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Conspiracy of Criminality: The Travails of A Navigator 

By Chibiko Simeon
It is no longer news that the APC National Navigator is in hot soup. After helping  APC to illegally navigate to power, he is now a victim of his own schemes.
General Olusegun Obasanjo, ahead of the 2015 General Election betrayed Former President Goodluck Jonathan and teamed up with the wolves in the APC. Despite all the achievements of Jonathan, Obasanjo tore his PDP membership card and turned his  back on Nigeria.
Jonathan’s crime was the fact that he insisted on working for Nigeria. He was guilty of setting the country on the path of growth.  Of refusing to allow possessive criminals control the  wealth of the country.
Therefore, they gathered. Political wizards and criminals who are only interested in defrauding the country. According to these conspirators, Jonathan had deviated from the norm of paying dues to the godfather.
They saw nothing good in President Goodluck Jonathan even though he was the first true and only democrat that occupied Aso Rock.  To achieve their criminal intention, they  tagged Jonathan weak and frustrated the growth of Nigeria.
When Jonathan worked to deregulate the downstream petroleum sector by removing subsidy, they mobilised the media, pliant civil society and ignorant Nigerians to sabotage him.
At the  time  Jonathan gave Abiola a recognition equivalent to Zik and Awo by renaming University of Lagos after him, they damaged the process for political gains.
When the Jonathan administration established the process that defeated Ebola and saved millions of Nigerian lives, they bribed the media to belittle  his effort.
They swept under the carpet credit for  systems installed by Former President Goodluck Jonathan to entrench freedom of the press such as the Freedom of information Act and the processes that made credible polls easy across the country.
Basically, they  truncated Nigeria’s march to greatness because they wanted to control the country’s resources.  Not because they have anything to offer.
If it was because of service, even a blind, deaf  and dumb man knows that there is no comparison between Jonathan and Buhari by whatever standards.  By whatever credentials or parameters.
Obasanjo, Saraki, IBB, TY Danjuma, Tinubu, Falana, Soyinka etcetera sat at table to conspire against Nigeria.  They robbed the country in broad daylight.  They raped the country. They destroyed her foundation.
But like every robbery, the  sharing of the loot is usually the challenge.  There is unity in robbery, but disharmony in the sharing formula.
Today’s crisis in APC and amongst her navigators stems from the sharing of the loot. Obasanjo and others are shouting because they have been shortchanged.  Not out of love for Nigeria.
The chief beneficiary of the criminal conspiracy on the other hand, is desperate to eliminate all his opponents. Like  a vicious gang leader, he will not tolerate any form of dissenting voices.
For three years, Nigeria has witnessed the total collapse of national security, governance, projects delivery and national unity.  This administration has not initiated and completed five projects or programmes anywhere in the country.  Instead, it thrives in the destruction of institutions, arms of government and fundamentals of nationhood.
For me, the travails of the APC National Navigator and all other navigators indicate that Nigeria will outlive this disastrous government that was birthed by criminal conspirators who believe in stomach protection.
Buhari will decimate his devilish king makers, but Nigerians will sack Buhari in 2019. No man, no matter how ruthless will overcome a nation loved by God.  Providence allowed Buhari to emerge despite his numerous flaws to prove to navigators that nobody can play God. Even Tinubu, the Lion of Bourdillon has been diminished into the house rat of Ajegunle. Powerless even in the South-West.
The criminal conspirators thought they were smart in 2015. But by the benefit of hindsight, they can see that they are political mumus. However, let’s remain vigilant in the task of sacking Buhari.  Nigeria deserves better.
AmarSim Associations Development Consultants

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