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Court restrains SEC,EFCC and ICPC against Gora software company

Court restrains SEC,EFCC and ICPC against Gora software company

A Federal High Court sitting in  Abuja yesterday ordered the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) to `immediately’remove a `wanted notice’ posted on its website against Philemon Gora.

The applicant, Managing Director of the Cashflow Nig Ltd, had claimed that the EFCC and SEC also instructed his Banks not to honour his chegues.

Justice Adeniyi Ademola further restrained the second defendant, IG-P from taking further steps against the applicant pending the hearing of his motion on notice.

“ All parties to the suit before this court must maintain status quo pending when the interim order is vacated,’’he said.

SEC  had filed a petition to the IG-P and EFCC to investigate Cashflow and its Managing Director, Gora, for allegedly running an illegal financial institution.

The Commission had further asked them to stop the illegal transaction with a view to protecting depositors funds.

According to the applicants counsel, James Ocholi (SAN),“ it amounts to a mockery of research and disregard for the court for SEC to post and declare my  client wanted the parties have been put on notice’’.

“In fact, My Lord, the EFCC, ICPC and SEC have continually intimidated Gora for doing legitimate business,’’ he said.

The applicant (Gora) claims that the huge sum of money in his multiple accounts were proceeds from a contract with Google.

Gora is therefore seeking the order of the court to compel EFCC, ICPC and SEC to allow him access to his Bank Accounts.

He alleged that the freezing of the accounts had brought hardship on the employees of the software company.

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  1. What was the final judgment on director of cashflow?Thank.

  2. What was the final judgment about director of Cashflow?Thank.

  3. Its d lord dat decent and do justice very soon d world will celebrate us

    • my sole pray is for tomorrow’s victory

    • God ll grant you victory upon this case. Pls i seek as soon as the success achieved kindly pay up the client because some are dying being hyphatensive, some invested through loan facility giving there house, employment letter & investment certificate as collateral. Thank you.

    • I just believe God is on our side. Victory is certainly ours, de set backers and evil ones can only delay us but we must prevail by His grace. Gora, God is ur strength. It is well with u and de gud initiative u stand for. I personally believe u. God had won de battle for us since. Cheer up to all investors.

  4. sir i so much believe that the lord will not let cash flow Abi Network down since its not illegal. Prayer is the key to any solution especially that of cash flow Abi against SEC, EFCC& ICPC.

  5. This is the hand of God! Victory for the common man! Congrats ahead Gora and the CFA family!

  6. The God that answereth by fire shall be our God. Psalms 27.

  7. I appreciate this order and I hope the final judgement will be as impartial. It’s unfortunate that SEC, EFCC and the IG.P have made a mockery of their duty. There has never been any traces of fraud in Gora’s activities.

  8. Joseph C. Tegwis

    Rising they rise against Gora, conspiring they conspire against him & Cflowabi, but victory they shall not have over them, which is 2 em an evident token of their perdition, but 2 Gora & Cflowabi, of salvation & victories, & that of God. Remain blessed n victorious! Amen

  9. The young man Gora is a mentor and a helper of the down troddened. I think he has elevated the poor with his God-given talents which is evident by giving scholarships to the less priviledged. On the whole, he deserved commendation and not humiliation.

  10. Great news and shame to local conspirators! If God is with this young man, those fighting him will be digging their grave.

  11. Gora: I just listened to you on Berekete Family radio programme. Its a piety the way you were callously been targeted from someone’s false accusation against a people’s company. It touched me to hear of the goodwill you do to the poor people and scholarship awwards. I wish you an overwhelming victory, revamp of your business and be adequately compensated for the loses you inquired. Continue your good work to the poor people of Nigeria – they need people like you who are very difficult to find. You will be vindicated!

  12. feyishayo olufosoye

    If God is for us who will be agianst us. They allow Manna who stole billions of naira from pension scheme to escape without but they are pushing an innocent man for doing a ligemate bussiness.God will surely put them to shame

  13. Hmmmmm na wa o for Nigerians o! D ones dat r eatin d money and not helpin people will not b caught ooo….. God will vindicate d righteous. I fink my mum is even his client sef

  14. What a shame for an official of secutity and exchange comission come on air and embarass this country! How on earth could a firm like cash flow operate without been registered! I read this atticle am so impressed people think it is abcd to one wanted for no reason , gora is a very intelligent man I love his gods!

  15. John Shagiya Mwari

    The Aim & Purpose Establishment Of These Agencies Are Defeated Just For Selfish Purposes. Leaving The Wickeds Moving Free But Pursuing The Righteous. Where Are We Heading To Nigerians?

  16. God is going 2 do it 4 us in jesus name.

  17. Please EFCC,SEC,ICPC,allow this Man to pay us our money back,we are suffering,some are in the hospital because of are making the masses suffer while rich are becoming long will it take you to finish the investigation?PLEASE GIVE US OUR MONEY BACK.

