 2016 in what Amnesty International described as “hate-induced killing” by the army. When something is said to be hate-induced, it means it was done out of nothing but hate. Please Google that amnesty report and read for yourself. And the soldier who led that murderous Operation, one major T.O Ibrahim, was rewarded with a promotion.
Few weeks ago, this same army drowned our people in mud water in Abia state for no reason other than pure hate. We all saw the grotesque video.
As I type this, they are occupying our land with the attendant savagery. Yesterday, they invaded Nnamdi Kanu’s house and carted away his property after trying to kill him.
How can such a murderous army of occupation now turn around to want to give you free medical service??
You tell them say you dey sick??
Can the hawk give free Medicare to the chick?
Any army that can kill and maim you and bath you with raw acid and still drown you in mud water, such an army DOES NOT mean you well. Accepting free Medicare from such an army is nothing short of suicide. And if you die, nekwa gi, nekwa hell fire.
Since their herdsmen couldn’t finish the job, maybe this might do the magic.
If you are in dire need of free Medicare, get in touch let us raise fund for you here. As a collective, we can do so many thing.
Don’t trust this govt. Fear your politicians and elites even more. With small threat or promise of one juicy post like that, they will gladly sell you out and even collect change ontop. In fact, fear them pass as you dey fear Buhari and his murderous soldiers.
Your killer CANNOT be your healer.
Let them take their medical service to the IDPs in the NorthEast.  Ndigbo are not sick.
How can a govt that does not have ordinary Panadol and cotton wool in Asorock health center claim they are giving their citizens free Medicare??
A man who will dash me cloth MUST NOT be naked.
This message is from the gods of Ala-Igbo. Charles Ogbu is simply the Eze-mmuo.
Ngwanu, ga gwazie ndi yardi unu.
AmarSim Associations Development Consultants

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  1. Kingsley Istanbul Vam

    Biafra’s run for ur life pls , say no to anytin from d zoo army dy are d killers of innocent Biafra’s

  2. Tony Nnanta

    North need it please. Igbos are ok and knows when and where to buy their medicines from

  3. Ify Egbe Adeniji

    Their free medical care is the course of monkey pox

  4. Uhuno Omosa

    If this writers is true,meaning the message on wattsup is genius, ask your self have you people hear when they give free Medicare to the people in IDP in their area please my brothers in the east run from theme they are devil

  5. Likei Waribo

    They have to run oo, better

  6. Austin Anslem

    If this writers is true,meaning the message on wattsup is genius, ask your self have you people hear when they give free Medicare to the people in IDP in their area please my brothers in the east run from theme they are devil

  7. John Daniel

    Run for your life befor the army wiped all of you from the surface of the earth with there virus,

  8. Ekanem Bassey

    Evil Nigerian army and evil buhari

  9. Safiya Umaru

    Your Uhuno Omosa you have enough and you don’t want those of us that don’t have to benefit. If you as an older Igbo man is given the contract to supply this drugs to your people you will supply fake drugs. The military is made up of ndigbos. The administration of the drugs is by various tribe spread within the military. If you count ndigbo are majority in nurse doctors and pharmacy. North don’t manufacture drugs. What conspiracy do you think international organisation will hold with the army in Nigeria to conterminate such drugs from manufacturer? Shea you Igbo so believe in the white and international community. Igbo are the majority offering cheap service in foreign countries. Igbo are majority in ever sphere of economy so any attempt to conterminate any consumable imported not only to east but any part of Nigeria the Igbo will know and will quickly highlight Nigerian community. They may frustrate the shipment. Haba, what ever is happening in Nigeria is political gimmicks. Igbo in government will never ever fold hands and watch such in humanity to their people by who ever. God will never allow that. So stop melding into what the govt is doing negatively. If you have nothing to tell you people shut up. Respect your age. People of your age don’t talk carelessly. This is careless talk. Be careful.

  10. Safiya Umaru

    Killed northern people you parading, in the name of Igbo’s. We know each other by our skin. The skin of the people laying here is dark their posture and dressing is not of Igbo people. Generally they could be foreigner Muslims who are in east to make money. But certainly they are not Igbo. The harsh weather in the Savannah settlement of north determine the skin postures of their inhabitants. The east is in a mangrove area, thick forest cool weather thus nourish the skin and lighten it. If an Igbo migrates to north his skin is usually very light. After a while harsh weather start darkening the skin. So the death youths there are northern. By their skin and dressing. This is the truth. Igbo sense failed here.

  11. Chi Chi Jethro Joseph

    We don need it, they are injecting monkey pox to my peoples body say they are giving them free medical care. We don need their charity care, they should go to northern part of Nigeria where hungry and all type viruses and sick are killing them, give free medical care not in Biafran land.

  12. Ezinwa Onyenna

    They should take this programme to lDP camps not here pls

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