Tuesday , 20 August 2019


My dear Governor, it is no easy time for you as many odds are confronting you now. The implementation of the anti open grazing law was and is still handled with lots of laxity. This is not a blame post, it is saying the obvious so we can move past this neglect and tighten our law and make it more potent to protect us.
MAFO her initiators (Edward Dooga) and promoters are your pro bono resources to implement the law. You played politics with our faces, neglecting our collective resourcefulness. In many meetings we held, even when most people objected partnership with you to achieve our set mandate, I personally insisted that we we need everyone to succeed, your support will make our set goals easier, though politically we differ greatly, MAFOs mandate brought me before your office and I and many others who share my political affiliation accepted to work on achieving our set goals including lowering  our political activities and upholding the message of MAFO.
MAFO has many heads with steamy brains that would hold the implementation and make it more effective, the Catholic priest who serves as a Chieftain Of MAFO Fr Solomon Mfa Ukeyima is none politician, he can do the job, Pastor Dave Ogbole has same credentials, Dr Tyonenge Sam Abah is not a politician too, so is Dr Mrs Victoria Egwor Daaor our Counsel Barr Terence Terfa Vembe etc if names like elder Nat Apir, Bede Bartholomew, Inyom Doo Gideon, Kengkeng Ati Ijoho Sam, etc sounds to familiar with partisan colouration don’t throw the bathwater with the baby Your Excellency.  We have names like Ati Terkula, Adaaku Rogers, etc that are in your kitchen too. At times like this even the African Nation kingpin on the run if we can use his shadow to save the lives wasted in your home community, we will support you to achieve this.
I see you love children, I saw your countenance during the interview, i saw a broken man, break beyond partisan convenience and save Benue this needless blood bath.
We are not going back on our resolve to change batons from your generation to ours, we are committed to this mission with all passion but stand with you on good causes that bring peace and development to our people. We are not hungry for leadership, we are desirous to have a better society beginning from you to us.
Happy New Year with teary eyes and wounded spirits. Be consoled my Governor so you act right. If no one noticed, I noticed all your media officers even the praise singers arriving from your disposition took turns to call on the President as blunt as it is to #saveBenuelives. The bulk is on your mandate sir.
Thank you.
By Inyom Gideon
Cc Terver Akase Tahav Agerzua Magdalyne DuraNathaniel Ikyur
AmarSim Associations Development Consultants

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