  18. Dat Gud News Cash Flow! He ( God) Wil keep U 4 Dey Odinary Man.

  19. If God is with us who can be aginst us, says the bible, they may be against us but since the Almighty is with us they shall be but to shame. There is an oportunity in evry problems, therefore i knew that Mr Gora wil not an wil neva gv up, and i knew that He (Gora) wil win this case vry soon, pls those who r critise should nt do it for now if not shame go cash them leta o hmmmmm, those who blve without thorug invistication r fools says Mr Gara, i lv that statement, nd i prophecise that one day cashflow will own his bank and the enemies will not die but will benefit frm it. I pls beg all the client my coligue should pls hv patience we shal smile By Gods grace. Mr Gora shichet an kulabiyang.

  20. I hear ur voice on Barkete family Radio programme today. may God give us victory over our enemy of progress. We shall report them to our father in heaven for they put us & our on hungry for six months. They shall call for forgiveness. Only then they will find peace.

  21. gora ur GOD wil finish the work he started with you, sec and their group can never suced bc,s GOD that is with you wil not let u down and ur mision must be acomplishd. no weapon formed against you and ur family will prosper

  22. If sec, efcc and icpc knw say na beta ting them the do say them the secure people money why them no go make Mr Gora to pay his clients their money, abi them wnt use that money ne? Hmmmm pason bele go boss o. The beta do justice to this case befor God go vest for them, those guys r shameless, hw pason go run busines for gud 5years na now una wnt talk say una no knw una no the see am befor? No be through banks in the run the business? May una do like people way go skuul o, i beg, if na pason the push una may una push am away and release this guy accounts o, u guys need to be fast like movement of curent o, na my own talk be this.

  23. There is no sincerity in EFCC, SEC and ICPC. If Gora is doing illegal business then supervise the return of every investor’s money instead of freezing the funds forever. I placed another company’s funds in Casflow and the same EFCC wants me to produce it even though they know it is frozen by them in Cashflow accounts in Diamond Bank. Gora never defaulted until EFCC poke-nosed. God will vindicate Gora sooner than later. The wickedness of the wicked must come to an end. “Bring to an end the violence of the wicked and make the righteous secure.” Ps. 7:9a. Amen.

  24. I plead with the federal Government and efcc, icpc, sec. to release Gora Accounts so that he can pay is client their money. then the federal Government can now stop him from doing the business. this man ( gora ) has a vision for his people. pls hear the cry of the masses that contributed their litle quarter in other to gained some little interest. Thank you.

  25. Those who trust in God and their ways are always clean will be vindicated. Time shall tell,who is running an illegal business. The one running an empowerment scheme or the one confusing us with many agencies to fight corruption but corruption is on the increase.

  26. I believe in clean business. And I also believe in hard work and wisdom.
    It is my belief that God will see Cashflow through to the end to the trial.
    Sometimes God allows somethings to happen to us to pave the way for something greater.
    May it be so.

  27. The Lord is about to do a great thing, let them who drive in wickedness watch out!
    Gora,you shall live to fulfill your destiny whether they like it or not, the Lord is your strength. IJN Amen!

  28. The Lord is about to do a great thing, let them who thrive in wickedness watch out!
    Gora,you shall live to fulfill your destiny whether they like it or not, the Lord is your strength. IJN Amen!

  29. I hope the court will sustain this tempo and stand for the truth. This is great good news. Up Cashflow!

  30. Oh Lord, have mercy on the poor.immaging those we have as our leaders,those that era meant to protect us(SEC EFCC etc) turned out to be intimidating us. Who in this global world dosen’t knw that one can make legal and cool money on the net. May God help cashflowabi from the hands of evil Nigerians who only fight for thier selfish intrest.

    • Let continue to cry to God everyday he shall surely answer our prayers.If God is by our side who will be against us.May God continue to give Gora more wisdom,patience and strengthen him.Is well in Jesus mighty name.Amen.

  31. emmanuel jonathan

    Gora what is the outcome of the judgment please.

  32. EFCC, ICPC & SEC pls kindly look into poor people’s heart,hear their cry and have pity on this people who work hard 2 earn living and try 2 invest part of their litle earnins 4 2morow pls have pity and release Cashflowabi fund 2 Mr.GORA so that he can pay off every investor.thank you

  33. For how long shall the masses cry Out at the expence of this blatant act of this country’s inconsiderate agencies, If Engr. Gora will not be allowed to breach the gap between the rich and poor in this nation why tanish his integrity?little do these agencies know that they are killing their subject the masses and we’ll always believe in the capability of a true Hero, a legend of the masses.

  34. Jst lyk d hand of God was upon Elijah n he outran d chariot of Ahab 2 d gates of Jezreel, divine speed shall b ur portn, by dis tym 2mrw we shal al b rejoicing cos d Lord wil do it.

