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Northerners, Yoruba get quit notice

• Niger Delta militants order them to leave before October 1

The Coalition of Niger Delta Agitators (CNDA), yesterday, handed an ultimatum to Northerners and Yoruba residing in the region to relocate to their regions before October 1.

The coalition also said it would resume bombing of major oil and gas installations from September 10 as a preparation for the actualisation of Niger Delta Republic.

The coalition made of up eight groups, also dissociated itself from the leadership and membership of Pan Niger Delta Forum (PANDEF) and warned the Federal Government to stop dealing with the coalition of elders and leaders of the regions on their behalf.

PANDEF led by leaders of Niger Delta, including a former federal commissioner for information, Chief Edwin Clarke, met twice with Acting President Yemi Osinbajo recently at the Presidential Villa, Abuja. The meeting was principally to articulate lasting solutions to the challenges of the people in the region.

But in a statement signed by the leaders of the groups, the agitators said that they had resolved to declare Republic of Niger Delta on October 1, and ordered the Federal Government to return all the oil wells given to non-indigenes of the region.

The CNDA commended Yoruba for their intention to declare Oduduwa Republic, and pledged to work with the South East and Middle Belt to achieve economic and diplomatic developments.

Signatories to the statement included General John Duku (Niger Delta Watchdogs and convener, CNDA); General Ekpo Ekpo (Niger Delta Volunteers); General Osarolor Nedam (Niger Delta Warriors) and Major-Gen. Henry Okon Etete (Niger Delta Peoples Fighters).

Others were Major-Gen. Asukwo Henshaw for Bakassi (Freedom Fighters); Major-Gen. Ibinabo Horsfall (Niger Delta Movement for Justice); Major-Gen. Duke Emmanson (Niger Delta Fighters Network) and Major-Gen. Inibeghe Adams (Niger Delta Freedom Mandate).

The statement read: “At the general council meeting of the Coalition of Niger Delta Agitators (CNDA) involving surveillance department, intelligence department and commanding officers held today to deliberate on the recent development in the Niger Delta and Pan Niger Delta Forum (PANDEF) meeting with the acting president, after hours of careful deliberations, we unanimously resolved as follows:

“To commence operation zero oil in the Niger Delta from September 10, 2017 as a preparation for the actualization of Niger Delta Republic;

“We totally condemn the recent meeting between PANDEF and the Acting President; we see it as another plot to deceive the Niger Delta people. First and foremost, the meeting was marred with inordinate greed of the PANDEF, as they did not involve the representatives of the agitating groups and youths leaders. We wish to let the acting president to know that those he met have no capacity and cannot solve the current crisis in the Niger Delta; therefore they cannot represent the militants or speak for the Niger Delta people;

“The Coalition unanimously adopts to stand by the previous demands, which are: 100 per cent percent control of our resources.

“The Federal Government should hand over all oil blocs owned by the Northerners/Yoruba to Niger Delta indigenes.

“All oil companies operating in such oil blocs/wells should vacate by October 1st, 2017.”

The group also ordered the relocation of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) to any of the Niger Delta states and replacement of the Group Managing Director with an indigene of region.

“All the multinational oil, gas, servicing and marine companies must relocate their operational base to the Niger Delta, sign a new Memorandum of Understanding with Niger Delta people which would include Niger Delta indigenes being paid same salaries with foreigners.

“We demand independence and sovereign Republic of Niger Delta, all the companies and business owned by the Northerners /Yorubas in Niger Delta should be vacated before 1st October 2017, we accept and congratulate the Yorubas for demanding Oduduwa Republic and we wish them success.”

CNDA called on all agitating groups to resume attacks/bombings on all oil/gas pipelines, especially the exporting lines across the Niger Delta region from September 10, 2017.

This, it said, is to ensure zero oil/gas production before October 1, 2017.

The statement added: “We shall work to interface with more patriotic and zealous Niger Delta people to work out new collective approach that will ensure total freedom and complete control of our resources by any means necessary.

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  1. קט עגכ

    Frm Giant of Africa To The Joke of Africa..

  2. Kenneth Eastwood Achala

    Yoruba peacefully accommodated millions of other tribes in their region,finally every body will lose, we the Nigerian youths are the most useless set of animals in the 21century, even a mayor in South Africa can not own more than 2 cars meanwhile ordinary state legislature own more than 15 cars here in Rivers State and other parts of the country, where did they get the money from? Instead of fighting this corrupt ruling class we allow ourselves to be brainwashed and divided among religious and tribal lines, so pathetic.

  3. Beki Gegu

    You are sending out northern shoe shiners, nail cutters, truck pushers and other petty traders in the southeast and niger delta while the northerners are sending out Igbo big merchants, miners, federal govt workers, etc pls who is the worst loser? The Northern Igbo group said it has investment worths morethan N44 trilion in the north and cannot let go of this huge investment because of one jobless Nomadic Cownu. who will be the great loser if yoruba decided to sack Igbos in Lagos, Ogun, Etc? Better be civil otherwise your fellow igbos in diaspora will now begin agitating against your stupidity.

