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MY HUMBLE RESPONSE -Team GEJ vs Team Buhari.

Yesterday US Secretary John Kerry came into Nigeria and met with Buhari; he said these words to Buhari, “you inherited a BIG problem”. In addition, everyone you meet today, have this question to ask, “how on earth did we slide into the bermuda triangle of recession in a short period of time?”.

My answer to Kerry and anyone with such question is simple; we were in a serious game, and we made the WRONG SUBSTITUTIONS in KEY areas. Just like a football game, once key substitutions are wrong the game is automatically lost, it’s not rocket science.

Out- Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan
In- Mallam Mohammedu Buhari

Out – Dr Alison Madueke
In- Mallam Mohammed Buhari

Out- Dr Okonjo Iweala
In- linguist Kemi Adeosun

Out- Dr Akinwumi Adesina
In- Ancestor Audu Ogbeh.

After making these substitutions in the four most critical sectors of the country, if you like call them the pillars of our economy; there is only one outcome and that is RECESSION. Even if God sends Jonah here, and the whale brings him down (because he must refuse to come to Nigeria in this time and era when every foreign investor is leaving including the indigenes, even the whale will be scared let hungry people don’t eat it) Jonah will still fail to revive the economy with these jokers in these key areas. Obama will fail with this team.

It’s not rocket science, you can’t replace an Okonjo Iweala with a kemi and expect a miracle to happen (kemi is interested in speaking good English, unfortunately the economy doesn’t hear good English). You can’t replace an Akinwumi with an aging frail Ogbeh and expect miracles (Ogbeh wants to import grass for his cows, that’s his priority); how can a 74yr old secondary school dropout and religious bigot be more effective and efficient than a 58yr PhD holder?? (Buhari just wants Islam to spread, even though it means Christians been burnt alive and also he wants Biafra to DIE).

Pretending that our recent problems are not tied to these wrong substitutions, is evil and treason itself. And yes Kerry you are right, Buhari inherited a BIG PROBLEM, a country that had the largest economy in Africa and third fastest growing economy in the world is a BIG PROBLEM for a 74yr old secondary school dropout. It’s like telling my little niece who will be 9 months by 2nd of September, to count one to 10. As simple as the task might be, she will not be able; same with the Almighty Buhari, if you like give him all the executive emergency power, in Ameachi’s voice “he won’t do NATIN”.

I leave you with TEAM GEJ vs TEAM BUHARI; if you had a company, who will be your directors? I’m 100% sure that even the most moronic, idiotic and foolish APC supporter will take the former over the latter.

I am Oyinemi Nicholas Endeley, a son from the IZON KINGDOM and I just want to make commonsense. DAZZIT AND DAZZOL 4 NOW.

#Still on Jesus is Lord.

AmarSim Associations Development Consultants

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  1. Shehi Ali Ibrahim

    None will choose GEJ, but crazy. #Buhari is the best option to all.

  2. Fela Martins

    Jonathan,the ineffectual Buffon can NEVER become the President of this country again.

  3. Beki Gegu

    Hit Like 4 Buhari 4 Life!

  4. Ammar Omaye Ishaq

    Scannews stop wasting ur tym evn pdp wouldn’t give Jonathan it ticket 4 anoda humiliation again.

  5. Osarenagharu Israel Okundaye

    Over 90% Muslim/Northern ministerial appointment was fraud and weakening.
    His certificate saga was fraud.
    Engaging hundreds of San to eat up the certificate matter was clear abuse of office and waste of resources.
    The herdsmen killings without condemnation from him was fraud and religious.
    Using Efcc to fight opposition is scandalous and lopsided.
    His government with no meaningful Economic policy is laughable and makes his government clueless.
    Putting an embargo on the importation of food items without first having a 100℅ backup is ridiculous and giggling for a child.
    The rascality over abuse of court order is worrisome and call for his impeachment.
    His impeachment is long overdue.
    Just as the govt is clueless, the Senate and House of rep members are all clueless.

