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Bad Market: The Story of Buhari 

By Kassim Afegbua, an APC chieftain.
Integers or no integers, we have been witnessing a phlegmatic leadership for almost three years now. Even as a younger officer who became president in 1983, his exit was heralded by hallelujah songs. If he were that effective, he wouldn’t be so treated. I massively supported Buhari in 2015 but I have every reason to withdraw my support following his lack of performance and indecision on certain issues. He broke his integrity code when he couldn’t publicly declare his assets. He fraternized with all manners of people who brought all manners of funds to the table to support his election. Your Mr. Integrity couldn’t raise concern. Even those known efcc candidates dictated the flow of his campaigns. They spent money, he enjoyed the rave. He flew jets to every corner of the country, he didn’t ask questions where the funds were coming from. His son had accident while cruising in a bike. You and I know that bikes are not the same as okada. He went to London for treatment, he didn’t declare the cost. Babachir Lawal was indicted by the report, he didn’t prosecute him. Yet you sit here and preach bunkum to me. He’s a typical example of Ayi Kwei Armah’s Chichidodo bird that feeds on maggots but hates filth. Such an irony. In my state of Edo, we gave him 44% of the votes, the highest in the entire 6 states of the south south. For almost three years, our roads are impassable. Not a single federal presence and you sit here to justify banalities with your ridiculous mathematical integers. For me, a 77 year old man who is battling with his health cannot represent my aspiration henceforth. That’s my verdict and that of my household. And your positive and negative currents cannot take that away, knowing full well I am a bonafide member of APC.
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