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MOTHER OF ALL SCANDALS! Corruption Incorporated 

Did you know  Buhari’s government this year recovered N1.3  trillion through  Maina? Did you  also know that this government has kept this recovery secret  and has not  disclosed, admitted or evidenced this recovery? Why didn’t the President inform the nation he himself  had sent the Attorney General to meet with Maina secretly in Dubai? Why is the President reluctant to institute,  AN INDEPENDENT COMMISSION OF ENQUIRY  in order to get to the bottom of this monumental  scam? Who are those that want Maina dead? Is the President protecting himself and others?
( Read Maina’s damning disclosure in his own words below)
Opinion: When I initially heard this secret recording exclusively given to Channels TV  ( which has apparently been made public ) was out I couldn’t believe it. Not only were the revelations startling but the thought that this government held a secret meeting in Dubai with Maina and made an initial recovery of N1.3 trillion, the evidence of which has still not been recorded, evidenced or disclosed to Nigerians, is so shocking that I doubt if the integrity of Buhari’s government will ever recover from this monumental sleaze. I have listened to it and it’s mind boggling!!
This is worst than anything Jonathan ever committed, aided or abetted. In Jonathan’s government we had thieves who were reeking of loot but who’s hands had not been caught in the till. They tricked, outsmarted and manipulated a system they knew so well and therefore were never caught, until now. Jonathan himself, for political reasons, lacked the political will to go after the robbers around him. But in this government we have a President who has armoured himself as a warrior against corruption but who has displayed such an odd reluctance and in this fight, that at the moment the question on the lips of many Nigerians is not if the President is soiled, the question now is, how far is he complicit in this fraud. Why does it appear as if he’s protecting and shielding this trillion naira pension mafia. Are there 2019 political undertones?
How else can anybody explain, how this government secretly recovered N1.3 trillion, with the promise of another N3 trillion waiting to be exhumed and rather than protect the whistle blower and provide the security he needś to enable him give his testimony, expose the cartel and rake in these funds; he’s being treated as a common criminal and is currently a fugitive from the law.
When I gave Maina my support last month I was derided harshly by some of my friends. Well it looks like I wasn’t wrong. I appeal to them to read Maina’s testimony.
Now listen, this government was happy to meet Maina secretly in Dubai and recover N1.3 trillion but once the cover was blown, they dropped him as if they had  never known him or met with him and were  happy to treat him like a leper and call him a thief. Meanwhile you have pocketed and secured N1.3 trillion he revealed to you in some secret vault,  you have not told Nigerians  but cleaned your mouth and thrown a tyre around his neck!
Nigeria defies the imagination. Here is a government scraping the bottom of it’s treasury pot to put something together it calls a budget.Here’s a government going out to borrow billionś of dollars to fund part of its budget. A facility that will most certainly shackle our nation in the throes of debt for the next 100 years or more. The same government has the opportunity to recover N3 trillion of stolen pension funds. Money that is sitting in several secret vaults in Nigeria. Yet it prefers to go borrowing when there’s enough money within to recover! Nigerians are now asking where is this N1.3 trillion recovered loot? In which account has the Fed Govt deposited the funds? And why has it been kept secret?
But then that’s not the main issue here. If Maina was in America or Britain and he brought this sort of information to the government, he would become an asset to the State not a villain. He would be given State Protection. A deal between himself and the State would have been struck, perhaps a secret plea bargain, incase his own fingers are soiled. The State will look at the overriding benefit of his disclosure to the nation, especially unravelling the deadly cartel behind this putrid scam. According to Maina this powerful cartel has its members drawn from the legislature and the executive arms of government.
According to his lawyer, It might also interest you to know, that while EFCC was seizing properties it said belonged to Maina, Maina was still treating files in his position as Director, and has been receiving his salary and emoluments right up to October 2017.
So the question is, what is really going on, why these lies ,why these cover ups and half truths. Why has the President being reluctant to institute an Independent Commission of Enquiry. Is he shielding some powerful people or are some powerful people shielding him from knowing the truth. Has he even watched this video and listened to Maina’s appeal!
This is such an international embarrassment. This is why other countries love reading news from Nigeria because our leadership and Nigerians in general are such an oddity, so different, so exotically clueless in every way. This unfolding Maina story, is a snippet of how convoluted, UNPATRIOTIC, shameless and tragic our situation as a nation is.
People say Nigeria is a Banana Republic, i think that is infact too dignifying. Nigeria can’t  be a  Banana Republic because at least one can feast on Banana and receive itś nutritious benefit. That’s not the case with Nigeria. It would perhaps be more appropriate to describe Nigeria aś a Banana ‘Peel’ Republic!
I am calling on Mr President with the voices of other Nigerians to show himself a PATRIOT and institute an INDEPENDENT COMMISSION OF ENQUIRY without further delay!
MAINA’S TESTIMONY: ( In His Own Words On Video)
What Maina  Said –
This same government decided to sit with me and after sitting with me, i told them I will not let you leave me and go back to Nigeria without giving you something to put in your pocket. I am going to give you something. The minister laughed, the minister of justice and he said what are you going to give us. And I gave him a document, I said go here, here ,here, here , there is N1.3 trillion, they are going to steal it, they’ve been stealing it every year. He was shocked. He said it’s not possible”. I said, sir with all due respect could you try this , this is just a gift I am giving you I haven’t gotten to Nigeria yet, I am just giving you a gift. Try. For you to understand where I am coming from. When I gave them that, the minister thought that was not possible. When he got back he realised I had given correct information, intelligence.
I recovered money for the last administration and i recovered money for this administration, now people don’t know this and a lot of people don’t understand this, now let me explain this to a lot of Nigerians, because i want the truth to be told and i want Nigerians to understand the truth and know what’s going on in Nigeria.
I am not afraid of anybody , I am saying the truth. Thank God our President stands for the truth. The unfortunate thing about it is that some people around him which he has given trust are lying to him, this one I can attest to. This one I can give you instances and documentary evidences. People portray themselves as if they are saints around the President it is a lie.
I recovered first , we recovered as a team N282 billion cash! Aside from that we got information (unintelligible) and we got N1.6 trillion cash, investments and properties recovered.
They have threatened me, they have threatened my lawyer, my brother, sister, they have threatened us all. That I will be killed. In fact somebody threatened that my family will be annihilated if I go and testify.
Now this issue is, I asked Mr President specifically, Mr President if you really want to know the truth and you want to be fair to the whole nation , give opportunity for everybody to come and present. Are you hearing Mr President, there are so many things people are not telling you, when I get to that public hearing I will tell you somethings nobody ever told you Mr President , because I never had the opportunity to sit down with you.
And I am telling you Mr President, I will give you information and documents that will fetch you over N3 trillion now in Nigeria. If I don’t do it Mr President give me 9 months within the 1st one month I will show you 1 trillion. JUST AS I SHOWED YOU N1 TRILLION IN THIS 2017. I will show you again and I will show you and I show you again.
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