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By Oraye St. Franklyn

I have spent the better part of today trying to get through to Livingstone Wechie in a bid to understand the basis of his astonishing, and if you like, self-inflicting disastrous volte face on issues he, by himself, championed. My calls were not returned, neither were all attempts to reach him via FaceTime video chat successful.

My friend Livingstone Wechie, a man supposedly imbued with superfluous integrity would have none of my attempts to probe his new-day and self-defeating retraction of judicially settled issues. He has therefore left me with no choice but to not only suspend the demands of friendship, even if temporarily, and subject the quisling in him to public scrutiny; especially since the putridity of his malfeasance is also in the public domain.

Livingstone Wechie, while as guest of Gbenga Areluba’s Focus Nigeria on AIT made various horrifying claims among which was fundamentally that documents he allegedly obtained from the Rivers State Government and upon which Mr. Rotimi Amaechi, the corrupt former Governor of Rivers State, was indicted were forged by both him, Livingstone, and some persons within the Rivers State Government. In the live telecast beamed across Nigeria and the world, Livingstone claimed to know the bizarre details of the scandalous level of fabrication done, the aim of which, as he said, was to rubbish Rotimi Amaechi, and not necessarily prosecute him since the details were untrue.

Livingstone Wechie told the whole world that he, being fully aware of the fabrication of falsehood, still went on to swear to an affidavit of falsehood before a Federal High Court. No, that was not perjury. It was politics.

Assuming but not conceding that Livingstone told the truth about the fabrication of falsehood to smear former Governor Rotimi Amaechi, is he also claiming that the facts and evidence received and examined by the Justice Omereji Judicial Commission of Inquiry were untrue? Is Livingstone Wechie saying the Rivers State Gas Turbine was not sold and the funds mismanaged by the Rotimi Amaechi led government? Is he saying the facts about the monorail, phantom Justice Karibi Memorial Hospital and all other matters attended to by the Judicial Commission of Inquiry and of which Rotimi was severally found wanting and clearly indicted, were all a fabrication? If not, what is the basis of his claim of fabrication? Can Livingstone Wechie who was not a member of the Justice Omereji led Panel of Inquiry rightfully claim that memoranda submitted to it and upon which its work was based were forged? Can Livingstone Wechie be asked to name the fabrications please?

It is even laughable that Livingstone claims to be the brain behind the constitution of the Justice Omereji Panel of Inquiry, all in a bid to help Rotimi Amaechi discredit the work of the Panel and by effect invalidate his indictment by it. It is the same reason Mr. Amaechi is at the Supreme Court seeking an order of court to invalidate his indictment by the panel. He has lost previous bids at the High Court of Rivers State and at the Court of Appeal. This suit, however, is the reason Amaechi’s prosecution has been stalling rather than on the basis of any fabrication as Livingstone Wechie would want the world to believe. No one should make any mistakes about it, Rotimi Amaechi would be prosecuted for his crimes against Rivers people. He would surely have his day in court.

Livingstone’s volte face is riddled with unpardonable contradictions, which he ought reasonably to know would not be allowed to go unanswered. The same Livingstone who on a number of occasions, at times past, claimed no affinity with the Rivers State Governor and persons within the Rivers State Government, and to being just a Rivers man of conscience, is now claiming he was sponsored by the Rivers State Governor to discredit Rotimi Amaechi? And he sees nothing wrong with this? Oh! Imagine the superfluous degree of his integrity!

It is instructive to know that none of the documents released by Livingstone Wechie in the course of his anti corruption campaign against Rotimi Amaechi, which he may now claim to be forged, some of which were bank transactions from named banks like Access Bank were ever declared forged by the banks, to this very day. Yet, Livingstone says they were forged. Has our friend been bewitched? This is confusing. What exactly was forged?

Now that Livingstone is alleging that unnamed documents were forged to rubbish the image and reputation of Rotimi Amaechi, is he also saying Mr. Amaechi is innocent of all the indictments against him? If that is the case, why is Amaechi not making that case himself but rather seeking an order of court to invalidate the constitution of the Judicial Panel of Inquiry? Why?

The trouble with Livingstone is money. The young man has done everything to blackmail the Governor of Rivers State who, as he, Livingstone, rightly said, didn’t send him on any errand; except he is implying that The Integrity Group exists for the purpose of executing hatchet jobs and plays to the dictates of the highest bidder. If so, it is unfortunate that the Rivers State Government will continue to distance itself from belle-face activism as such indulgence speaks against everything the Government represents and holds dear. Livingstone is at liberty to dine with Amaechi but Rivers people will always stand against Judases and their strange bedfellows.

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