    • Eric Barasin

      And if we decide to chase them out of all d investment in d Niger delta ? Pls we will gain more

    • Abdulhafiz Yusuf

      Hahaha wat Eva send dem out of ur land,we are sick & tired of all dis biafran noise land of Apes & chimpanzees

    • Okey Gerrald Nweke

      have you considered about nation’s source of income?, if all these things you mentioned happened how will the north subsist, then north will be the poorest in the world.

    • Samuel Kaskosi

      You don’t understand man””” 87% oil well in Niger Delta owned by northerners will definitely be seize!!! And that’s well your powers lies… who lose????

    • Mcleonard Adimah

      The federal government is the looser because if the Igbos leaves the North with all their properties declared abandoned as always been the case,the worthless almajiris and their glorified ones will not make proper use of the properties and therefore cannot maintain them. They will be a problem to them than solution.

    • Malik Ak

      you sound desperate…the Igbos lost more than that during the civil war and taking 100% possession of their God given resources will speed things up..

    • Malik Ak

      #Mcleonard even if the igbos lose everything in the north it’s nothing ,they lost more than that during the civil war and still developed their businesses till date and breaking up will allow them to own 100% of their own resources in their region…0% to central government 0% to the north 0% to the fake entity called Nigeria likewise my region Niger delta.

    • Bartholomew Akpaka Chimex

      Niger delta give u quit notice, why are you talking about igbos?

    • Beki Gegu

      You keep claiming that you have oil, please what is oil in this digital age that technology is taking over and changing the old method of doing things? Is oil a precious commodity anymore? How many countries discover oil resently and what gives u the guts to think that there Is No Oil In The North if countries like USA, Niger, Ghana, Cameroun, South Sudan etc can recently discover huge oil deposit in their domain? Are u daft that u can’t even noticed how oil is losing value in the global market? Today many countries discover oil and the growing technology is replacing the use of oil again making it obsolate. The demand for oil is falling and its prices is drastically crashing yet some jobless dullards in southeast And Niger Delta are still hanging their future to it. who told you that there is no oil in Northern Nigeria? Many oil rich countries like Dubai, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia have since begin diversification to non oil sectors but u are here worshiping It in this digital age. I pity you!

    • Mcleonard Adimah

      Beki Gegu,sorry to let you know that majority of the materials in the world today are made of chemicals derived from oil. Vehicles parts especially the plastic components even cell phones parts are all made out of oil. So don’t console yourself with cheap a lies and delusion

    • Beki Gegu

      If really you study economics and have rudimently knowledge on effects of demdand and supply on price of a products, i bet you wont doubt me that the recent drastic fall in the price of oil is as a result of increase in suply and fall in its demand. and know it today and remove any doubt, there is huge oil deposit in lake chad that is why Atiku is pushing for restructuring because that is his region.

    • Mcleonard Adimah

      So the federal government does not know about the Lake Chad oil deposits, if they do know about it, what is stopping them from going all out for it rather they are hellbent on milking Niger Delta dry?

    • Beki Gegu

      Mr Adimah, you always look at the most economic way of doing things that is why we were taught the theory of comparative cost advantage. if u compare the cost of drilling oil in northeast and that of nigerdelta you know that doing it in niger delta is cheaper and more economical. Niger delta is a lowland and is very close to the sea which will reduce cost of drilling and transportation to foreign countries but the oil in the northeast is upland and very far from the sea, so cost of drilling and transportation will be higher. And there is another danger bcos there is a probability that if nigeria start drilling in northeast it MAY reduce the quantity of oil in niger delta bcos the oil belt is flowing from The upland of northeast down to the lowland of southeast and niger delta. If u do geography you know that the northern nigeria is upland while the south is a lowland that is why road construction is cheaper and durable in the north due to less water than the south. Hope you get me.

  4. Ogundipe Oluwashinaolami

    Every group is looking for recognition and fame with negotiations .uuhm u think say Yoruba no no say na noise in the corrupt order.. Ariwo ko enu o se. Um

  5. Majid Abd

    From Giant of Africa to Joke of Africa; how are the mighty falling?

  6. Sadiq Shehu Ahmad Yalwa

    Now that the country owned by Hausas and Yorubas you are given them quit notice.

  7. Ani Cýprian Uchay

    The Divide and Rule charm always have an expiring date

  8. Pius Chukwuebuka

    i don’t buy this idea of yoruba quit notice at all bcos they are accommodating nd tolerate too just like igbo but north can go .. they are of no use to us but killing every living things..

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  11. Ken Abudu

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  12. Okeke Ebuka

    Buhari is the chief architect of all the current problem in Nigeria now

  13. Mcleonard Adimah

    Yes there are enough Yorubas in Niger Delta but they shouldn’t be driven out. Well, Nigeria is getting messier by the day. What a pity?

  14. Emmanuel Ernest

    I love this, there should be an open recruitment now.

