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Politics of propaganda

 By Okey Igbokwe
It is now obvious that Uche Okwukwu was deliberately planted in Ohaneze by Chibuike Amaechi to perfect a hatchet job; the hatchet job of helping him work for Buhari in Igbo land before the general election.
Amaechi, having seen that he has lost out in his Rivers state, wanted to use Igbo land as a foothold and plan B for his waning political life. He only advertises his Igbo persona whenever elections are around the corner to woo Igbo sentiments.
As he could not find tangible excuse to present to the powers of APC to remain relevant and in reckoning for another ministerial appointment, having achieved nothing for the party in Rivers state, he now dived on the opportunity of Igbo presidency to make his voice heard and make it look as if he was working.
Uche Okwukwu attempted to divide Ohaneze for Buhari but failed. It is now very obvious his mission at Ohaneze. He was working for Amaechi. Something they could not attempt with their Ogbako Ikwerre, they want to use Ohaneze to achieve. But the Igbo vehemently rejected Buhari, and shame and reproach will forever be to Amaechi and Okwukwu.
Ndi Igbo want a restructured system where merit and equality, hard work and justice would prevail, not presidency under environment of quota system,  sectionalism, ethnic prejudice and sentiments. Other than these, Igbo desires a separate country to live their lives; an independent Igbo country where truth, justice, fairness and equality are the guiding rules.
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