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Is Osinbajo in Charge?

By George Onmonya Daniel

When Mrs. Muhammadu Buhari came back from London recently from seeing her ailing husband, she thanked Nigerians who have been praying for the president and thanked the Acting President for his loyalty to her husband. It simply shows that President Muhammadu Buhari expected him to be loyal even though he knows that Mr. Osinbajo doesn’t look like a man to be disloyal. For me it simply shows that Baba or rather the people around him are still afraid of Mr. Osinbajo being in charge and had to tactically remind him of his loyalty.

Whether Osinbajo is in charge or not depends on the angle you are looking at this whole power game or the side you are. But partisanship aside, it is clear that the Acting President is not fully in charge.

Ok, let’s start from Babachir Lawal case. Before President Buhari left for London, he handed over the case of investigating the N530 million grass cutting case and corruption allegations against the SGF and the millions of dollars found in a Lagos apartment that belonged to the NIA to Mr. Osinbajo. Shortly after before investigation wrapped up, he left for London. The case is still pending until he comes back. This clearly shows that when he gave that letter to his Vice with that ‘Coordinating the Affairs of the State’ clause, he really meant to clip the power of the Acting President to perform his full duty.

His reaction when the lawmakers handed him an approved budget showed fear of not being in charge. He insisted he had to go through the budget before he signs, of course h must go through the budget before he signs, but his body language clearly showed his lack of confidence. It also showed that he is not in good terms with the president’s people who worked on the budget because all he needed to go was to give them back to go through and see what is what and what should be what.

You can list many more incidences pertaining this matter.

The first time President Buhari left and handed over acting capacity to Yemi Osinbajo his Vice, the man seem to be fully in charge, and you could see it in his energy and actions. But when the whole media, both local and international started crediting him for doing a great job without the president, the people surrounding the president that are today known as cabal became very uncomfortable. Instead of leave the man in London to get really better before bringing him home, they brought him home in the middle of his treatment. He almost died in Aso Rock before he agreed to go back to London, pretending he was hale and hearty, in fact claiming he was just resting.

Even though the constitution has given him the power to be in charge, the power tussle is making him not to be fully in charge. That’s the game the cabal are playing. Osinbajo’s popularity obviously bothers them. A lot.

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