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We’re against Atiku for promising to restructure Nigeria –ACF secretary, Anthony Sani.

Majority of the 36 states in Nigeria can not sustain themselves and pay workers salaries without a monthly handouts from the federal government called Allocation. They have resources littered all over their domain but do not have access to them because the federal government has the sole authority and monopoly over them. Did you know that if the country is properly restructured, individuals and states would have sole control of the resources in their ground? All they have to do is harvest such resources, sell and pay royalty and tax to the central government. States should be able to develop their rail and transport system, fund security, education and health care and would not need to shuttle to Abuja every month for handouts to pay salaries? Also, they wouldn’t need to dip their hands on workers pensions to sort themselves out? In most of the oil rich Arab world and Europe, individuals and families control their resources and pay tax to the government.
States in Nigeria can not take control of the security in their domain because all security architecture are in the hands of the federal government.
A Fulani man from the interior north or Yoruba from the west who have never visited any part of Igbo land all his life is sent to provide and man security in a remote village in Anambra state and vice versa. To any reasonable person, tell us how such arrangement could be feasible in providing security?
One of the reasons ACF secretary Anthony Sani said that made them to refuse to support Atiku was because of his promise to sell NNPC and other national assets to private hands. His excuse was that the country have not benefitted from the previous privatization and sale of assets in the past.
Did you know that without the unbundling and sale of NITEL by the Olusegun Obasanjo’s government headed by Ernest Ndukwe,  me and you would probably be queueing up on telephone lines by now waiting to get to our turn to make a call? Did you know that without the consolidation and restructuring of the banking sector by Charles Soludo under Obasanjo, we won’t know the fate of our bank deposits in the hands of sick banks in the country? These are just few instances.
Nigeria’s Refineries and petrochemicals were sold by Obasanjo government to private hands, Umar Yar’Adua came and was pressured by unseen powerful forces to reverse the sales. Today me and you can testify to the fate of those refineries.
NNPC was reported days ago to have lost N551bn in the last four years and still losing due to mismanagement and graft under a corruption fighting government when Saudi Arabia’s Aramco, Angola’s Sonangol and Brazil’s Petrobrass were posting huge profits and turn overs.
Atiku Abubakar promised on his campaign to sell the liability to private firms for better management, but his own North and some hopelessly blind ones from the south opposed him. It was one of the reasons they refused to support him.
All over the developing world, government assets and liabilities are controlled by private individuals and firms for efficient management. Privatization of government assets also helps to curb graft. Governments don’t manage businesses, private individuals do.
Notorious forces from the North are averse to restructuring and privatization because that would definitely put them off public properties and deny them access to free money and graft, alias corruption.
Did you know that there is gold, zink, uranium, bronze and several other mineral deposits in large tons and quantities across the north almost richer than the oil deposits in the south. Individuals in the north mine and extract these minerals and sell, but non of the proceeds goes into the pockets of the federal government? That it is only the oil in the south and the ports that the federal government often classify as national resources for exploitation to fund the economy even as the constitution falsely claim that they are all exclusive property of the federal government? Did you know that a southerner who has oil deposit in his ancestral ground can not touch it because if he does, he would be arrested by the federal government for sabotage and felony, whereas the individual in the north could mine and sell gold and uranium but nobody touches him? Why should it be so?
Oligarchy north could never succumb to restructuring and privatization or breakup and is resistant to it because it’d perpetually put them at the disadvantage. Atiku lost election in major parts of the north, not because he was not better or more progressive minded than Buhari, but because he threatened their means of lazy survival. Acf secretary Anthony Sani’s quote and argument above summarizes everything.
Monopolizing northerners can never give in to positive and progress change without force and violence.
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