Monday , 15 July 2019


By Ross Alabo-George


For the first time in one year, someone in the Buhari administration finally hit the right note. He connected with an entire Region instantly with one open rebuke of his colleague’s position on negotiating with insurgents in region and then again on the National Maritime University in Gbaramatu. Kachikwu was speaking from his heart. Obviously tired of being politically correct but desperate for results, yet a sustainable long term approach, Kachikwu’s moment signaled hope, maybe little, but enough to get me to believe that he understands his role and goal in government: Professionalism and Results.


This whipping will not go without a price. The minister has just pitched himself against a political heavyweight, some sort of a juggernaut in the republic and one who takes no prisoners in his political dealings. Kachikwu’s open rebuke of his colleague must have been an outcome of his prolonged frustration with the cabinet politics that has made him look incompetent. For a technocrat of Kachikwu’s stature, that’s a death sentence to be resisted. He will not be humbled out by politicians, he has a good dose of Harvard pride and the president’s support to stay bullish.


One thing is clear:  Kachikwu has seized my ears and millions of those in the region. Like an emissary from the ”Igwe” he has brought Kolanuts to the gates of the Kingdoms in the Creeks. Open the Gate!


‘Wail, O city gate! Cry out, O city! Melt with fear, all you Philistines! For out of the north comes a cloud of smoke, and there are no stragglers in its ranks. What answer shall be given to the envoys of that nation? [Isaiah 14: 31/32]

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