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Help! Terrorist Fulani Herdsmen Are Exterminating Minority Tribes In Benue Valley.

by James Ogbor

I have never asked anyone to share my post nor picture but if you so care about what is happening to us in Benue State for once, stop share and pray for the Benue Valley people.

What the future holds for the children and youth of this region is so dark because the blood shed in the land is too much.

The Fulanis Herdsmen (Fulani Militia) are wiping out the minority tribes of the region.

We all know cattle rearing is a business on it’s own, at such I don’t think they should use their own business to hinder other economic activities in other regions of the country.

We all know Argentina produces five times the amount of the cattle we produce in Nigeria but people are not wiped out to enable cattle rearers rear their cattle on another man’s agricultural production.

The Benue Valley is boiling because of Fulani cattle rearers. Children are rendered orphans daily and families are rendered homeless.

All what the people of the Benue Valley’s are asking for is, the FULANI herdsman should RANCH their CATTLES.

You can save lives by sharing this information about the peril visited on the Christian and ethnic minorities of Benue State to prevail on the sponsors – state and private – of the blood-thirsty nomadic terrorists to ranch their cattle.

Our people’s blood they shed is too much.

James Success Ogbor is a concerned citizen from Benue State.

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