Monday , 18 February 2019


By Princewill Emejuru
The Minister of Transportation and the former governor of Rivers State, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi fraudulent act while as the governor of the state been exposed.
The exposure was made when the ragtag INCRA urchins of APC that are loyal to the transport minister was sent to attack the Senate His Excellency Dr. Bukola Saraki by Amaechi, unknowingly they ended up exposing the fraudulent act of the minister.
In a bid to cast aspersions on the Senate President for his tongue lashing of the minister,  the APC urchins shot the minister on the foot when they reminded Dr. Saraki how Amaechi awarded contracts to build 105 health centers across the state to Saraki.
Recall that Senator Dr. Saraki during the thanksgiving service in honour of Senator Magnus Ngei Abe, took a swipe at Amaechi saying that Amaechi wouldn’t have been a minister if not for Abe and wondered why Amaechi is fighting Abe and causing disunity in Rivers State APC.
This action by the Senate President infuriated Amaechi who has a vindictive attitude sent his urchins to attack the senate which led to exposing how Amaechi as a governor awarded contract to build 105 health centers to one man alone at the expense of the entire state.
We have always said that Amaechi is fraudulent and that he defrauded Rivers state of several huge amount of money while as a Rivers State Governor but his supporters instead of standing with the people of Rivers Stats chose to stand with evil and keep supporting the minister and defend his evil actions.
The question is
(1) why did Amaechi award contract to build 105 health centers to one man alone.
(2) was due process followed in awarding the contracts or was it a case of paddy paddy because as at when Amaechi was the Governor of Rivers, His Excellency too was the governor Kwara state and among the allies of Amaechi who pulled out from PDP as the NewPDP to form the APC.
(3) were the health build according specifications and to standard.
(4) how much is the cost of these health center, are the value of the health uoro the quoted amount.
(5) were all the civil health centers delivered or did somebody play the intelligence of Rivers people.
These and many more questions begging for answer.
Now that the APC urchins themselves exposed this monumental fraud are they Stoll going to watch while Amaechi get away this crime against the state.
Rivers people should call Amaechi for questioning.
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