Friday , 25 May 2018


Activist and Human right lawyer, Femi Falana has disclosed that the Nigerian constitution has no time limit for when President Muhammadu Buhari is expected to return and resume his duties.

Falana made the disclosure while reacting to protest by some cross section of Nigerians in Abuja, who were demanding the immediate return or resignation of the President.

Recall that, after initially spending over 50 days on medical vacation in London, the President had in May returned to London for a follow-up medical check-up and is yet to return.

Against this backdrop, some youths led by ace musician, Charlyboy asked the President to return and resume his duty or resign.

Speaking yesterday, the constitutional lawyer maintained that the constitution is silent on how long the president can be away on medical vacation.

He said, “As at the time the constitution was amended in 2010 it took cognizance of the president leaving the country without handing over hence the constitution was amended compelling the president to transmit a letter to the National Assembly. And once he does that, the Vice President shall automatically become the Acting President.

“If he does not transmit a letter after 21 days, the vice president shall automatically become the president, ditto for the states. But as to the duration the president can be absent, the constitution is silent.

“So it is therefore hoped that the ongoing review of the constitution will address that because you may have a situation where an elected president will be away for three and half years out of his four years tenure or even the entire four years tenure. It is a possibility.”

By Seun Opejobi, Daily Post August 8, 2017

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  1. Santosh Njoku

    You are one of our problems

  2. Ahmed Mamuda

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  3. Abubakar Tahir

    Resume or Resign nonsense will continue as planned by PDP & other wailers. I wonder how d pain of defeat is still disturbing Jonathan’s suppoters after 2 yrs of election. Very soon “Buhari Relax & Rest” demonstration will overshadow d so-called Resume or Resign rubbish.

    • Emma Igboechi

      Abubakar,in all honesty are you happy the way our country is being governed. The problem of the Hausa/Fulani is your warped believe that a goat once is your own should rule no matter what. It beats my imagination that inspite of your long rulership of our country,you are still the most backward in all indices of human development. Buhari is sick and lacks the capacity to continue in office.let him resign and go take care of his health. Come 2019 the north should put their right foot forward. Buhari was a wrong decision.

    • Valentine Echemazu

      ofcus he will rest but, I don’t know if it’s going to be in peace or pieces….

    • Uchenna Egeruo

      Abubakar you haven’t answered a question thrown to you as I wish to add this. If you could be honest to say, if this was done by anyone else from another region in this country will you have savoir such act or otherwise? Did you remember what he, Buhari, said during Yar’adua’s tenure? Can you also remember this picture attached here?

  4. Isaac Ubokwe

    is femi falana a human right activist or a activist is someone who fight for masses weather he is jailed or brutalised.he is always on govt and politicians side.we trurlly missed GANI.

    • Eze-ugo Iroegbu

      He is looking for d postvif minister for Justice

    • Morrison Uriah

      Falana is right.You can help in mobilising the masses to protests for a change in the constitution to accommodate issues like this

    • Isaac Ubokwe

      u and I know that our 1999 constitution lacks basis.if we go by our so called constitution and forget our fundamental human right then this country will sink because that constitution those not favour ordinary Nigerians.

    • Shina Ayinde

      Isaac, there is no vacuum in govt, Buhari properly handed over to his deputy, this is one of the on for seen situations that make constitution recomend vice president, if an employer sack a staff because his sick the NLC will call it victimisation. We did not protect when Diezane madueke and the likes are looting the country, what concerns me with Buhari sickness, let me see policies that will affect common man life. Why can’t this people protest when national assembly fail to grant state autonomy, this protest is misplaced priority Buhari absence affects nothing.

    • Isaac Ubokwe

      shina pls don’t also that govt agencies retires staffs compulsorily base on health uncle was forced to retire from FAAN because he had stroke.let us face reality and tell ourselves the buhari healthy and competent enough to continue as our president?put aside religion,tribe and party affiliations.

  5. Clement Udofia

    Then the constitution must be “STUPID” and its high time we looked at this constitution that does not care about Nigeria’s survival. Even God had to review his laws that did not care much about the people. (Eph. 8:7-8 =For if the first covenant had been faultless, then should no place have been sought for the second. For finding fault with them, he saith, Behold, the days come when I will make a new covenant …..). Isn’t it time we do away with this obsolete constitution?

  6. Mark Macurly


    Someone just told me that the owner of Tecno Is using iPhone
    I told him that the President of Nigeria lives in London..

    I lie??

  7. Franky Okeke

    Old fool…what is the position of the constitution is section 144…why do you people keep decieving Nigerians? Why have this generation of old cargoes sold the future of the younger generation… why is it heard in the history of any nation that the president has been away for that long.
    The nation is already tensed, the acting president can’t take some action cos the powers were only confered on him due to the political terrain he has found himself.

  8. Alozie Muna Martins

    Since we don’t have constitution can we borrow British constitution I think that one can be easily reach out to Mr Buhari.

  9. Ugomma Mmaduabuchi

    Who cares! let him stay there till thy kingdom come

  10. Chizobam Obieze

    So that APC will continue it’s looking, sorry 4 Nizooria…

  11. Kalu Philips

    Common sense no more common…..

  12. Charles Orienta

    Constitutional lawyer indeed.

  13. Christian Agoziem

    shame go catch u one day!continue!

  14. Ifeanyi Elliot

    You are entitled to ur opinions, it’s a democracy free of speech is allowed.

  15. Uwandum Onyebuchi Doreen

    Falana you’re a disgrace to your profession

  16. Humphrey William

    In that case, may the London hospital bed remain his permanent home for ever and ever.

  17. Ehis Favour

    idiots what did buhari do during yaradua case?