  35. Benjamin Abraham

    Its quite unfortunate that our leaders have become deaf to the cry of the masses. The rich are eating our money like their birth right and yet are rewarded with chieftancy titles and national honour but when it comes the innocent, they will flexing their muscles. Gora never owned any one until SEC, EFCC, ICPC came into the issue. The money in question here are investors funds. People are suffering, some in the hospital and some dead just because EFCC and ICPC have become a tool in the hands of those that can afford their service. God Almighty will jugde you all. I personally know people that have bought cars, build houses and send their kids to good schools because of the investment oppotunity Gora introduced them to. But now, people are suffering yet they have money. We the investors have 100 percent trust on Gora. My prayer is that may God arise and scatter all our enemies and let every weapon fashion against cashflow not prosper.

  36. Is Gora legal?? He said d want 2 meet regulatory standard,he said d sue banks 2 court n now is efcc,sec.can sum1 help,wat’s d real prblm wit cflow.tanx.

  37. D efcc n sec. We c,we shal c dem NO more

  38. Any update for i know our prayer shall surely be answer?

  39. Why haven’t the courts looked at Diamond Bank’s major shareholder? We all know he is behind all this confusion.
    That shareholder is very lucky that Gora is a good God fearing man.

  40. Mr know,,,What is d conclusion or present stage of cflow now as gora is God fearing

  41. Pls who can tell me what happend in the court at Abuja about our case?this is our case not only Gora case.Mr know how far,what is going on now?

  42. we’re in the dark………………..I guess these guyz hav settle backdoor yet we’ren’t informed

    • lets wait and hear from the outcome of the seminar ongoing rite away wit the robot trader, may they are his priority since they paid for subscription fee.

  43. For God sake!!!Gora is confused as d court are not 2 his favour,pls.cflow client shld let gora alone n do what wil help dem.such is life my country people.

    • @Bar.gaskiya ur post does not reflect in ur name, how do u want us to let Gora alone.Did u knw the number of people dat hav been severely affected by dis incident, are u aware dat we borrowed money to invest here? If u’en’t get it rite dat Gora hav so encourage us to g xtra mile cox his backup can pay any damages incase dia is any-so what are u insunuating.

  44. No hope now,be calm.

  45. All cashflow client are 2 asemble at abuja eagle sqaure 4 peaceful demostration by monday 22 april.

  46. Mr.ponder,i said gora is confused,all we need is peaceful demostration by client in afected state 4 govermt interventn 2 dis matta.

    • But he conscientize us over the phone that in two weeks time he is coming to pay us off. Do mean Gora have lied to us? He use to be a man of integrity can’t understand why he is getting dis complex. the voice of men is the voice of God-food4toth.

  47. Plz can sombody in dis forum give us some hint how the peaceful demo went in eagle square. I wonder if anybody will be there cox no stipulated time for the gathering. I can’t understand Y Gora is not carrying us along.

  48. what exactly is happening? Can somebody pls enlighten coz i’m in the dark.

  49. Andrew Musa Giwa

    Sir, i pray that one day God will surely save you from those enemies of progress . Sir you know many people in Kaduna south don’t belive you, but i personally record your interview wit Abelembe program to them @ kafanchan and i also transfer it to there phone, tanx God many people from
    aduwan 1 to 5 understand what is going on. Don’t worry God is now by your side.

  50. Giwa. Pls. Sumarized wat he said at d interview 4 we 2 live

  51. Yes mr. Giwa that is the nature of a man, many weren’t enlighten on the issue on ground and for the fact dat when it comes to money we seem not to be maintained. I feel same as those in southern kaduna although I reside in minna but when ever I reminisce on seminars where mr. Gora speaks I find it very hard to doubt him. We pray tins get better soon and he shall proof himself and bet me those dat doubt him shall worship him.

  52. wuret patience makrop

    Am pls calling on all the various agencies involved in this issue including the EFCC,ICPC and the court to release the frozen account of cashflow so as to help the suffering should be noted that the monies in the said frozen account is the life savings of industrious Nigerians who have toiled so hard day and night to make ends meet.I am convinced beyond reosonable doubts that this menace is the handiwork of unscrupulous greedy nigeriansbut God who sees all and knws all would fight for us. Ride on engineer Gora cos i see a light at the end of the tunnel for you and for CASHFLOW as a whole

  53. We need money nt coment

  54. Lets pray 4 cflow court case on 1st may dat d judge wil appear dis time n tackle d case,

  55. Why is the judge keeping away from the court each time he is to preside over it. Gora should get it rite and seek other means to resolving dis issue. Although He promise to start paying anytime soon over the fone in a seminar in minna 10days ago, probably he have sort things out coz I don’t tink he can afford to ridicule himself by placing our hope dat high wit out backing it wit actions-I guess every and each person’s present in dat seminar is nervous.

