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Letter to Ethiopian Airline

Dear Ethiopian Airline,

You guys frustrated my friend and even gave me an unbearable doze of panic and unrest.

First of all, on our way back from Abuja on 29th of December, 2016, My friend and two other passengers were talking about airlines. They mentioned that in Africa, Ethiopian airlines is most serious. They Praised you guys so much that I yearned for a first time with your airline. One of the passengers said the airline business is the oil of ETHIOPIA and so that’s why you guys are serious. They also hinted on how Turkish airline was racist. Core racist airline, they said.

Then the day came for My friend to return to the USA, She and her two Sisters arrived at the Airport one hour before boarding and they were informed that they won’t be boarded and that they just missed it because they did not come three hours before time. Three hours??? Is that your inhouse standard or international?

Infact the Man who broke the news was busy watching videos of a wedding ceremony several minutes before giving them that scary reply.

Now that they missed the flight, what penalty was there for them. Your Officials told them that they have to book another altogether again. Meaning the former tickets should be trashed! That’s unbearable.

Then they started making calls and their Mum also made calls and calls and calls.

Just before I continue, a White Girl (Canadian) heading to Canada also missed her flight and when your Official (BARNABAS) informed her She just missed her flight too, He flared up at her like a disturbed flame of fire. She demanded to see the Manager. Your Official asked her to wait for a century (7 months) if She wanted to see the Manager. The said Official also said to see the Manager, She should travel to Mars because the Manager relocated to Mars.

What kinda Customer experience is this?

Then after two days, My friend and her Sisters were placed on a waiting list. They demanded to know if there were extra charges but your Officials didn’t inform them. They probably were waiting to hear from a head office or something. And then finally the information came, that they were to pay 322,000 NGN in 15 mins or miss the flight again. They were not allowed to pay with their American cards.

So, I was informed and had to run helter skelter trying to raise the sum in 15 mins.

FINALLY, we succeeded. But I won’t take the chance with your airline even if it were 50% discount. This is because every Customer deserves peace of mind and care. Not recklessness and I-don’t-care attitude. You just lost the three of them and me and maybe the White girl as Customers. Plus many more who would read this to KLM, LUFTHANSA, etc. Please do well to properly train your staff.

PS We were in contact every step of the way. So, BARNABAS was on the name tag of the official because I asked My Friend to check.

Yours faithfully,
Thank-God Eboh

AmarSim Associations Development Consultants

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