Tuesday , 23 October 2018


Scores of lives are lost everyday but you won’t feel the impact because the government of the day is watering down the news.
I lived in Numan, Adamawa state for eleven years. It is mostly a Christian dominated area and the indigenes are also mostly Bachama. They are warriors and would defend themselves fiercely from any form of invasion particularly from Fulani.
Recently Fulani herdsmen attacked Numan leaving many dead. I have it irrefutably that the Fulani invasion of Numan got aerial support from the military through a hovering helicopter which threw missile at helpless inhabitants of the area. Recall that years ago, these Bachama people dealt a strong blow on Fulani when the Fulani insisted on building a mosque towering above the Hama Bachama’s Palace. The Bachama people at the time defended and chased Fulani out of Numan. Today was payback time. I have it in good source that farmlands were raided, particularly rice farms. Girls as young as ten were raped and killed.
When Fulani raids your town with sophisticated weaponry, it clearly shows they have government support or people in high places with heavy funds.
Bachama, Birom, Tiv and indeed many tribes not dominated by Islam in the north are in the hit list of this rampaging Fulani herdsmen. What is our fate and what are our options? It is no longer safe for our elderly, brothers and sisters who dwell in remote villages. What chances do they have defending themselves with spears and machetes against a sophisticated marauding Fulani herdsmen that fight with AK47 and getting aerial support from military helicopter?
This is not a country and I sincerely wish death on those who queued and voted for the chief patron of this killer Fulani herdsmen – Buhari. If you are sitting in your home believing this era will pass away just like that without understanding that lives no longer mean anything as long as Buhari remains in power, then it is you who is worse than the herdsmen.
Atare William Oraka
AmarSim Associations Development Consultants

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