  56. Bar.Gaskiya plz u just hav to respect ur old age. Stop being clawn for God may1 is workers day, stop fooling us in dis forum right.

  57. Ogungbe,its 8th of may am sory

  58. What is d latest judgement in court on 8 may?someone should pls help

    • Both parties agreed to settle out of court on or before 3/06/2013. Let’s for God’s favour. It look place on the 9/05/2013

  59. mr Wash more grease to ur elbow dis is d type of contribution dat is wanting here tanx and as wel tanx to Gora for d compromise.

  60. St.james balode

    Pls.Somebody help,is there hope 4 cflow? d issue is silent

  61. mr wash, did you hear what you posted in the news or you were present in the court when the agreement was reached? thumps up mr gora for not relenting. and to efcc,sec and other authorities responsible for putting people in hardship may God show you the way.

  62. Mr.wash, u hear or u are present at d court,pls help us is all 4 our good

  63. us with cashflow update or page were we can find update.tanx

  64. This talk of cashflow has made me to reconsider. But their website is poorly made.

  65. No hand can stop the powerful hand of the almighty on Philimon Gora, God has remembered us tomake us rich and worship him better. Gora’ both EFCC, sec, icpc and the devils join togeter can stop God from answering our prayer. Their time is up.

  66. Sam chisa,pls.are u prophesieing what wil happen with our prayers or u are confirming what our prayers has done already,pls help us

  67. Benjamin Abraham

    Pls wats d latest news

  68. pls we are in the dark any piece of information will be helpful.

  69. He promise 2 start payment by june,d are out of court but left 2 clear papers with SEC n ICPC

  70. Ponder,..Gora himself personaly text me he wil pay by june,let pray 4 d clearance 2 b achieve in due time.

  71. mr Mbade ur contribution is most welcome tanx 4d relief u’ve brought 2my hrt. I kip doubting his integrity but nw am convinced. God wil c him tru.

  72. just dat u hardly knw wen Gora is sayin d truth, time wit’ot numba he has promiz to pay us in minna yet notin has happen. I just hope dis time around he wil prove himsef n nt d lie lie as usual

  73. am no longer happy with Access Bank & Diamond bank (I dey don pack my money go another bank tey tey ) if Gora isn’t truthful why iz it that diamond bank & access bank has not suit him for Damage of name? Gora i believe U! All my prayer is that u’ll win & set us free too. Thanks!!!

  74. am no longer happy with Access Bank & Diamond bank (I don pack my money go another bank tey tey ) if Gora isn’t truthful why iz it that diamond bank & access bank has not sue him for Damage of name? Gora i believe U! All my prayer is that u’ll win & set us free too. Thanks!!!

  75. 3rd june,is d date set by preciding judge 4 efcc,sec n gora 2 conclude setlemnt out-of-court or he wil give his final judgmnt,but yet 2 know how far with setlemnt.let keep praying, very soonest we wil smile

  76. whats da outcome of june 3rd judgement! Plz any one wit facts in da hauz?

  77. Hope d whole thing is nt a scam i’m afrad

  78. Only gora can say something

  79. How are we even sure that everything even the court proceedings are not well structured propaganda and lies??? every thing seems so..

  80. I think we have waited close to 9months now for all this sagger to come to an end, and it will be an act of great injustice to us if gora does not come out and tell us soonest when we are getting our monies back for real.

  81. We are all behind gora figting efcc,bcos we trust him n if he didnt defend d confident given 2 him by declossing truth infor.2 client then we wil turn against gora until he learn 2 tel truth where our money is kept n we wil all be cflow haram 2 government,currupt nigeria how can peace be.

  82. Gora should come out and let us know the truth…no more lies, Gora has being telling us lies all this while.I am of the opinion that some accounts were not affected but still they made us believe that all accounts was affected…Majority of those working for him are liars like him..My own be say pay us our money including the interest asap, You cannot put in1000000naira and you will now pay me 10000naira…Gora be Holy and tell the truth…

  83. Gora should understand that we live in a country dat u can’t win the rich talk more the government. He have been given a good offer to settle out of court but I guess he don’t want to compromiz- this people will keep dragging dis case for years and they will end up settling him without any fine to his claims. We are the one suffering the hit. Am suprize dat Gora is taken us for granted-He can’t afford to be taken to court again on fraud cox dis is what he has defended and still defending bt dat he has not been carrying us along.

