Friday , 15 December 2017
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On Buhari’s Health And The Shenanigan(s) Around It!

The current mystery surrounding Buhari’s health and the manipulation to which Nigerians have been subjected to is something not new. Pres. Buhari is sick, I mean very sick, let no one tell you otherwise. But I am not going to keep repeating that well-known fact because to be fair to the old man, he admitted that much when he was brought home the other day.

But as we all monitor how his handlers are fiercely manipulating minds and our political space, it is important to reach out to those of you who may be confused, even when you have your convictions.

Please do not let anyone who claims they will “lose respect” for you because you’re speaking the truth dissuade you. It is a ruse!

Don’t worry when people tell you the size of “protesters” is big deal, we’ve seen “one-man” protests before that had almost the same impact as though there were a thousand people.

Don’t get carried away by those that tell you, “Oh you may die before Buhari.” Of course, you have no control over that but that doesn’t change the fact that Pres. Buhari is sick and they are not being honest about it.

Ignore those that bait you with ethnicity. They know it will work to shut you up!

Trust is that these people who don’t stand for anything, they do not care what you stand for and where you stand before, now or later.

It is a game, they have no memory, don’t try to plead with them that you are detribalized, or that you don’t and will never care about Buhari’s religion, or that you once fought your friends and family to change Nigeria, something that turned out to be in favor of Buhari.

Just do what your conscience tells you is just and right.
If Buhari is well, let him return back to work and if he can’t, let him RESIGN! until then, keep fighting the conscienceless cabal both on the ground and the cyberspace.

▪Omoyele Sowore

AmarSim Associations Development Consultants

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