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BCEL Darlings, sorry for not having updated you earlier. The just concluded election where I contested for House of Representatives, Afikpo North/South Federal constituency under ANN, with both PDP and APC candidate, was marred by primordial manipulation by the PDP candidate, aided by the state government apparatus. The manipulation was so ridiculously high that no matter the number of votes they tried to remove to tally to something reasonable, it was still very large. In most areas 1 person voted over 10 times. The evidence of this tyrannical illegality is intact. I beat them legitimately. They were places that they just could not manipulate, that had me beating them by large margins. But the excessive manipulation they engaged in gave them their fake numbers. We will meet in court.
State government henchmen/yesmen and yeoman in my town, decided to perpetuate the terror and horror that has been the trade mark of the duo of Idumudi in the land of Afikpo for over 20 years, by aiding and abetting this illegality for their own selfish desire and filthy lucre, and in their zeal to do the bidding of the state government. But the journey to liberate my people has just begun and it will be concluded successfully soon.
In Edda (Afikpo South), The state government machinery had a free reign. In some parts of Edda they did not even allow the agents of the opposition parties to come near. I beat them in many polling units in Edda, but they simply changed my numbers.
BE CALM: To my people that are very hurt about this incident, I want to appeal to you to be very calm, and to know that it’s not over until it’s over. In life, certain things will get very bad before it gets good. It will end in joy for you soon.
HAPPINESS: Under no circumstances will I ever have agreed to return to house of assembly, as they wanted. I have said this many times that my greatest joy and happiness is that no matter what happens, win now or lose now, the idea that I will no longer have anything to do with the state government is my solace. I will no longer be under them. It has been hell refusing to be a yes man under this government. And I will rather not even exist than be a yes man under despotism. I would rather have very very little or even nothing than be a yes man to a someone so extremely controlling, that feels the need to control everything and everyone. My free will is more significant to me, than all the money on this earth.
POLITICS: Politics which I stumbled into in 2015 has not been easy on me because I will never play the traditional politics done here. I have not made any money in politics, rather I spent my personal money working for my people. I completed all the projects I started with my personal money; leaving me insolvent. I have given up a lot just to serve my people in the best way possible. I am glad I made those sacrifices and will do more whether I am political position or not. After all I was doing very well before I came into politics where they first suspended me from my source of living, Photography, then stopped paying me my entitlements. Thereby literally turning me into a beggar. Be that as it may, what’s ahead is greater…..
SUPPORT: I am so grateful to those who never left me in lack. Those that provide me with funds to run the election, and those who encouraged me. I thank all the BCEL Darlings out there, who are always there for me, through thick and thin.
AFIKPO PEOPLE: I did my part, you did yours very well, which the evil machinations upturned, albeit, temporarily. I thank you. I live for you and will continue to serve you until the end of time.
Yours truly, Maria Ude Nwachi.
AFIKPO CHIC. Ude Ehugbo.
AmarSim Associations Development Consultants

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