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By Collins Nwoye
The Churches went into school administration when public electricity, security, water ve failed woefully and worse very high cost of procurement of laboratory equipment in foreign exchange and high custom duty. Bank loans are at over 28 percent fully collateralized, with high labour cost for quality staff. The challenge is high tuition fees if the schools must be sustainable and standards maintained. Critics of churches went berserk shouting in unison, “churches re greedy”. Govt both at state and fed levels ve serially mismanaged education funds from primary to tertiary levels. Well intentioned almajiri schools re ghost places in this dispensation. Result is increase in available pple for restive activities.
Citizens ignore fed govt but point fingers at the church whose sole responsibility is not to provide education. How come European countries and America rarely blame churches for rise in illiteracy, poverty or even request churches to go into profitable ventures? Citizens in advanced countries know responsibility of govt and limit of religious organizations. Why is it difficult for educated Nigerians to demand APC led fed govt to either redeem their promises of improved economy, improved security, improved education, improved infrastructure, improved agriculture or simply collectively vote the APC out as a band of dysfunctional, propagandists who understand nothing but politics of blame and best at guerrilla politicking with zero regard to tribal sensibilities or religious sensitivity of the nation. To bridge education gap, govt of enugu has retooled the Post primary education board, employed more teachers, equipping schools to provide quality education, so the pressure on parents who can barely afford private schools can reduce. Send ur children to public school in Enugu. Gov ugwuanyi is keeping his promises. Graduates go learn skills. Senator ekweremadu has established with European standard a vocational training centre in Enugu, close to loma linda. I will go there to get additional skills too.
Sad news. Again 27 justices appointed  by APC fed govt but non from south east with full disregard to principles of federal character which is fully enshrined in 1999 constitution. Is this not another invitation for agitation by South East? Sadly, the north is said to be educationally disadvantaged compared with south east yet the later is unqualified to produce justices, despite higher level of education by all known standards. Is this fair? Igbos know APC is full of tribal and religious bigotry, rejected them in Anambra election, rejected them in Enugu Lga polls, will also reject them come 2019 in Enugu & many states, fed govt to reclaim the nig of our dreams.
I detest hate speech, but I cant stand bloodshed. Its not acceptable to call elders derogatory names especially coming from literate youths. We understand the pain of over 50 years of discrimination against south east, worse the heart breaking level of graduate unemployment, but does that not give opportunity to address the pains of south east youth by APC led fed govt? NON VIOLENT Agitators were shot, called terrorists but boko haram suspects released and called misguided muslim youths. Murderous fulani herdsmen ve never been arrested or source of their ammunition investigated and sponsors arrested, tried, punished. What is this APC govt waiting for before it declare Boko Haram a terrorist organization? Have boko haram not killed enough soldiers, civilians, burned enough villages and made farmlands inaccessible to be declared terrorist? Are the boko haram and herdsmen not part of reason for food shortages in nig as farmlands re destroyed?  Who re-employed the master mind of APO 6 killings? The killer cop dcp danjuma who killed 5 igbo spare parts traders, strangled the female amongst them bcos she refused sexual advances? Killer cop is danger to all irrespective of tribe, religion, rank.  Who re-employed, promoted fugitive maina of the infamous pensions scandal? Why is it difficult for whistle blower of the infamous ikoyi gate $43million scandal to receive his 5 percent ? Could it be he blew dirty whistle on clean, crisp dollars stashed for special operations by NIA even at total disregard for single treasury account, cashlite policy of govt? Is this how APC is fighting corruption with uncoordinated operations by security agencies, bringing embarrassment to the nation? What created the diabolic rats infestation at the presidency? Is rat infestation not a sign of failure of public health / sanitation right in aso rock? How re u sure the rats re not the budget eating species? How come budget monitoring office ve not openly said that economy is not recovering bcos budget implementation is far below the percentage to be felt?
ATIKU is out of APC, so will many others. Why? The APC promises of change ended up being worthless with no respect for party structure for cohesion and principles of equity and team spirit but cult following of an individual against organizational principles.
Prior to 2015 in Enugu, there were serial cases of land revocation, reallocation, multiple allocations were victims dragged state to court or engaged in might is right. Land speculators had field day. They paid paltry N100,000 to access land valued at over N50,000,000 as such had enough fire power to engage in legal and physical war with original owners. They hired youths in various Communities to forment trouble , some town union presidents colluded with youths  went into lands with records of over 80 years of peaceful coexistence with other communities bcos speculators had inducements.
Today, gov ugwuanyi said NO, wawa. Land is gold everywhere in the world. Speculators re out of business. They re angry. They re kicking, hating, cursing. If u want land, apply formally, the gov will look at it and ensure proper value is realized by state, hence only legitimate developers come forward who ve genuine interest to add value to enugu state in meeting governor ugwuanyi dream to increase different levels of properties devt for low income to high income residential layouts, commercial layouts, even agricultural layouts. Speculators with aid of corrupt land officers before 2015, destroyed master plan of enugu, citing hotels inside sensitive residential areas, increasing noise level from music, security challenges, poaching underaged girls, built filing stations near public yards with open kitchens, approved church buildings near hospitals that re supposedly serene places.
Governor ugwuanyi said enough is enough. If any village engages in communal war over land, spilling blood over land issues, the govt takes over the disputed property, in exchange gives corporate social responsibility to touch lives of the very poor.
 Gov ugwuanyi hates violence in all its forms as such a peace loving man. As a servant leader , he is approachable as he understands that everyone is important. He is a pples person as such he is seen easily unlike those who assume governors shld be gods who re invoked like spirits, seen in  dream, heard in the cloud with voice of thunder. That is not gov ugwuanyi. He is neither elitist nor insensitive to needs of the pple including the very poor who stood out under the sun without any cash inducement to vote him as their choice.
Vote is the voice of the pple, victory is will of God. Gov ugwuanyi won massively in 2015, he will do so again 2019. Enugu pple say wawa to politics of acrimony, violence, intolerance. Gov ugwuanyi campaigned along lines of issues not attack on any opponent, that is why he allowed UMUNNAKWE political system, which is an age old, time, tested, proven system where ur kindred choose u based on ur local acceptance. The strangle holders who claim to be stakeholders got infuriated bcos they couldn’t impose their selfish choices. They ran to opposition to create mayhem but Enugu pple rejected them with stern warning, if u cause trouble no matter how highly placed u re, u re from our umunna, we will expose u and reject u to disgrace u.
Gov ugwuanyi has appealed to all communities to forgive those who trespassed against their umunna in the spirit of brotherhood. To err is human, to forgive is divine. Despite their shameful conduct to introduce violence which Enugu pple at all wards said WAWA, being capital NO, they lost woefully, yet refused to congratulate winners  bcos their intent is to impose minions who will aid in siphoning lg funds. Rural development and integration is a major concern to GOV ugwuanyi. Communities ve started receiving direct fund to embark on select, sustainable development projects. Communities know their needs as such will ensure full oversight for quality assurance
Drive safe. Drink less or best dont drink and drive. Report suspicious individuals to police. In villages, where police posts re absent, gov ugwuanyi equipped well trained vigilante groups to help combat crime. Enugu is peaceful and safe. Enugu is good for investment.

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