  18. Okonkwo Favour

    Cow defending his fellow senior Cow. Corrupt old fool.

  19. Ogbue Ikemefuna

    Just look at this KOLANUT LAWYER……

  20. Paul Ezuo

    I am disappointed with this man.

  21. Anthony Ihemere

    It is ok. Just one question. Would the APC big wigs, etc supporting the endless medical sojourn of PMB in London with its attendant consequences and cost implications; would they have taken the same supportive inclination if it were to be a President elected on the platform of PDP or any other Party? Your guess is as good as mine. Let’s remember that; “there is God o.”

  22. Ken Abudu

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  23. Iheanachor Justice

    See them mouth smelling talking

  24. Mmeri Forbiafra

    Obas stay in London, Buhari lives in London, the law makers can as well pack to London. That’s not our business. Our business is Biafra restoration

  25. John Esevbode

    At least buhari achieved one thing.He has exposed all our fake activists and progressives eg falana,soyinka,utomi,keyamo,bakare etc,they have all fallen on the wrong side of history,all hail pmb!!!

  26. Pascal Jeff

    APC and its ghost president

  27. Agwu Ukpa Francis

    Chaii my own falana don chop bribe.

  28. Ekpe Mahmud

    If what they called constitution in nigeria is silient on buhari continueous absent from duty then the so called book should kept aside

  29. Stephen Osezua

    MUMU lawyer Femi Falana
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    Your MUMU don do!

  30. Bennett Chuks Arunne

    Register and download this app that pays users for using their app.

  31. Prince Charlie

    Its not a Nigeria constitution. It is a constitution by Abubakar and his friends to suit the purposes of the elites in Nigeria to the detriment of the people .That was why PDP never mentioned anything about changing that rotten egg for 18 years and we can see the kind of damage its doing in our society right now.

  32. Peter Ononogbo


  33. Elemi Nelson

    If it were GEJ u would ve led d protest. Foolish man nd senseless idiot.

  34. Emry Dickson

    The so called 1999 Constitution that was carefully manipulated and tinkered to serve the intended purpose of the past military leaders to remove their khaki to adorn the civilian agbada as presidents. Everything has been taken care of in that Constitution to entrench thems there permanently even if they are on life support. In his letter to the National Assembly, the ailing president clearly and expressly stated that the VP should coordinate the affairs of the state. He is not totally in charge if you read the wordings of that letter carefully. The senate has not addressed that letter, in any case, what is there to be addressed? The Constitution stated that unless there is a letter to the contrary, the VP shall undertake the duties of the president if he is incapacitated as a result of ill health. The said letter written by the president to the National Assembly serves as that letter to the contrary, and in it he stipulated that the affairs of government should be coordinated by the VP. That is why the cabal aptly and mischievously christened the “presidency” are actually in control. And the foolish Northerners will be shouting Constitution Constitution. Am ashamed to be from this godforsaken contraption.

  35. Sunday Ijeh

    They have given you SAN so can’t say rubbish ?

  36. Charlie Achomrough

    Biafra shall be free. Woe to fake and fraudulent nigeria. God bless Biafra. Land of The Rising Sun.

  37. Eshi Chibuike Mgbemere

    animal…..that is why biafra must come….because we van not keep living like animals

  38. Akowe Andrew

    What then is the definition of a ghost worker?

  39. Solomon Adubasim


  40. Nsima-abasi Ekere

    Look at this hypocritical activist, I sorry for naija.

  41. Oladiran Ayodele

    I have said it numerous times and I will say it again, Mr Femi Falana (SAN) can never step in the shoes of Gani(RIP). He can never be my mentor or role model, I am an Ekiti man and all reasonable Ekitis reject Mr Femi Falana (SAN).

  42. Emeka Walter Azomchine

    Bro femi, you may be right, but it’s not a good example, for a fragile nation like Nigeria and again stop acting like a chameleon by opposing and supporting at the same time.

  43. Ukang Frank

    Even If he is Incapacitated i guess.

  44. Oluwagbemiga Sowobo

    I can’t understand these our learned men of the bar, they are the one making and marring this nations democracy. Remember 12⅔ of 1979, another one has start with whom I respect so much in person of Femi Falana. How come should the President of a nation lives his post and settle in another land for more than 3 month ruling on proxy and our lawyer say he’s right because constitution didn’t say anything on this ? Do the constitution drafters envisaged that we are going to have sickler as the President? In a case where President is ruling by proxy what should the electorate do? Chief Femi Falana over to you. God save us in Nigeria. God bless Nigeria.

  45. Chukwudi Oliora

    Dat is y we must good Biafra, Nigerian don’t have law animal and monkeys

  46. Ben X Omale

    Frustration he want to become the antoney general of the federation but was kick out

  47. Richard Chingy

    What a country indeed the president can stay in London since there is no constitutional provision…Therefore logically a child can still yet be in the womb and Govern a lawless country like Nigeria…It is crytally obvious that the spirit of togetherness in Nigeria is destroyed by the so called born to rule…where are the Activists? They are all domb because a dictator is in charge….what a country where the so called unity in diversity weak nd wable..The Nigerian unity system is weak nd almost at the verge of destruction…who will salvage this sinking ship..Nigeria is deeply drowned!!!

  48. Francis Omaji

    Is London Nigeria’s capital? Do we elect a president to stay in another man’s land?

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  50. Amaechi Anselm

    Mumu, you’re disgrace to law profession.

  51. Albright Elias Okhai

    Olumo Rock fall on you and your generation

  52. Chuma Chiedu

    Falana is a disgrace to the noble law profession.

  53. Okoli Tochukwu

    U are a mad man indeed. Stupid man

  54. Ogbonna Efoke

    Femi,falana are u okay? Haba!

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