  15. Omeiza Ilyas Salihu

    Yeye they smell 👃 how many of them are there compared to your peoples in Yoruba and Hausa land

  16. Collins Rule

    Nd i didnt see the reason why you should include yorubas in this quit notice,yorubas are peace loving tribe and have many other tribes in their land without bombing their properties or killing them,we igbos live peacefully with them in lagos,ogun,ondo,ibadan,they also live peacefully in our own land PH Enugu Onitsha Bayelsa,we never kill or bomb each other,why including them in the quit notice

  17. Olasanmi Olalere

    Try and touch any yoruba in the Niger Delta and see what will happen to your people and biz in Lagos?bastard illiterates

  18. Micheal Omotosho

    Nice one from Niger delta let them fire the first shot then we pick it up from there yoruba should be cam

  19. Wisdom Ajakam

    All hausa and fulani vacate all igbo land especially Aba on October 1.

  20. Nduke Victor

    Wow!! Finally let the Yoruba’s reignite their marriage with the Hausa Fulani’s..

  21. Audu Sunnie

    Na Hausa people start am o, even d real hate speech was started by d UK Man, so no blame anybody o!

  22. Adeniyi Adesanya

    Wahala dey 4 dis countryoooo,2 lead a country as populated as Nigeria no be Moin-Moinoooo!

  23. Hend Obi

    Imagine if it were GEJ Soyinka would have composed a new poem. Femi Falana would have found his way to court. Obj would have found his pen. Shehu Sanni would have pontificated. Dino Melaye would be on the streets. There would be great rumble in the Senate. The HoR would have been restless. Mbaka would have seen another vision. Tunde Bakare would have resurrected the SNG and maybe having a dance competition at the National Fountain. Sanusi would have called for him to leave office. Tinubu would be leading the Ojota parade. But it’s Buhari and they all belong together. The hypocrisy of Nigerian elites.

  24. Lawal Ibrahim Bakuru

    SS and SE has made a grave mistake by allowing Hausa and Yoruba to form a strong alliance thereby making the bond of the alliance more and more cohesive.

  25. Erha Wilson

    The ruling class is destroying the youth and future of Nigerian youths for their immediate gratification of greed. I pity these brainless youths of 21st century living in stone age when the president of France is a youth and a 23yr old guy just won an Assembly seat in one of the African country our own vibrant youths are doing well in : Bokoharam,Badoo in ikorodu, Fulani herdsmen / Arewa youth,Biafra,Niger delta militants and CDA youths when other youths in the world are becoming trial blazers. Nigerian youths wake up and stop been used as instruments of self destruction because their children are been prepped abroad to come and use you as slvaes as well as their parents has done. WISE UP NIGERIAN YOUTH.

  26. Uchechukwu Iyke

    these Niger Delta militants are misguided, why include the peaceful tolerant yorubas in your quit notice?

  27. Eshi Chibuike Mgbemere

    i just dey sharpen my ogbuadana …lol..enough meet go dey very soon

  28. Felicia Ewdu

    Make una ready to drink fuel fools.

  29. Victor Ntekim

    I pray you mean business now, not when you see 65,000 naira amnesty you begin to quarrel among yourselves and start name callings and betrayal. That is one reason why I like IPOB, very resolute and not shaken by financial promises and threats..

  30. Akingbola Akintunde

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  33. Benzo Coupe

    Hello Niger delta fools . ! To me, the arewa youth are the most braved and fearless youths in the nation Nigeria. Others are just noise makers . Why do you have to follow the path of quit notice by the arewa youths. The niger delta jobless lazy militants, wouldn’t dare to issue quit notice to Hausa tribe before now . Now acting senselessly, involving the YORUBA tribe in the quit notice issue . I am very sure, that’s just the biggest JOKE OF THE CENTURY. You may call Yoruba names , you may give your baseless , nonsense quit notice . your acting skills in nollywood , is a fiction faraway from reality . For your information , this is information era . Goggle it, it will help you a lot and make you reason well, before you go into any lost battle, with a tribe that fought regional war , and civil war for over four hundred years . We know what is war, the yorubas ain’t afraid to fight. They ain’t afraid of war. For your good information, there are over hundred thousand professionals sleeping snipers that could turn your day time to a nightmare . Niger delta, Arewa , middle belts etc. there is a need for you to panic , if you mistakingly provoke the Yoruba nation. You shall see a new era of a modern war the way it has never been fought in history . This beast of wild dogs would be very glad to see action. May God let peace rain in Nigeria nations. Amen . Nigerian I hail o !

  34. Tony Rita

    How I wish we should all remain one…

  35. Abdurrazak Yahaya

    This is ridiculous, we should see who would rescue you from Igbo atrocities this time.

  36. Amobi Bobby Igwilo

    Actually Yoruba’s are peace loving, only fucking northerners should leave…

  37. Daniel Egbu

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  38. Agwuna Solomon


  39. Fatai Amidu Aseye

    And also Igbo /Ijaw should also relocate to their region
    Quit from South – West nowwwwwwwww

  40. Itz Ovie D

    Una too dey bluff,stop Acting like Housewives

  41. Eyus Kant

    All these ranting will come and go like Ebola. Nigeria is fuji house of commotion joor. No be today =D

  42. Mmeri Forbiafra

    The hatred is irreconcilable. Divide this country now or it will explode on your heads

  43. Justice Dumpe


  44. Isma

    Nomatter how many weapons you have provided we will cm up to there and start killing u

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