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I Wonder How Workers Feed Their Families, Buhari Tells Governors

President Muhammadu Buhari has expressed concern on the growing complaints and agitations by workers in states over unpaid salaries and allowances.
The President was also worried about the welfare of the workers who he said have not been paid for months, despite interventions by the Federal Government.
Receiving a group of governors led by the Chairman of the Nigerian Governors’ Forum, Abdul’Aziz Yari (Zamfara State), he said the plight of workers in the states need urgent attention as many could barely survive.
“How can anyone go to bed and sleep soundly when workers have not been paid their salaries for months?” he questioned during the meeting on Tuesday at the State House in Abuja.
“I actually wonder how the workers feed their families, pay their rents and even pay school fees for their children.”
President Buhari told the governors that two out of the three-pronged focus of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) to secure the country and fight corruption had received some commendable reviews by the people.
He, however, noted that the challenge in payment of civil servants’ salaries in states had taken a toll on the people.
He said, “God has been merciful in hearing the prayers of his servants so the rainy season has been good, you can ask the Kebbi State governor on this, and our enormous food importation bill has gone down.”
The President said the Federal Government and state executives would need to work closely together to ameliorate the situation of workers across the country.
He informed the governors that he had instructed all government agencies to comply with the Treasury Single Account (TSA). in order to ensure more transparency and prudence in accounting for the revenues of the government and the sharing of entitlements with states.
According to him, the TSA would ensure more transparency and prudence in accounting for the revenues of the government and the sharing of entitlements with states.
In his response, Governor Yari said the various interventions by the Federal Government, which include the bailouts, were judiciously utilised by the states.
He, however, attributed the inability to pay workers to the backlog of unpaid salaries and huge debts portfolios inherited by governors on assumption of office.
“We are concerned with the situation in our states, and we are trying our best to manage the resources,” Yari told President Buhari.
He added that the bailout funds and part of the fallout from the London-Paris Club that had been received by the states were properly expended to alleviate the plight of workers, but more had to be done.
The NGF chairman commended the efforts of the President in improving the economy and assured him that the states would continue to work with the Federal Government to improve the livelihood of workers and all Nigerians.
According to the President’s spokesman, Femi Adesina, governors of Ondo, Bauchi, Jigawa, Kwara, Akwa Ibom and the Deputy Governor of Ebonyi State were part of the visit
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  1. Codeman Ohinoyi

    Dis idiots states governors, dem weaked oooo, dey no dey feel wht feelin nw

  2. Uc Uc

    Buhari u re such a fool I have never seen

  3. Rossy Kay

    That’s stupid question for to ask by now.. U know another election is around the corner. Do you think Nigeria are fool like you.. I can’t blame any governor’s because every day each state have graduated an more so population.. All our money you sent it to only north an you don’t think about others..

    • Yahaya Atiku

      I don’t think Buhari really need ur vote to win any election…

    • Muhammad Sani

      @ Rosy Kay, why do you sounded so stupid, do you think Baba will loose 2019 election just like the way your imbecile brother gej did? Hahahaha no way. Baba most dwell on that seat till 2023 when he will handover to Osibanjo. Hahahaha, how about that?

    • Rossy Kay

      I can’t blame you scholarship degree guys.. Assuming you have someone like teachers or civil savant. you may know what means suffernes but I can’t blame you… For you to call me a stupid what do you look like.. U look like Margot.. U look like crab.. U look like kingfisher.. U look like Buffalo.. U look like alligator.. Nothing hausa can do better why Bcz they are having a low mentality.. Is only killing an farm

  4. Comr Nicholas Chukwuebuka

    Empty brain.
    You can’t deceive us again

  5. Oribi Adolphus

    See who is talking, as if him own good

  6. Chika Steve

    Now you know, your Brian have come back

  7. Benedict Agochiche

    Are just knowing since 3 years really you are not in this country

  8. Louis Amedu Iteji

    Workers are feeding their families the same way the masses are feeding their families despite the hardships your government brought upon the country.

  9. Nura Bala Gusau

    BABA THIS SURUTU IS NOT THE SOLUTION,you have take action on this bad behavior to d governors.

  10. Omika Abdullahi Omab

    One tribe the same character/Idea, always insultive WHY?

  11. Patience Osineke

    You are fighting corruption why not start with the Governor’s?you are not serious

  12. Nicholas Iro

    This sudden empathy towards the masses is even suspicious. We can’t trust anything / word coming from them because it is all for our votes.