  84. It seems as if there is no hope , bcos gora said d other time ,b calm ,there is no hope ,but he needs tọ tell us d truth so that we could know. Fellow investors i have a suggestion , let us try prophet tb joshua . Somebody can go there for our sake and explain tọ him , mayb he will pray for us or tell us our fate .or buy anointing water so that it could b used for prayer . God can answer us through that

  85. Can somebody tel us what exactly happen with cflow or what claims n charge do efcc has against gora,d hold thing is confusing bcos both gora n efcc are 2 help n defend respectively. n if we are not paid nigeria wil be bad country n wil never serve nigeria,i wil take gora 2 court by july if non can tel what,gora wil tel d truth wen in court

  86. Nawa o! Gora is in soup, everybody is threatening tọ take him tọ court. But i dont think thats d best idea. I heard that efcc want tọ b in charge of d payment, that is tọ say ,they want Gora tọ give them access tọ d accounts so that they will b the ones tọ pay d clients but gora disagrees with that.thats y payment has not begun.

  87. Mr jude,d question is,which crime did gora commit, dat give EFCC ordercity n quaranty 2 decide wat happen wit cflow.

  88. The crime he committed was that the company is not adequately registered, his own workers are the ones behind his problems by enriching themselves with clients funds, while clients are suffering,the other time we were told to pay some money into certain accounts for us to be paid all our outstanding, the staff paid themselves and their relatives and friends with our last card without paying us anything, then i went to borrow 55000naira extra just to get my money in their 20% and local robot.If EFCC wants to control the payment with all the interests they are welcome those working for Gora are wolves in sheep clothing.EFCC SHOULD TAKE CHARGE OF THE ACCOUNTs and the payments.

  89. I want to use this moment to plead with Mr. Gora and his team to consider the suffering and the hardship this whole thing has brought upon the investors, therefore they take decisions that would make us recover our money speedily, and stop playing with our intelligents. Otherwise they will be in for it. A word said is enough for the wise. Gud day

  90. Prof. that is the most annoying thing that makes me seek and that is why I say Gora is taking us for granted, this fund was requested by Gora not the staff-Gora made this promiz not the staff, he was the one that asked us to pay not the staff but the most annoying thing is that he never tink of us any longer but his interest. I as well went to borrowed 50000 after I’ve borrowed money to invest in the local robot yet Gora feel no remorse.

  91. My felow investors i apreciate al ur efort,seems our picture is 2 victory.may God help us out

  92. God should help us so that by july 1st everything will b over as d judge will give d best verdict

  93. An innocent man of God(pst) who introduced about 76 people into cflow in his community n due 2 long waiting n lack of feedback from cflow,d went 2 cflow office 2 get infor.but d office was closedown.2 cut d story shot,d people organised n burn his house,car.saying he dup them bcos dis is one year n nothing 2 tell about their millions…we are not been carry along we are in dark,we strugle 2 source infor.but God knows all our pains n he ll surely vendicate us

    • This is just the beginning I can spare-head such rally in my present state of mind. Its a message that Gora have failed them- Although am pathetic of the Pastor but its what I can do too, when one is pushed to the wall what do u xpect.

    • I quote again ‘due to lack of info’ they organiz demself. Gora is a failure, an ignorant leader. I wonder if he nt a fraudstar(royalty7 is indication to back my words). If he stil fails to c our plight n keep ignoring d masses thunder shall strike him soon.

  94. Wow hard luck tọ d pastor , thats sympathetic

  95. Everything is silent

  96. Maga,,Is not dat we are silent but we now surender all 2 jesus bcos wat people think is over,God wil take-over n it wil b over!!

  97. Mr ponder,pls.we need information about cflow

  98. dear Gora if only u’re truely concerned of our welfare u would hav allow the so called efcc to pay us and u supervise the process but bcox ur hands aren’t clean u cud nt giv ur mandate to such. Note wen pple are sincerely prayin 4u and u seem 2b hardened u only make those praya work against u sooner or later be warned.

  99. Many are the afflictions of the righteous but God delivereth him from them. Im looking for a day we all shall sing in a new song. It is well with our souls. What you know you can not help, what are you expected of? if not to run to God for solution. Gora please visit synagogue church. maybe God might have something to tell u on how to win This battle.

  100. It wil soon be over we are now out of court settlement

  101. Pls mr Gora updet us if there is hope 4 us

  102. Out of court settlement has been b4 now, the last adjourned meeting for one month which will resume tomorrow is based on out of court settlement but these guyz just keep toying with mr cashflow and compounding our pains, So mr Maga stop raising our hope in this forum since Gora feels the way forward is to keep us in the dark- no matter what effort he has exerted on dis issue still he has made it worthless-Allah ya isa

  103. Ponder,let see the outcome of 1st july discretion by the presiding judge,there is positive acheivement so far n soon wil be over

  104. Gora should go tọ TB joshua and God will work things out , get d anointing water or meet him in person and see d miracle of God. We really need money

  105. Mr.Ponder,i went 4 service, no information 4 now but very soon we wil smile

  106. Mr maga where did ụ go for d service

    OF LAW.

