Monday , 23 October 2017


By Anayo Nwosu 

Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe, an orator par excellence, yesterday on the floor of Nigerian senate, exposed the wicked and mindless exclusion of South East from the Railways standard gauge modernization. 

The East would not have bothered if they would be excluded from repayment of the China EXIM loan used to finance the project. 

Imagine the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria borrowing from a bank and clearly letting all members know that the repayment on the loan would be made by all but only selected companies would immediately benefit. The executive members have allocated the loans to their own companies.

Senator Gbenga Ashafa of Lagos exuded the confidence of the conqueror when he stood up as the senate chairman on Land Transport to advised the South East to wait for the second phase, that government was a continuum. 

All the proposed rail projects would either start or terminate in Lagos. The same Lagos its Oba had claimed to belong to the Yorubas. 

So, the South East have to pay levies to train the children of their neighbors with none of their numerous children excluded not based on merit but by the mere fact they have been excluded from Scholarship screening committee?

How did Sen Abaribe deliver the message to his colleagues in such a way that even the greedy felt so ashamed?

The loan approval has been suspended by the Senate until FG justify the exclusion of the South East from the projects they are supposed to help fund.

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