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MAY 7, 2019
We were shocked to read a publication on an online platform, pointblanknews which claimed that, an insider in the presidential amnesty office told it’s reporter that, the assassination attempt on the director of finance & accounts on Friday 26 April, 2019, was orchestrated by the special adviser to the President on Niger Delta Affairs & Coordinator presidential amnesty programme professor Charles quarkers Dokubo because, Mr. Illem refused to pay contractors owed the sum of N1.8 billion that are allegedly fronting for the SA.
The information at our disposal revealed that, the special adviser before embarking on a trip gave the DFA discretional powers to pay contractors owed by the office. The SA on return requested to see the list of contractors paid, but the DFA refused to oblige him the list. This gross act of insubordination & abuse of the discretional powers was the genesis of the rift.
We are concerned as Niger deltains that believes in the quality leadership been provided by a son of the soil, our brother the special adviser to the President on Niger Delta Affairs & coordinator presidential amnesty programme professor charlse Q. Dokubo at the presidential amnesty office.
Therefore, we vehemently condemned totally the deliberate attempt to malign the person & office of the SA whom the President found worthy of the responsibility saddled on him.
The questions we should be asking are:
√ Why will he want to kill him as alleged?
√ Does a contractor owed by the amnesty office have the right to request for him to be paid?
√ Does the SA have the powers to give directives to the DFA?
√ And refusal to take directives from a superior is called what?
A man with a sound mind & moral as prof. Charles Q. Dokubo can & will never imagine talkless of involving himself in such a dastardly inhuman act of assassinating a subordinate. He is a political, peace & conflict resolution analyst. The imaginators & orchestrators of this irrational allegations has gone below human reasoning.
And Contrary to the allegations, the SA has no company or contractor fronting for him & has not splitted any contract at any time since his assumption of office.
For the unfortunate looting of the amnesty warehouse in Boro town by unknown persons, the appropriate authorities are handling the matter.
The DFA presumably has ignorantly fallen into the hands of some political Chess Masters who are using him as their pawn, on the political Chess board. It’s the case of the hand of Esau & the voice of Jacob.
We hereby call on the SA not to be deterred by detractors from his excellent & Sterling performance. He should continue to use his good conscience & expertise to work more for the peace & development of the Niger Delta region & Nigeria at large.
We therefore, urge the general public to disregard the fabricated allegations sponsored by some power hungery person’s.
We commend president Muhammedu Buhari GCFR & the national security adviser for the support given to the coordinator, presidential amnesty programme.
Comrade Daboikiabo Z. Warmate
National Coordinator
AmarSim Associations Development Consultants

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