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By: Bright Jossy ,
It Is Said that for one to be a good leader he must first be a good follower.  It is his Followership experience that will metamorphose into pragmatic leadership.
Hon Tom  Aliezi is one man endowed with experience in Followership , through his many years of Consistent and committed service and Followership. Little Wonder why he leads and serves at the same time Just Like His Boss and Governor of Rivers State,  His Excellency Nyesom Ezenwo Wike,  Who he served in different capacity for many years before becoming the Executive Chairman of Emohua Local Government Area.
Under his watch as the Executive Chairman of Emohua Local Government Area the people of Emohua Local Government Area irrespective of political party affiliation have unrestricted access Into the office Of the Council Chairman from Mondays To Fridays.
Chief Tom has Redefined Leadership in such a way that the people now have direct access to their chairman,  Which has also helped his administration In information gathering ,  Dissemination and Proactive Response To Issues that requires Urgent Attention in Several Communities in the Local Government Area.
Gone are the days when visitors fill forms and wait in vain for a whole day,  only to be bypassed by the Council Chairman they seek so see.
Gone are the days when a visitor must be on scheduled appointment with the Chairman before he could be Granted Audience By the Chairman.
Chief Tom is rewriting the Story of Leadership with the Narrative that a Chairman is the Servant of the People and not the Ruler of the people.
His Relationship with the People is one that is incomparable in the history of the Local Government Administration In Emohua.
For His Aides High Chief Tom Aliezi  is More like a Brother and Friend,  as he is not only Friendly to all but also gives ears to suggestions and Contributions that would yield positive results in his administration.
For Him a Political  Appointment Is Not An Empowerments,  Rather It Is an Opportunity and Privilege To Serve and Contribute To The Success Of His Administration and The Overall Development Of The Local Government Area, Hence he Demands his Appointees to be Productive And Contributory In Service.
Today he has got a Good Number of  youths involved in Government with over eighty percent of his present principal aides being youths and has also promised to engage more as time goes on .
Across the 210 Polling Units In Emohua Local Government Area Several Youths Are Enrolled Into His Administration’s Empowerment Program which enables them to earn Monthly Salaries while seating at home.
Little Wonder Why He has been Nicknamed the ATM and Empowerment Machine Of Emohua Local Government Area by the Youths Of the Area.
For the Council Civil Servants Chief Tom Aliezi is the best thing that has happened to them in recent times,  as he doesn’t only ensure that their salaries are paid on time but he also makes sure that they are paid before any Political Office Holder Including Himself Is Paid.
The Love He Enjoys from the people within the very short period he has been in office increases as the day come by as a result of the Good name he has earned himself across the Local Government Area.
Even those who have never come in close contact with him eulogies Him because they know what Local Government Administration has been in the past and what it has become under His watch.
As a council Chairman Hon Tom Aliezi is very close to the people Like the Councillors who are elected as the direct Representatives Of the wards at the Council’s Legislative Assembly.
He has brought Government Closer to the Grassroots who actually voted him into office.
Like he Promised during his electioneering Campaigns,  If Peace is Achieved In Emohua Local Government Area Every Other thing will fall in Place , hence his three Point Agenda Is PEACE,  PEACE AND PEACE.
There Is No Doubt That His Administration’s War Against Cultism,  Criminality and Communal Crisis has Yielded Positive Results To An Appreciable Extent,  With Relative Peace Returning To Some of the Communities Where people Fled their Homes as a result of Insecurity before he came into office.
His Administration’s Huge Investment In Security is no doubt the reason why there is reduction in Crime and Criminality in the Local Government Area,  Especially All Through the 2018  Christmas and 2019 New Year Celebration Season  there were Little or no Cases of Cult clashes , Kidnapping and Armed Robbery,  This was because of his collaboration with the different security agencies to contain the activities of hoodlums during the period.
Indeed,  there is Visible Progress in the War Against Crime and Criminality In Emohua Local Government Area Today and that is because Tom Is Working .
Tom Is Here To Rewrite The Story  Of Emohua Local Government Area.
— To Be Continued.
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