Monday , 10 December 2018


Over a decade ago, there was this British Comedy on Nigerian Television with the title, ‘Can we get on now please?’ It was a programme where the actors would argue endlessly and in the end to stop the argument, the leader would pose the question…can we get on now please?
As expected, Ekiti State Governorship Election has been rigged.  The figures have been manipulated.  The process has been raped by an APC Federal Government that has lost touch with the people.
When the APC Federal Government sent over 60,000 security personnel and countless deadly arsenal to Ekiti State, their intention was clear. Rig that election.
They went into business, acted their script and the result is known. When it in last night  all ward collation agents of PDP were chased away from collation centres, it was to pave for the introduction of already written results to upturn the victory of PDP.
At the end of this charade, APC were allocated 197, 459 and PDP: 178, 121 votes. The difference in the concocted computation is 19, 308 votes.
Despite their military hardware and brutality, the APC barely escaped with their rigging game-plan because of low-level resistance from the Ekiti people. If the Ekiti people had resisted totally, replacement of  results wouldn’t have been possible.
The Ekiti Governorship Election is a warning to all the 36 States of Nigeria–develop your resistance mechanism.  The tyrant and his security personnel will not allow credible polls in 2019. You must through your resistance elicit credible and insist your votes count.
In Ekiti, the people voted, but their votes did not count. The Inspector General of Police and other security agencies are political players in the current dispensation.  They are APC players and must be treated as such. INEC is compromised and must be compelled to act correctly.
Therefore, there is no passive participation.  Every state or constituency  that wants her vote to count must get back  to work. There is no time.
These electoral criminals cannot  be sacked by mere votes. They can only be sacked through concerted, vehement and effective defence of votes.  Effective defence of votes is not a stroll in the park. It is not propaganda.  It is squaring up to the bully.
 It was achieved  during the Rivers Rerun when Buhari wanted to impeach  Governor Wike by manipulating the House of Assembly polls. Rivers people stood firm in all affected constituencies, despite the over 70,000 security personnel deployed. This is a template that must be improved upon.
There is no time to weep. There is no time to lament. The rattle snake is already  in the thatched  house.  We must kill the snake, take over our residence and thereafter count the cost. It may be costly, but it is a task that must be done.
Shut your eyes to APC sponsored analyses in traditional media. Close your ears to the APC noise on social media.  Focus on the task ahead. The sacking of a blood sucking, poverty spreading, corruption-sharing government is divine.
Can we get on now please? There is no time. Buhari and all his associates must go. That is sacrosanct.
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