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Don faults Buhari on £6m foreign medical trip

# oga Buhari carry go Nigeria Na your own # while there are no foreign exchange for Nigerians for overseas treatment, you have more than enough for your treatment # A senior lecturer at the department of Political Science, University of Ilorin, Dr. Lukman Saka has criticised the recent trip of president Muhammadu Buhari to United Kingdom for medical treatment on one of his ear problems. He said that, such money that would be used for that foreign medical trip could have been used to developed the nation’s health infrastructures. Checks at the presidency claimed that, the cost of the trip which includes aviation fuel, accommodation, allowances for aides and medical treatment amounts to about £6milion. Speaking with journalists in Ilorin on Wednesday on the state of the nation, Dr. Saka said that,”this is the government that had been canvassing for the blockage of wastage in the art of governance, now using public fund to fund foreign medical trip”. He said that, such development has exposed the ineptitude of the nation’s leadership towards the growth of health facilities in the country. Saka added that,”if the nation’s health facilities have been developed, I don’t think there is need for President Buhari to abandoned all health institutions in the country and therefore traveled to UK to seek medical attention”. Saka further pointed out that, ” I want to say that, there are many federal medical centers here in Nigeria and even the one built by former governor of Akwa Ibom state, Godswill Akpabio, it is a specialist hospital, President Buhari should have used this local hospital instead of travelling abroad for medical attention. “This shows that, our leaders are not ready to patronise our own hospitals. This is uncalled for, this is a serious problem and this will not improve health care delivery in Nigeria.” “It is high time to learn to encourage ourselves to use our own health facilities instead of traveling overseas because the money that would be used for foreign medical trip could have been used here to move our health institutions forward”.

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