    I want to say thank you Prophet Ahmed i have won the case.
    I’m Mr Tom from United State i was having problem in the court i was

    thinking what to do,really it was a terrible problem in the court when

    some one came from no were wanted to clam my company, he forged the

    company paper and said the company belong to his late dad, then i was

    so confused i didn’t know what to do, on Sunday night i saw a Testimony

    on internet how this prophet help one woman before i contact the

    prophet and explain every thing to him, he told me not to worry since i

    have contact him my problem is solved, he list some items for me and he

    said i should buy them and send them to him to start the work for me

    immediately i told him i can’t buy the items here in united state and

    he told me to send down the money so that he can buy the items there

    and i do, he start the work before 3 days he told me he has finished

    the work,he said i should not worry next time we are going to Court i

    will see what will happen that i will see the result of his work really

    on the court day i went to court the Judge declare to every body court

    that i’m the owner of the company that is how i won the case, i’m so

    happy now any body that see this comment should help me thank Prophet

    Ahmed,before i forget in case any body have any problems free free and

    contact him because his capable of handle any problems,he can also

    release person in jail, his email or cell

    number +2347053375151.
    prophet thank you so much i promise to share this Testimony to every

    body in the world wide.

  108. Jolade Cashflow

    Tom from america is a 419 only prophet we know that can help us with cashflow is Prophet tb Joshua…We need news concerning cashflow case on july 1st

  109. Mr. Tom is Sick possible he require d attention of a psychiatrist @Jolade CF u seem to lay in the direction of mr. Tom while the disguise, ur suggestion is same. No one is greater dan God what CF need is devine intervention from above. Our generation hav seem to believe profets&pastor dan in God. What made TBJ greater dan ur pastor? lack of faith!!! we’re just church goer no longer believers.

  110. Mr Maga soon have been the case since January n now we’re in 07th day of July the soon is yet to be accomplish, people are suffering not bcox they cannot fend for their selves but bcox of the trauma of the outcome of this case @ every sittings. God shud forgive us our sins and let us be forgiven of ourselves.

  111. Hello,i mate gora in jos at GGDM Program,he said sunusi CBN n IG police are d agency dat donot agree wit d conclude setlemt of paymt by SEC,ICPC,EFCC n Gora,dea reason is dat d are not present wen setlemt is ongoing out of court,d presiding judge therefore call on all agencies 2 meet n agree on matters as he expres biterness on how issues are been handled n unnecesary prolong,dat d shuld release gora 2 setle his client.lets pray,very soon!!!

  112. Jolade Cashflow

    Another story telling by Gora and the others, next time would be another story time. IG AND CBN to me has nothing to do with it…GORA HAS A LAWYER THAT SUPPOSE TO KNOW THOSE THAT SHOULD BE PRESENT DURING NEGOTIATION…stop talking rubbish…The Judge and the lawyers, Gora and others are into something “hidden”…We are Intellects.

  113. Tọ me whether they agree tọ release it or not i know my God lives and can make me a millionaire anytime he wishes , but d problem is that they dont want tọ tell us d truth

  114. Any info on the final sittings schedule for today?

    • pls brethren, let put our trust in God, because he is the Omega, he will do it for us at the right time. EFCC, SEC, ICPC and Police of the this counrty are not fighting for the masses of these country, they are fifghting for their interest, there is no law and order in this country, if Gora operate illegally, there is law,the court would like charge him to pay fine instead of freeze his account. Maina carry billions of Dollars nobody says anything. A man that is struggly to help the poor they now treating him. In all at the end of our life here on earth, we are going to give an account in heaven, you cannot brave God, if u think u are mr. braven.

    • pls brethren, let put our trust in God, because he is the Omega, he will do it for us at the right time. EFCC, SEC, ICPC and Police of the this counrty are not fighting for the masses of these country, they are fifghting for their interest, there is no law and order in this country, if Gora operate illegally, there is law,the court would like charge him to pay fine instead of freeze his account. Maina carry billions of Dollars nobody says anything. A man that is struggly to help the poor they now treating him. In all at the end of our life here on earth, we are going to give an account in heaven, you cannot bribe God, if u think u are mr. bribery.

  115. Jolade Cashflow

    What is the outcome of the court case? Gora failed us. Have you not heard about people that have died and lost their properties because of this cashflow issue? Please, if you don’t have something tangible that can propel us to move on don’t post anything…If you see Gora ask him if he failed us or not. Please, what is the latest?

  116. as much clients hav an opinion one shud be able 2xpress n aire their views, Jolade dont b driven by ur emotion. It hit me hard but ur little contributions in this forum – gud or bad, rite or wrong hav keep me going, as in all hope is nt lost.

  117. D case was shifted tọ friday , policemen wanted tọ arrest gora but were stopped from doing so , lets keep praying friday will b d last day in d name of our lord jesus christ amen

  118. mr Jude tanx 4d update, u mean even in d court police are intimidating a complaint. This is totally lawless and unpatriotic of our sovereignty as a nation despite several proceedings on dis case wow!! May God help us.

