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Ogun State Customary Court: Police Arrest and Detained President, his Cohorts on Alleged Crime of Fake Judgement

***Set to Charge them to Court in Lagos.

A reputable Civil Society Organization in Nigeria, Centre for Human Rights and Social Justice (CHRSJ) set to present more witnesses with authentic evidence and documents on Wednesday 13th of March, 2019 before the Officer-in-Charged of Legal Department  and it’s Investigative Police Officer (IPO) at the Zone (ii) Police Zonal Command, Onikan Lagos against allegedly unqualified Ogun State Grade (1) Customary Court President, Holden at Imasayi Town, under Iju Local Council Development Area (LCDA), Alhaji Chief R. Bidemi Mulero and his Cohorts, who were legally arrested and Lawfully detained into the Zone (2) Police command cell on  alleged Crime of Forged Documents with Fake Judgement without Jurisdiction in favour of one Fatai Mulero (his Youger Brother), Jamiu Babalola and Rasaki Akindele against Late Pa. Yekinni Mustapha and his Family on Thursday 27th of July, 2017.

In a Press Statement issued and Signed by the Group Executive Chairman, Comrade Adeniyi, Alimi Sulaiman on Monday, which made available to the Journalist say’s, It will be recalled that CHRSJ had earlier forwarded a strong worded Petition Letter to the Inspector General of Police (IGP) and Assistant Inspector General (AIG) in Charge of Zone (ii) Police Command, Onikan Lagos, who monitoring Lagos and Ogun State security affairs, in the CHRSJ Petition letter dated on Wednesday 2nd of May, 2018, which requested for immediate arrest and proper interrogation with full Trial of Alhaji Chief Bidemi Mulero, Hon. Yahaya A. Ogundare and one Bello F. A. (Miss) for allegedly Criminality Offences of Forged and Issuance of illegal and Fake Judgement with other Documents of Ogun State Government , the Petition further requested for the diligent investigation and Prosecution of one Fatai Mulero, Jamiu Babalola, and Mr. Abel Bamgbose with one so called retired Military General (Mr. Rasaki Akindele) for Conspiracy, Stealing and threat to life and Property of Pa. Yekinni Mustapha and his family members, Pa. Mustapha Yekinni who is now a Late since Friday 27th day  of July 2018.

According to the internal mechanism report, Pa. Late Yekinni Mustapha (Of Blessed Memory), died on Friday 27th day  of July, 2018 due to the fusillade of threats alleged to have been fired on him over a Land dispute by this so called purported fake judgement Plaintiffs /Claimants, Pa. Late Yekinni Mustapha who led his family members to Ogun State Police Command at Eleweran on Wednesday 16th day of May, 2018 before Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) on Investigation and Intelligent Department before the matter was transferred to the Legal Department at Zone (ii) Police Command since Tuesday 5th day of June, 2018, Pa. Late Mustapha was hale and hearty to attended to the Zone (ii) Police Command’s Called on Thursday 7th day of June, 2018 with his family members and he (Pa. Late Mustapha) was properly written his Statement before the Zone (ii) Investigative Police Officer (IPO) of his (Pa. Late Mustapha Yekinni’s) Matter.

On the further report, the Zone (ii) Police Command Officer’s properly served an alleged suspected people an Invitation Letter for interrogation on Wednesday 20th of February, 2019 to appeared before the Officer-In-Charge (O/C) of Legal Department on Monday 25th of February,  2019, which Four (4) out of the seven (7) alleged Suspects appeared before the (O/C) and they were properly interrogated before they were detained into the Police Cell at the Zone (ii) Police Zonal Command, Onikan Lagos till Wednesday Morning of 27th day of February, 2019.

In view of the foul play surrounding the purported Case Suit No:IMS/1/2017 and it’s fake Judgement delivered on Thursday 27th day of July, 2017, which it was observed that the whole actions, abhinitio, had been premised on frivolity, illegality, callousness and unmitigated barbarism as evidenced by the Section (8) of the Customary Court (amendment) Law 2018 which was assented to by his Excellency, Senator Ibikunle  Amosun on Monday 13th day of March, 2017 stipulated that. “the President of a Grade (1) customary Court Shall be a Person who is qualified to practice as a Barrister and Solicitor in Nigeria and Shall have so qualified for a period not less than five (5) Years of  post-call experience, which so called Alhaji Chief R. Bidemi Mulero, the President of Imasayi Grade (1) Customary Court does not possess.

And again, the above mentioned provision became operational since Monday 13th day of March, 2017 which the amendment bill was assented to Suit No: IMS/1/2017 was filed on Thursday 16th day of March, 2017 while purported and fake Judgement was given on Thursday 27th day of July, 2017, mean while as at that time when the alleged illegal Suit was filed by the allegedly Suspected people, the unlawful trial began and the purported and fake Judgement delivered by the unqualified President of Imasahi Grade (1) Customary Court,  which Alhaji Chief R. Bidemi Mulero the so called (President) was not a Legal Practitioner not to talk of having been Practicing as a Barrister or Solicitor for not less than five (5) Years. “the investigation revealed”.

Due to this indubitable fact that jungle rule of delusive demagogues and desperadoes are being satanically entrenched in the Customary Court of Ogun State of Nigeria in the Imasayi Grade (1) Customary Court  holden  at Imasayi Town, under Iju Local Council Development Area (LCDA), which were perpetrated by  the so called President Alhaji Chief R. Bidemi Mulero, Yahaya  A.  Ogundare (a Member ii), Fatai Mulero and Jamiu Babalola were detained for, into the Zone (ii) Police Command Cell for a Constitutional stipulated hours, (i.e. Monday 25th day to Wednesday 27th day of February, 2019), before they were released for their sureties with an agreement to both parties (Complainants and alleged Suspects) to appear on Wednesday 13th day of March, 2019.

In addition, the so Called retired Military General (Rasaki Akindele), Bello F. A. (Miss), a Lady who Signed the fake Judgement  with promoting herself to the post of Senior Clerical Officer under Alhaji Chief R. Bidemi Mulero a (President) were ran away for the Police with one Abel Bamgbose up till this moment of filling this News Story, anybody that have the useful information about them should contact the “O/C” Legal and investigative Police Officer (IPO) at the Legal Department  Zone (ii) Police Command located at  Onikan Lagos in accordance with section (24) Sub-Section (1e) of the (1999) “FRN” Constitution as (Amended). “the Information Declared”.

Finally, apart from Pa. Late Yekinni Mustapha and his Family Members Petition against these allegedly Suspects, there is another Four (4) different locomotive Litigations Pending in the different Courts under Ogun State Judicial Division against them in the Case Suit No:M/11/2017 Pending at Ogun State High Court (1), Ilaro Judicial Division, another one in Suit No:/ESGI/3cl/2018 at the Grade (1) Customary Court Holden at the same Ilaro Judicial Division which third case is Pending at same Grade (1) Imasayi Customary Court in Suit No: IMS/12/2016 and the Fourth Case is at OTTA Judicial Division against the duo. “the Statement Concluded”.


Comrade Adeniyi, Alimi Sulaiman
(Revolutionary Alfa).
CHRSJ, Executive Chairman.
+234(0) 8038591504 & +234(0) 8022697573.

For the Confirmation of the Story Contact :- (08030806473) Inspector Kannike Hammed, the (IPO) to the Matter at the Legal Department, Zone (ii) Command, Onikan Lagos.


1. Picture 1 — 4 (CHRSJ copy of Petition).
2. Picture  5 — 6 (Post Office Evidence of Dispatched).
3. Picture 7 — 8 (Photocopy of Judgement in Question).

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