Friday , 16 November 2018


By Oraye St. Franklyn

Moses Motoni, a staff of BudgIT, was arrested in Kaduna State by SARS for doing his job of enlightening the citizens to monitor projects and engage their leadership. Kaduna State is governed by El Rufai, a friend of Rotimi Amaechi. Moses was chained like a criminal and bundled to a SARS detention center, according to the victim.

El Rufai like Amaechi is a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), a Party accused of using SARS to terrorise Nigerians.

Amaechi, a former Governor of Rivers State, is known to be the inspiration behind the atrocities of SARS and is said to have single-handedly installed a certain Akin Fakorede as commander of SARS in Rivers State, under whom SARS has unleashed the most vicious attacks on Rivers people.

Akin Fakorede himself who was physically present and caught on tape invading a collation center and assaulting INEC staff in Port Harcourt, Rivers State has also shared propaganda materials against his Commander In Chief, at the time, former President Jonathan and the Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, in whose State he operates against the wishes of Rivers people.

The Rivers State Governor, known for his courageous defense of Nigerians, has accused the APC led Federal Government of using SARS to rig Elections and terrorise Nigerians.

Nigerians too have also recently called out SARS with citizens across the country, including celebrities, sharing sordid details of the unbelievable atrocities of the terror organization of the Nigeria Police.

The Inspector General of Police, who has on record been known to have excused SARS swiftly rose in defense of the Police and announced reforms that had no far reaching implications or capacity to end the existing madness.

The Rivers State Governor responded on behalf of Nigerians and as usual exposed how SARS is now being reorganized nationally to aid the APC rig the 2019 elections.

El Rufai and Amaechi are kingpins and 2 of the 3 pillars that formed the APC according to Preye Aganaba, an associate of Mr. Amaechi.

The Big Question:

Given that both El Rufai and Amaechi, principally, have had their States plagued by the excesses of SARS as presently constituted, in a bid to undermine civil liberties, oppress citizens and doctor elections as the evidence shows, can it not be safely concluded that the APC is not just despotic and anti-democratic, but basically an anti-Nigerian organization; and since that appears to be the case as the overwhelming evidence shows, should Nigerians continue to fold their arms and allow the APC bring their country to complete ruin?

Moses Motoni epitomizes the pains of majority of Nigerians. Are we not all Moses Motonis being hammered and victimized by a government that swore to protect our lives and

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