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The militarization of the South east is an avoidable escalation

By Na-Allah Mohammed Zagga :

As wise men say, war is the failure of reason. Let truth be told: The IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu’s defiance of reason, resistance to rational guidance and advice has led us to this ugly turn of events. With Southeast politicians and other leaders blackmailed to the extent that nobody could confront him to and tell him to play his card rationally, Kanu is already behaving like Adolf Hitler, a man nobody could advise or guide when he was going wrong.

The conditions attached to Kanu’s bail were intended to preserve peace, and by wilfully defying these conditions, he has tested the will of the Federal Government.

By putting innocent people in harm’s way and going into hiding, it is now obvious that Kanu will abandon the people to their fate if the balloon goes off.

It saddens me that innocent people could become the collateral victim of Kanu’s obduracy. Vice President Osibanjo’s meeting with Southeast leaders of thought now appear to have fallen like water off a duck’s back. Despite the meeting, it seems obvious that Kanu respects no voice except his own hubristic voice.

Everybody is now suddenly finding the their voices, criticizing the militarization of the Southeast, but they were previously too timid to criticize Kanu’s incendiary language, hate speech and deliberate incitements.

A leader nobody can advise or guide is like a drunken driver: he is a danger to himself and others. Kanu should be solely held responsible for the current tension in the Southeast. Without putting too fine a point on it, we must call a spade a spade. Blaming the army and pretending not to notice Kanu’s recklessness is like putting the saddle on the wrong horse. If you are indifferent to a man’s recklessness and too timid to tell him his faults, who do you blame for the consequences of his own irrationality?

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