  13. Jewel Maduekwe

    Nonsense talk from python dance

  14. Ahmed Mamuda

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  15. Taheer Hassan

    They are wicked most of them!

  16. King Sam Horlamylekan

    Since all dis years sir,hun! Politician hv started again…

  17. Dickson Osai

    And u are not wondered how Fulani’s are massacring

  18. Ebenny Nwafor

    Jubrin Buhari is a pretender that do the worst.

  19. Osondu Opiukpo

    imo state is not paying minimum wage since 2015, no leave allowanc no promotions ,no transfer, no impress, no workers entittlements

  20. Obinna David SirOwuamanam

    You just find such out abi..? Election is fast approaching…

  21. Ekanem Bassey

    Buhari is stupid to ask such foolish question

  22. Goshen Power Christian Church

    Whenever you see a wicked sadist like Buhari feigning empathy towards the masses that he joyfully torments, know that he’s up to some hoodwinking game. And I know gullible Nigerians of his type will still be deceived to think that someone like Buhari cares a hoot about their welfare. Nigerians, UNA MUMU NEVER DO?

    • Muhammad Sani

      You are the MUMU of the highest order, brainless idiot. Your myopic narrow brain is not telling you right. Your hatred for this old Man will consume your life, and one good part of it there’s nothing you can do about it, let me tell you, you are a toothless bulldog that only bark without any impact. Baba is untouchable to all wailers.

    • Dinma Tonysmile

      Muhammad Sani u must be stupid for challenging every body here erring their view, do u think everyone is a slave like u? u are a dementia impolitic nitwit.

  23. Mmeri Forbiafra

    I wonder how one sleeps after killing 1000s of innocent shiites, Biafrans, plateau and kaduna Christians, etc

  24. Ruvwang Doy

    Thank you sir for being compassionate but what of the security of lives and properties of the masses and the workers who are being killed by the herdsmen

  25. Edi Stephen Montul

    Buhari cares for Nigeria an we love him. A question PDP wasn’t able to ask for a good 16yrs wastage.

  26. Daniel Egbu

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  27. Chiji Israel

    Ofcuse his fully aware that the citizens of Nigeria are suffering immensely’..

  28. David Akhuetiemen

    Dear president, Even the birds the flies in the sky God feed them and cloth the Lillie’s. That same God never sleep nor slumber.

  29. Matawal Gambo

    Take a strouse to or surprise visite to any state not everytime they will come and feeding you with false information is that time you will see how people are suffering

  30. Kofo Nuga

    Governor Aregbe, paying half salaries over 2yrs ago in osun state, This is wicked ness of the highest order.

  31. Abeng Festus

    Fake talk. What about ur minimum wage have you implemented it? Or is it only the states that have workers. U don’t have any thing to offer just hypocracy

  32. Ekeh Maxwell Ndubuisi

    I wonder how you sleep without addressing $25billion NNPC SCAM

  33. David Tsunbuji

    Na now u come sabi say workers are hungry? Haba,Baba!!!

  34. Tunde Tunde

    This man should stop deceiving himself. You can now wonder how workers feed their families,but you never have that thought when you were sworn in but when you are sick you went and slept in UK wasting money that can be use to pay all this same workers so they can feed their families. This man is just try to win our heart to vote him 2017,it can never work anymore.

  35. Ike Mcnd

    Election loading….
    96% remaining

  36. Kingsley Timothy

    Question Time , oya all of you Answer. When only him will take $29B did think of Nigerian workers 👷

  37. Patricia Ogiamien

    He is surprise that the citizens are not dieing in hundreds on the street

  38. Kenn Iyke Ogbuke

    How do you feel when Fulani herdsmen kill people?

  39. Andrew Adodo

    A Compassionate President Buhari.

  40. Henry Ali Aguiyi

    Yet we are fighting corruption, what are then the methodology of our fight against corruption when we cant even pay workers their basic salaries, my brother the self induced corruption is the worst kind of corruption and is uncurable

  41. Akaraka Akaraka

    This clear example that man is not real buhari and it is strange for him cos he just imagine the mess workers are passing through

  42. Joan Odiachi

    Goshen Power Christian Church , You are Right , That Man is Wickedness Personified , He has No Love in Him For Any body
    He Sees People no Matter how Close as a Tool , A means to An End , Very Unfortunate .

  43. Sanches Son Trump

    Ask buhari how do he sleep knowing very well that his brothers the herdsmen kill innocent people on a daily bases!!

  44. Oyewole Oye

    But president is in country when Governor did pay

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