  119. I heard as a rumour that things have been sorted out and that d account has been released , could any one confirm that?

  120. bawa j. tascoleeeee

    pls gist me, whether it is true that they release Gora accounts, if it is true, God you are too much, ur name alone is worthy to be praise. pls I someone to update me with information about fact.

  121. pls gist me, whether it is true that they release Gora accounts, if it is true, God you are too much, ur name alone is worthy to be praise. pls I someone to update me with information about fact.

  122. It is true , remain payment

  123. Was Informed that they have started receiving alert go to their office

  124. Soon have been the case since January n now we’re in 07th day of July the soon is yet to be accomplish, people are suffering not bcox they cannot fend for their selves but bcox of the trauma of the outcome of this case @ every sittings. God shud forgive us our sins and let us be forgiven of ourselves. Even as we’ve not been paid we’re now certain and emotionally relax of the court saga n that Gora is now in charge. I can’t just xplain how I feel just like dat.

  125. Gora pls i ve not received my money, and they said people ve started receiving alert..or is it bokoharam style you dey do it

  126. @exude, I am not yet relaxed oh,until I see my money

  127. pls brethren let give them sometime to arrange themselves in order so that they will pay us our kpala-kpala, the lord that deliver them should ginger their heart so that they will pay us sharp-sharp. I am waiting to smell naira in my hand. thank GOD you are good.

  128. Its over bcos God has taking over,d are planning 4 paymnt…glory be 2 God

  129. What is going on in this room, Gora all to ur glory now yet tins remain the same like our prayers has no meaning all this while.

  130. The C.E.O.said he want 2 setle wit his busines asociate b4 setling his client.

  131. Jolade Cashflow

    They ve started their magomago.Gora pay your clients

  132. Jolade Cashflow

    Gora if care is not taken, you are going to be rearrested this is Nigeria.Everybody is watching you,pay your Client

  133. I keep wondering if truly Gora is for the poor, He seem to ignore our plight, more recently I hard from his family friend that he want to find other means of payment and now he acct have been release nothing have been done, no tangible evidence that he worth his worth mscthwm!!!

  134. I tire abeg getting tọ two week now nothing is happening , i heard that d judge went on vacation that he was expect tọ sign a document i dont know if he has done that

  135. I always find it deficult 2 believe d whole thing. Hope is nt a scam “again”

  136. Concerned Barrister

    The money has been released totally to him, If he did not start payment after a week let me know on this forum. Bye for now.

  137. @C’barrister stop being a town cryer here U don’t need to be told, if u feel u can help us out do mean OYO

  138. Pls.calm down,let him setle down,it wil take series of meetings 2 strategise on hw 2 pay client.

  139. Concerned Barrister

    @exude, so you think its like that,if they did not pay you,you would now be crazy all over the forum

  140. It is just that d payment is taking longer time than it was expectted

  141. Sombody is really getting crazy. just the way I feel, don’t blame me-blame my affirmity. Despite his charming and promising speach on radio the patience dogs so to say are stil hopeless gush!!

  142. Hahaha what did he say on radio

  143. Haba haba let us tnk God na as he won d case successful

  144. D good news is dat, he wl pay us wit all our interest so my dear brother nd sist. in ds forum we shld jst giv he a little tme 2 enable him arrange things in order, since God ve already ans our prayer glory be 2 God

  145. @concerned bar.True talk my brother,we want to see our money no gimmicks.We fought together so we must eat together no tricks

  146. Let us just b patient , before september by Gods grace payment will start. I think he is investing with d money so that he could b able tọ pay everybody, no b small money dey there o na billions he will pay o , if not it wont b enough ,so a little more patience

    • mr. jude how sure are u, which source? I can’t wait to start living the anticipated live. mr. Jagoran Talakawa plz save souls.

  147. Let us just b patient , before september by Gods grace payment will start. I think he is investing with d money so that he could b able tọ pay everybody, no b small money dey there o na billions he will pay o , if not it wont b enough ,so pray harder

  148. Is cflow offices open 4 operation or stil close

  149. I thought as much that he is investing the money but he has always been investing the untouched accounts during the case.No story start paying us

  150. why are u doing away with this forum for God sake pay us our money even it will be installmental

  151. Which money does Gora investing again? As someone mentioned in dis forum, is it d recent money dat ve been realesed in his blocked account or our money dat we invested wt him?

  152. It is d same money naw @simon but we are not very sure just saying mayb bcos of d delay. By d grace of God in d next 2 weeks payment will start , just keep on praying . Wish ourselves d best

  153. mr Jude am not sure it gonna be in two weeks time xcept Gora have done his homework intellectually. on radio he talked of verification then going back home and wait for nxt info. this process isn’t frendly to debtor like me. for God sake my joy for the release of this acct is diminishing-Gora shud do sometin.