  6. Shuaib Adesoji

    Who will vote for looter, p m b is the man joo o super

    • Don Pedro

      GEJ is not contesting with any body but if he were to contest, just check out: GEJ a bag of cement N1,500, Buhari a bag of cement N2,000 and above, GEJ a bag of rice N7,000, buhari a bag of rice N30,000, GEJ a litre of fuel N87, buhari a litre of fuel N145, GEJ a tin of peak milk N100, buhari a tin of milk N200, GEJ massive infrastructure and job creation, buhari zero infrastructure and job creation, GEJ peace and unity, buhari crisis, hatred and hunger, GEJ never parked jet in london to pay tax of N1,000 pounds daily, buhari has parked and paying N1,000 pounds to british government daily for over three months now, GEJ children all schooled in Nigeria while he was president, buhari son just graduated from london university, GEJ hungry man size indomie N80, buhari indomie N150, GEJ table egg N25, buhari table egg N50, GEJ small bottle of eva palm oil N100, buhari small bottle of eva palm oil N1,000, GEJ a tuber of yam N200, buhari a tuber of yam N1,200, GEJ a dollar N150, buhari a dollar N500, GEJ a 32inc LED TV N45,000, buhari tv N65,000, GEJ a motor cycle battery N1,500, buhari battery N5,000, GEJ a democrat, buhari a dictator and a murderer! Should I continue? I know some uncircumcised philistines will mention kworrusion which buhari told them to mention any time somebody show them the truth, meanwhile buhari who told them to be mentioning kworrusion dont even know the meaning of corruption!

    • Shuaib Adesoji

      But you haven’t mentioned how dezani, madam peace, dasuki, Badeh formal gmd Nnpc u remember d name dopesi, and others looted the treasury now.

    • George Chima

      Shuaib Adesoji ..i can see ua enjoying ur poverty state .gracias

    • Shuaib Adesoji

      When obasanjo left the foreign reserve was over $60b oga jona left below $20b, se you know that it’s this foreign reserve that controls the $ s I mean the economy, then think deeply, what is Buhari’s falt.

    • Joseph Adewoyin

      Adesoji, all these figures being given by you did not and will not affect the poor masses. What is the standard of living of an average Nigeria. The people in Buhari’s party, were they not PDP members who joined in the said looting? By the time Buhari leaves, the truth will be told.

  7. Habib Ayuba

    Nigeria real net oil export revenue: 2010-2015 (under President Jonathan)

    Oil price $110 per barrel average
    Stable oil production at 2.4 million barrels per day

    2010-$70 billion
    2011-$99 billion
    2012-$94 billion
    2013-$84 billion
    2014-$77 billion
    2015-$21 billion (January-May)

    Total-$445 billion

    Source: OPEC Revenue Fact Sheet and Energy Information Administration (EIA), a statistical arm of the US Department of Energy for various years; and my estimates.

    Outcomes in 5 YEARS:

    a) External reserves declined from $47 billion in 2013 to $29 billion in 2015;
    b) Savings depleted from $21 billion in 2010 to $2 billion in 2015.
    c) Federal Government borrowed $2 billion to pay salaries.
    d) 24 States of the federation bankrupt -could not pay salaries of workers, could not repay debts and other contractual obligations.
    e) accumulated arrears of workers salaries and pensions, running into billions of Naira.
    f) accumulated contractors debt such that all major construction works stopped.
    g) NNPC technically bankrupt.
    h) Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) at its all time low. Declined to $3.1 billion in 2015 from $8.8 billion in 2011
    i) Nigeria’s Credit Rating downgraded
    j) Massive capital flight: industries relocating to neighbouring West African countries.

    Nigeria real net oil export revenue: 2015-2017 (under PMB)

    Oil price $45 per barrel average
    Loss of 1.2 million barrels per day due to disruption by the Niger Delta Avengers

    2015-$16 billion (June-December)
    2016-$26 billion
    2017-$10 billion (January-April)

    Total-$52 billion

    Outcomes:in 2 YEARS

    a) External reserves boosted to $31.22 billion from $29 billion in 2015;
    b) Savings increased to $2.29 billion from $2 billion in 2015.
    c) Federal Government stopped borrowing to pay salaries.
    d) 24 States of the federation bailed out- to pay salaries of workers, repay debts and other contractual obligations.
    e) Settled fully accumulated arrears of workers salaries and pensions, running into billions of Naira.
    f) Settled fully accumulated contractors debt such that all major contractors are now back to site.
    g) settled fully oil importers claims amounting to $400 million.
    h) NNPC restructured and now solvent and liquid.
    i) Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) steadily picking up.
    j) Agricultural revolution taken off such that we now have small holder farmers millionaires.
    k) Looted funds recovered running into trillion Naira mark and ploughed back into the budget.
    l) TSA the plugged loopholes of waste and swindle of public funds, now N4 trillion.
    —to mention just a few

    Bottom line:

    a) Those looking for a magic wand, here it is. Using $52 billion or 12% in TWO years to achieve what Jonathan could not achieve with $445 billion in FIVE years.

    b) Only an incorrigible hater will say that Nigeria is not making progress under the PMB administration with the acute resource constraint and the multiplying challenges facing the country.

