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Update on Justice Onnoghen’s case: No Case Against the CJN 

By King Itsede
When we talked about unnecessary media trial, Justice Onnoghen’s case has, once again, reemphasised our reservations. The federal government has not proven any of the allegations against him.
At the beginning of the case, the Federal Government’s prosecution listed 6 persons as witnesses to testify against Onnoghen. So far, the prosecution has called 3 of the witnesses. The testimonies of these witnesses have shown nothing incriminating against him. As a matter of fact, they have further shown the innocence of his Lordship.
Recall that the Federal Govt alleged that Onnoghen operates foreign accounts and has acquired 55 houses. But the Federal Govt’s witnesses have so far clarified that this information is false. A witness from the bank has confirmed that the accounts Onnoghen owns are domiciliary accounts which are not prohibited in Nigeria. They are not foreign accounts. The witness from CCB has also confirmed that Onnoghen owns 5 houses and not 55 as stated and that one of the houses was given to him by the same Federal Govt. The witness also told the Tribunal that till this moment, they are yet to investigate the assets declared by Onnoghen since 2015.  So, we now wonder how they came about the alleged lies if the assets have not been investigated.
These witnesses are the ones called by Federal Govt. They have all proven nothing against him.
Now this is the broker:
The federal government prosecution (out of fear, obviously) told the Tribunal today that they are no longer calling the remaining 3 witnesses. They informed the Tribunal that they have closed their case. What this means is that Onnoghen can now go ahead to call his own witnesses in his defence. But Onnoghen’s lawyer told the Tribunal that there would be no need to call any witness in the defence since the Federal Govt.’s prosecution has not been able to establish any case against Onnoghen. They are going to make a NO CASE SUBMISSION, meaning the defendant has no case to answer to warrant any defence.
All the noise, all the witch hunting, all the name callings, the suspension were built on nothing.
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