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Buhari: A Failed President Desperate for Second Term

By Chibiko Simeon
What happened in Kano State during the Local Government Elections is an eye-opener to all Nigerians.  Remember that Kano State is the  epicentre of national rigging.  During that ill-fated election, millions of children turned out to vote with their permanent voters cards supplied by INEC.
Many declared that the Kano LG election was a dress rehearsal for the planned rigging of the 2019 General Election.  I agree with them. My main reason being that over three million of the registered voters in Kano are under-aged. Also in Kaduna, Jigawa, Katsina, Sokoto, Zamfara and Kebbi States more than 50percent  of the voters are under-aged. These under-aged voters are used for mass rigging by Northern elements in INEC.
This is the premise upon which Buhari plans to perpetuate himself in power, having failed woefully.  Nigerians will recall that it was in this same Kano that  the Resident Electoral Commissioner of INEC was murdered after controversies arose on the results  posted.
In 2015,  Buhari polled 15,424,921 votes while Former  President Goodluck Jonathan, polled  12,853,162 votes. The Buhari winning votes were obviously manipulated  votes from children in Kano, Kaduna, Jigawa and Katsina States. Those 2, 571, 759 votes that propelled Buhari to a rigged victory is what they are plotting in tandem with INEC to re-introduce.
Forget the disclaimer issued by INEC.  The voters registers and permanent voters cards used in the Kano LG elections came from INEC. INEC will take no actions  between now and  2019 to clean up the voters registers, so the children will be used by Buhari.
This is the reason why El-Rufai of Kaduna, Yahaya Bello of Kogi and other non-performing  governors  in the north are standing with Buhari.  They are looking forward to the rigging largesse.
The recruitment of the Lion of Bourdillon further lays credence to the plot to manipulate the electoral process to the advantage of Buhari and his party. Bourdillon is a master in fraudulent electoral manipulation.
Little wonder, Buhari is doing nothing to develop the country.  He has bought over the judiciary, media and civil society. Anyone who questions him is slammed with a suit. Ask Senator Dino Melaye .
The Federal Government under the control of President Muhammadu Buhari has deliberately allowed the nation’s security infrastructure to collapse.  The rampaging Fulani herdsmen will remain relevant till Buhari gets a second term.  They have overrun the entire north central and Christian locations in North West.  Your guess is as good as mine on why these murderers will continue to hold sway.
Nigerians must rise up to stop this desperate President and his cronies. Buhari  only wants to be in Aso Rock like a traveller who loves a five star hotel. He is not there  to work. He will not work. His wife has said so, Obasanjo his sponsor has said so, IBB his supporter has said so, the Catholic Bishops say so and all Nigerians  have affirmed it. Buhari cannot work. He does not know what to do.
Buhari forget  the idea of rigging, return to your grand children and allow Nigeria to make progress.
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