    I rest my case. May PMB/PYO succeed.

    Endorsed Author: Yakub Aliyu

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  9. Dan Benzi Uti Diri

    Bt he is nt cumin in 2019, a northerner will# PDPsave our country frm disintegration

  10. Micheal Omotosho

    How will I vote for criminal who disguise to be Christian n that make me voted for him before turn out to be a worst leader in looting, stealing, n criminality

  11. Ageli Friday

    Jonathan team buhar! said was a thief but was not arrested nor imprisoned yet team buhari believed what their so-called oga at the top stories.
    where is our president? where is Buhari? never again will apc rule Nigeria again. up GEJ!!!!

  12. Ageli Friday

    again and again will Nigeria will reject you ~APC by 2019

  13. Uche Ududo

    Nigeria needs neither. Where are the youths!

  14. Seedorf Princewill

    Team GEJ anytime Anyday..i need no Photo President in London Wasting Our Money.Clueless Aboki,borrowing our Future.

  15. Omika Abdullahi Omab

    Buhari with his 10 biological children make a complete team,while the other one is an adoptee.

  16. Ekanem Bassey

    Jonathan is Nigeria’s best president

  17. Adeyemi Micheal

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  18. Kimsi Disi Dubon

    those who are supporting buhari are enemy of dis Nation. I prefer FAYOSE dan any of dem

  19. Freedom Banks

    Apc is finished. The very few are still with Buhari for what they can get. The house is completely empty with no single iota of anointing left in the camp of the wicked . Its all over

  20. Amos Obiorah

    I wish anyman that votes for team buhari. All these
    The hardship that apc brought.
    The exile of d bread winner
    the division of family
    the cripple economy
    the lies that follows apc
    and everything that apc brought shall be d portion of d families of those that calls evil good.

  21. Aliyu Sani Ahmad

    To an average voter it is not the party but the person.GEJ aonh side his team of looters,raped his mother land and left the legacy which intercept the progress of the present t govt.legacies like refugee camps,book crusader,a crippled economy name them…
    PDP is a cultist women who can sacrifice her son for rituals,PDP like one of her son Umaru musa yar’adua for not abiding by their evil one is blind to vote for you ever again.

  22. Destiny Aigboje

    Contact the professional in fishery for all types of fish pond construction in any part of Nigeria via 08166337389

  23. Ani Etuk

    Rubbish. Honest and sincere people know how we arrived in the SO called recession.

  24. Aminat Babangida

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  25. Tony Seedorf

    How can you compere life and death? When Igbo people told chameleon yoruba and terrorist northern not to vote for dead man they said no, our eyes shall see it.

  26. Princess Ayanfe Eledumare

    I prefer to vote for a looter and be happy than corruption fighter and b suffering. they always tell us super story of how the country had been destroyed for 16years but this suffering of their 1 yr tenure is more than dat of 16years. We want positive change and not this yeyenatu called change. GoodLuck all the way

  27. Row Row

    Referendum is the only way out of all these mess.Buhari Nigeria President and minister of petroleum left this country over 90days now no verbal message to Nigerians all what we see is his Na photo we vote for..The only solution to all this mess is FREDOOM otherwise no headway .Free Biafra now.Free Oduduwa.

  28. Anyi Nkechi Eve

    Two of u are going to loose cos youths are coming up with dia party that will rubbish them. All am saying is that Youth are we ready to take over Nigeria. If ready let come together and form our own political party and wipe out all this rubbish parties.

  29. Rabiu Yusuf

    If jeg is feet let him come for 2019

  30. Collins C. Akogwu

    Though no Human is perfect, Considering d level of loots in 6yrs of Jonathan Administration & what it has landed us into.., I will go for Buhari… Note, I am from Delta State bcos most will think I am a northerner

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