Tuesday , 17 September 2019


I am beginning to think that one of the worst products of the Rochas Foundation Schools is Prince Eze Madumere, and one of the worst mistakes of His Excellency, politically, is over empowering a man who has no value to bring to the table.
The former Imo Deputy-governor, could be one of those whom God created to be table cleaners, but Owelle Rochas Okorocha lifted him beyond what fate had in stock for him.
Madumere was the biggest liability to Owelle Rochas Okorocha throughout the seven years they enjoyed a good time together in power. Is it the questions about his sexuality, which he is yet to completely clear off, or his queer dressing style, which has further stoked the suspicion of his queer sexuality? Madumere was a dent on his master, Owelle, and as we go forward, I shall do a more comprehensive essay on this and others about him. For now, it will please me to be clarified on the true sexual orientation of the politically lousy Achi Mbieri man.
While we await a more detailed meal on this biggest political disaster of the century, it will also please me that his stumpy, smelly aides clarify me on these questions; was Madumere disfigured through anal sex like some people have consistently alleged? Does he have a repulsive body odour that has made it impossible for him to keep any woman as a wife? Is he purely homosexual, bisexual or just queerly promiscuous? Is their any diabolic link to his sexual orientation or he is merely too dirty to contemplate being straight? Where is his recently wedded 2019 election wife? Answers to this and some more clarifications will be of help to me, as I do a more detailed exposé on the man who became, by error, my Deputy-governor.
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