Saturday , 24 March 2018


By Collins Nwoye

I condemn in totality the quick display of Evans as trophy by the Nigeria police owing to the history of high profile kidnapping and amounts he collected.

For a high profile kidnapping to take place, there re moles or insiders at 5 levels 1. Close aides or relative of the kidnap victim 2. Security pple who aid in logistics to either move arms or help in collecting ransom 3. medical staff who help in providing stabilization from trauma for high profile victims of kidnap in the detention centers. These medical staff treat gun shot wounds, manage blood pressure and diabetes or any other ailment of the victim until the money is paid. 4. There re kidnap support staff who cook delicious meals to ensure comfort of victims in detention center till the ransom is paid. 5. There re money laundering services provided by finance houses who refuse to report to efcc for large inflows under suspicious transaction reporting policy.

By celebrating the arrest of this kidnap kingpin openly very early before investigation, many accomplices in the 5 listed categories wld escape justice. The look of celebrity kidnapper Evans and his early plea for mercy confirm one thing: he was the coordinator for ransoms not truly a hardnut criminal. Hardnuts re only broken through extreme torture and rarely fear death.

Remember infamous armed robbers Anenih & monday osunbor case? They had high police accomplices. Who re accomplices of celebrity kidnapper Evans? This is a million dollars question

The claims that there had been a man hunt on him since 7 years for a man who uses nig airports with nig international passport, renews his travel documents leaves more questions than answers. If with the biometric data security features in our international passport and it is found he uses multiple passport with same biometric features in our Nigerian Immigration Service computer database, then more accomplices shld be questioned. U cant have different fingerprints.

Happy fathers day. U will not build for strangers, u will not raise children for bad wives or bad husbands. U will not bury ur son or die prematurely. U will enjoy wealth even in old age and not a liability to anyone. God bless u

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