Wednesday , 21 March 2018


By Godspower Omafuvwe Asiuwhu
It is said that whoever comes to equity should come with clean hands. After my last piece against a self acclaimed political leader, I have been inundated with calls asking why I had to open up such large can of worms against Dr. Cairo Ojougboh. After many appeals I made up my mind not to reveal more, but my conscience pricked me. Dr. Ojougboh in his attempt to set Deltans against their Governor almost caused a whole lot of uproar, as a result of his unending lies. Fortunately for Deltans who know and trust who they elected to lead them, they were not moved by the macabre dance of a failed political loser.
Before Deltans and Nigerians listen to Dr. Cairo, can he answer what happened to the N50 million, yes, N50 million given to him by Chief Joseph Okpunu when Chief Okpunu once contested the Gubernatorial elections? After spending the money on women and things to heavy to mention, Dr. Cairo ran broke almost immediately, he began running after aspirants, making promises he knew he wouldn’t fulfil. But for lack of integrity, why did Dr. Ojougboh collect the money and still not do what he said he would do? Why did he defraud Chief Okpunu? If I’m not mistaken, that is tantamount to obtaining by false pretence.
What bothers me and men of integrity also, is that Dr. Ojougboh, after squandering the money, still shamelessly went to the birthday celebration of Chief Okpunu in Dubai to embarrass himself. As if collecting the money was enough, Dr. Cairo who was drunk to stupor on drinks at the event bought by the man he defrauded, went about claiming to have worked for the success of Chief Okpunu, it was at this point, Hajiya Sanders from Zamfara state who is contesting for the position of the National Women’s leader of the PDP, got angry and almost walked him out of the venue describing him as a man who is ‘worse than an animal’. But for the intervention of dignitaries present there in Dubai, a scene would have been created.
Also before the APC celebrates their new found love they should not forget so soon what happened to the $100,000 Olorogun O’Tega Emerhor gave to Dr. Ojougboh in the run off to the 2015 elections. After making so many promises to get the support of Chief Edwin Clark, DR. Cairo did not even attempt to get audience with Chief E. K. Clark and Olorogun Emerhor as he promised. Someone who betrayed you yesterday and betrayed his party today, what is the guarantee he wouldn’t betray you tomorrow? Think twice!!!!
Is such a man worthy of celebrations? One who has no shame? Deltan, its time we open our eyes against those who are out to rob us off our developments. Dr. Cairo is just out to strip Deltans off their wealth through deceit the same way he did to Chief Joseph Okpunu, Olorogun O’tega Emerhor and others.
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