Monday , 25 June 2018


…when an owl visits, clamity is imminent.
And a visit of a vulture to the shrine confirms that the sacrifice has reached the gods.

It is no longer rumour that Tony Blair was sighted in Abuja on his way to Kaduna the socio political capital of Northern Nigeria. For sure, Tony’s visit is not unconnected with the myraid of political problems currently facing Nigeria.

In short, the visit is a confirmation that the sound of the drum has reached the earears of those in the spirit land. That the voices of referendum, restructuring, true federalism, quit notice and many other calls that threaten Nigeria unit has been heard by our master Britain. Behold the messager!

I know Tony and I shall tell you who he is.
His full name is Anthony Charles Lynton Blair. He is from Sedgefield, England. And the former Prime Minister of Britain from 1997 to 2007.

As a Prime minister, Mr Blair earned himself the name ‘invassionist”. As he was widely described as a “vociferous advocate” of invasion”.

In 1998 – 1999 Mr Blair marched his soldiers into Kosovo where he backed the rebels against the occupation by Yugoslavia.
In 1991- 2002 Blair launched operation Palliser and outrightly intervened in the Seira Leone war where he re-established the weak President Teejan Kabba in power.

In 2001 Prime minister Blair invaded again Afghanistan.
And in March 20, 2003 Tony Blair once again invaded Iraq.

Mr Blair then got himself another reputation for “war of aggression” (such military conflict waged without the justification of self defense but usually for territorial gain and subjugation). And the world adjudged him thus; “the war crime of a nation is an offshoot of individual criminal responsibility.”

When Blair left office, he manifested himself the real “bad boy” of the world. Note that there are four bodies that determine the pace of word’s politics and international diplomacy. They are United Nations UN, United States USA, European Union EU and Russia. These bodies are called the Diplomatic QUARTET.
The Quartet has its office in Madrid Spain and it can create, recreate or destroy any nation.

Guess what; Tony Blair was appointed the Special Envoy the Diplomatic Quartet. And his mission in the Isreal-Palistan peace deal of was calamity. It took the collection of a hundred diplomats and other noble men in the world to force Blair’s resignation.

To all proponents of Restructuring and Referendum in Nigeria, let me take down the memory lane and show you what a topical Blair can do to the struggle.:

During the apartheid regime in South Africa, the then Prime Minister of Britain Mrs Margret Thatcher said, “Anyone who believes that Mandela’s African National Congress ANC would rule South Africa was living in cloud-cucko-land.” That was her opinion against the blacks of South Africa. And in support of the apartheid regime she went ahead to brand Nelson Mandela and his colleagues as “terrorists”.

Tony Blair’s Britain does not have any regards for society or indigenous people. Mrs Thatcher herself has said ” there is no such thing as society but state”. And so Blair too won’t have any regards for Igbos and her society but for the Nigerian state.

And you now know that Blair has come to manipulate and scuttle the agitation of Biafra independence. He came pratically to strategize on how to stop the self determination quest of the Igbo society. And finally Blair’s visit will only be for the intrest of the state and nothing for the people.

An example of Tony Blair’s insensitivity to the people’s struggle was when he with a wave of hand asked the Nigerian masses to “forget the mandate” given to Abiola in the June 12 presidential election.

Recently Blair has started working to thwart the Brexit which was an outcome of people’s referendum. And in this, Nigel Farage has described him — “Tony Blair is one of the most disliked living figures in British politics”. Hear form Blair himself, ” people are still very abusive to me 10 years after the Iraq war”.

Fellow Biafrans and comrades, it is historic that the north and Britain have ever been the best of friends. And at the visit of Blair the friendship shall be greatly re-strengthened…. to the detriment of the south.
But it is only the Tough that keeps going when it gets tough. Aluta!

God bless Biafra!

……from the desk of Emeka Ijere

AmarSim Associations Development Consultants

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