Friday , 18 January 2019


By Meniru Anigbo
ICHEOKU says Ahmadu Bello, a Fulani was killed and it must be avenged and it led up to the civil war. To Buhari, it did not matter how altruistic the intention of the first 1966 military putsch was. The imperative was that Fulani leaders were killed and their death must be avenged and the counter coup was staged. Buhari also staged a coup against another elected democratic government in 1983. Again, he secured a Fulani President Shehu Shagari in a comfortable government guest house and rammed his none Fulani Igbo Vice President Ekwueme in a maximum security prison. Again in 1984, while carrying out his War Against Indiscipline and Corruption, Buhari allowed a Fulani Emir of Gwandu to import 53 briefcases full of money into the country while bankrupting other none Fulani actors in the guise of seizing their corruptly acquired wealth. Again in 1985 Buhari sponsored a Fulani Ide Oumarou from Niger Republic for OAU Secretary General, against a fellow Countryman, Nigerian Peter Onu who was already serving in an acting capacity as OAU SG, but needed the approval of his own country’s Head of State to merely formalize his position. But Buhari refused to give his assent and instead chose his Fulani kinsman from another country, Niger. Julius Nyerere was shocked beyond reason that such divisions still existed in Nigeria. Buhari again in recent years, led a delegation to them Oyo State Governor Lam Adesina to warm the governor that “your people are killing my Fulani people.” Again, Boko Haram terrorist Kabiru Sokoto, a Fulani, who bombed a church in Sulejah and killed people was brought to court without handcuffs, but blogger Elomba and NMK were both to court handcuffed for no other reason than to humiliate them and inflict grave mental torture on them. Further, Buhari’s appointments since becoming president has continuously reflected where his heart truly lies – his Fulani people. So it is easily understandable his very soft spot for a group that many International bodies declared the fourth worst terrorists organization in the world, the Fulani cattle nomads. Yes, ICHEOKU says President Muhammadu Buhari is cuddling his terrorists cattle rearing Fulani people because he belongs to them and not Nigeria. Otherwise where is the logic in declaring IPOB, which did not kill even a single person, a terrorist group, while MACBAN sponsored Fulani killer nomads, which have wasted lives in the thousands, are not similarly proscribed as an anti civil order group? ICHEOKU says it will require a suspension of disbelief to accept the president’s story that the marauding Fulani cattle terrorists do not have a friend and brother in Aso Rock. ICHEOKU says any other thing short of this is bunkum hogwash, because every Fulani is Fulani first before any other political allegiances come a distant second. So Nigerians must appreciate this consequential fact in trying to understand the President’s attitude to fighting the Fulani cattle terrorists madness. Like Gaddafi once said, the president loves his people and his people loves him and are acting on his body language granted impunity. The only way out is for Nigerians to understand that in their battle for survival against the Fulani cattle terrorists, that President Muhammadu Buhari has chosen the side of their nemesis and therefore treat both as hostile adversaries, period. As with real estate where location is everything, in the matter of surviving the murderous Fulani invaders, self help is the key. No Nigerians, help yourself live, defend to protect yourselves. Salute
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