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Imperative of Secondus Chairmanship

By Bisi Ezekiel


The race for the leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party hots up by the day; the contenders are slugging it out roughly and desperately. A political warrior who is yet to engage in rough fight is Prince of the Delta, Uche Secondus. His mien so far is that of a political lion that silently weighs options before launching attacks.

Raised from a turbulent political school, prince is a graduate of a complex school of assault politics, who has grown to temper toughness with civility. His political schooling is an inter woven web of hard politicking in hostile political environment. Nurtured in hard politics, prince is not a coward but a political general, who has passed through multiple litmus tests of political wars. In hot days, he is cool and on cool days, he is dynamic all for political victory.

His political iron is groomed under intense baptism of fire. Who can claim his experience among contenders? Who among the aspirants has battled and escaped severe political firestorms? Prince is a leader on a war front constantly battling powerful ruling party elements backed with federal might. His aspiration at the center is just a continuation of his passionate will to take the battle to the enemy doorstep by leading the PDP in the impending assault of 2019. Who is best to lead the party at this tough time than a tested political general and a graduate of school of hard politics?

The meek and the gentle have their roles and days. Those untested in continuous political war have their usefulness in party politics. Those who have never taken bullets for political beliefs are also needed in partisan processes. Yet there is no doubt that the hottest and toughest job in party administration should be reserved for those who had taken bullets and are still taken bullet for the party. We are talking of leaders who will not cringe at the sound and boom of political bullets. We are talking of leaders who are prepared to symbolically die for the sake of the party.

In the race for the PDP chairmanship, we need a chairman ready to enter enemy territories without fear or favour. We are searching for fearless leader who with scars of previous electoral wars are not scared of the war mongering of the ruling party. We are looking for a leader capable of turbulence in turbulent time, coolness in normal times and combativeness during electoral warfare. When facing a ruling party with disdain for the rule of the game, the opposition should be led by a man who cannot be arm-twisted, who cannot be blackmailed.

In the subsisting scenario, the prince is far and above all other contenders across all the indices. His experience in party administration from state to federal level is unmatched by any of the aspirants. This is not about learning on the job; it is about hitting the ground running. We are late already as a party in preparation for 2019.

On another count, prince has solid home base. How can an aspirant who cannot deliver his ward be entrusted with the leadership of the party? It baffles one when those who lose at their polling booth also now vigorously scheme to be the party chairman? Some aspirants are mostly parading themselves in Abuja . They cannot go to their states. Isn’t that serious?  Politics is local and I expect those aspiring for national leadership to first win their state s for the party. Is it not a simple test? If a zone is solidly for PDP and another is for APC, will it be fair to deny the home base of leadership opportunities? Must we reward electoral failure at this critical stage?

And the prince is even more needed on another count-courage and passionate commitment. We know of many lily livered aspirants. We need courageous leader who can duel it out with the APC. We need tested political general who has seen it all. We need a successful war general who has won many political battles.

The contention is simply that PDP going forward needs a tested, bold leader with requisite experience and commitment to the party. It is not a time for experimentation;It is a time to make the right choice. That choice is no other than Prince Uche Secondus-the bridge builder, the consensus maker and prince of politics.

*Bisi Ezekiel is of Secondus Media Office

AmarSim Associations Development Consultants

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