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By Richard Akinnola
I can read the elation of some people over the cancellation of the contract of Intels, a company owned by Atiku. In actual fact, his cash cow. Some of those who are happy over this cancellation over alleged “irregularity” believe that would clip Atiku’s political wings towards his ambition in 2019.
If cash were to be the main determinant for winning election, Atiku would have been president since 1989 when the company was established. But l want us to look beyond the supposed irregularities and look at the collateral damage. What happens to the thousands of workers in the employ of intels?
How is the government going to explain that this decision has nothing to do with the 2019 politics?
The truth of the matter is that no matter how a business concern adhere  strictly to all laws, if the government wants to deal with any business, it would look for an excuse, which could even be the revocation of the C of O “in the public interest”. Abacha crumbled Abiola’s business over June 12; Obasanjo drove Orji Kalu’s Slot airlines out of Nigeria..
And for those who gloat over this, don’t complain when  they touch your political idol in future.
Let me give an example. Sometime in 1986, when we were in Vanguard, Babangida closed the newspaper for about a week. I remember that some of our colleagues in the Champion newspaper, who were not confrontational, mocked us. They felt that because they were in the good books of the government, the hammer would not fall on them.
Months later, Champion wrote an innocuous editorial on Alaba market, which irked Col. Raji Rasaki, the Lagos military governor and he ordered the closure of Champion.  It was our turn to tell them – ” we told you when you were mocking us because you were close to the government “.
So, don’t let us get excited over this intels  stuff. It has greater implications – business- wise and politically. You may not like Atiku. You may say the law must take its course. But how many of you pay correct income tax based on correct assessment on your extra incomes? Stand before the mirror and see your image.
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  2. Bayo Dania

    As far as north is concern, Atiku is the best.

  3. Audu Sunnie

    When Obasanjo was president from the west the vice president was Atiku Hausa/Muslims. Yaradua Hausa/Muslim became president and GEJ from south. President was GEJ from South and the vice president Namadi Sambo Hausa/Muslim. Now Buhari Hausa/Muslim and Vice Osibanjo from west.

    1. Where is the place of people from the east? Yet we hate their agitations?
    2. When will a Hausa/Muslim allow the West, East and South to be President and vice while they patiently wait as the east, south and west have always waited. Are we saying that a Hausa/Muslim must either be President or vice all the time? Our Mumu never do? Can’t they stay for 8 years without being President or vice like the Yoruba man waited after Obasanjo?

    Summary: Anyone who thinks he is working for APC is only working at the detriment of his own people. Soon you will realize you have not worked for Nigeria but for the Hausa/Muslims. The Yoruba man is sincere in his politics but they don’t know that the hausa/Muslim is working for his own region

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