  154. Which ppl are tọ do d verification?u see it has taken almost 3 weeks since d alleged release of d account so by now he is supposed tọ have finishd. And adding 2 more weeks i think will b due and enough for payment tọ start

  155. If u could notice this link hav been removed from d board, if not 4brain like us dat hav d second key function of dis link dat cud share our view n console n condole wetine cashflow de do us.

  156. This is taking longer than I expected…I just pray and hope they finalise on time and start payment imidiately. from the way things are,we don’t even know anytin anymore regarding news and no update wch is not helping us

  157. @ exude hahaha i did not even notice that nevertheless we shall continue consoling our selves . @ gabriel, gora has no website for that and so we shall continue tọ b on d search for information

  158. I mate Gora at daneil suits kubwa abuja n said 60,000 people are involve in d stuff,so we shld b calm as he cant b fake

    • from 20,000 to 60,000 dis is the fake gist, not dat Gora is fake but dat he has no truth. let him come out and tell us what he is up2 possibly like he is gonna pay us by sept, oct, nov etc and our mind will be @ rest. but he spoke of verification n yet nothing of such has commence.

  159. Thats is d reality he should tell us whether it will b by october or november we shall have no option but tọ wait . And when it is time we shall know that our money will come

  160. this man is heartless claiming to be a financial profets mstcheeeewwwwwww!

  161. Wat is gora plans with this long silence anyways?

  162. Royalty7 almost finishn deir verificatn bt we in Cashflow ntng yet wahooo.

  163. we are just decieving our selves with Guru schemes.The truth is he has nothing to pay even our capitals back though he claimed the huge some in the celebrated account is as result of contract he signed with google. it not it is depositors money.His schemes is purely ponzin in nation so it has crashed my people. Dr Guru succeeded in living his folower with wounds,pains,court cases EFCC,police cases,some are in prison while others are dead already.He made me to blieve his ponzi Robot which I invested over $40’000 since 3year now without geting a dollar out of it. let So called Ponzi CEO come out and tell us what blocking of his celebrated account got to do with his Robot trade.Oga Talakawa prove me rong.what is causing delay in payment over two months now that court asked him to people let’s leave the issue in the hands God and repent of our disobidient to him for I know he warn us at one time or the other regard casflow and his programs but we refuse to listened.

  164. we are just decieving our selves with Guru schemes.The truth is he has nothing to pay even our capitals back though he claimed the huge some in the celebrated account is as result of contract he signed with google. it not it is depositors money.His schemes is purely ponzin in nation so it has crashed my people. Dr Guru succeeded in living his folower with wounds,pains,court cases EFCC,police cases,some are in prison while others are dead already.He made me to blieve his ponzi Robot which I invested over $40’000 since 3year now without geting a dollar out of it. let So called Ponzi CEO come out and tell us what blocking of his celebrated account got to do with his Robot trade.Oga Talakawa prove me rong.what is causing delay in payment over two months now that court asked him to people let’s leave the issue in the hands God and repent of our disobidient to him for I know he warn us at one time or the other regard casflow and his programs but we refuse to listened.

  165. D court ask him to pay n he is yet to do so n d court allow dat, its a pitty dat the judicial system could permit such. I guess its high time we d clients come to senses. Who is Gora to take us fool-its time we source 4ourself petition dis on suspicion of fraud.

  166. Infact i dn’t understand ds Gora issue again, most everybody die b4 payment or wht? Many pple lost dey job,hatery among family,friends, business patners 2 my suprise court ve given him an order 2 settle every clients over two months nw wht is him dng wt our money which is almost a year nw? Wahoo ds is Nigeria for we.

    • Listen! there shud be joy, there shud be jubilation, there shud be no fighting there shud be tanx giving- after now that is wen u will knw am God is with him and he is with us, all of this to make us feel he is a financial messiah but he is not. Just good at making noise with no strategy.

  167. My fellow brothers nd sisters in ds forum let me assure u dat Gora is nt go 2 pay any dividen or interest a part fro our capital dat we ve invested. Dem said according 2 court rule in Abj. Said dat it wil cause inflation in Nig. Wahoo God ve mercy on us

  168. Broda who is talking of interest in this case? were wil he even get all capitals to pay? all na supper story.we will continue to hear one story or the other stil your kingdom cames. prayer is what is alway need when bad investment is made.

    • U guyz shud stop dis doubt n lets c him make payment. What he emphasize on radio was that everybody will get what he/she deserve but what is now pissing me off is dat he is quick to raised hope without strategics to back his word, am fulking sick of his verification wrath.

  169. Pls had cashflow start payment

  170. This delay is becoming unpalatable therefore something must be done urgently to salvage the situation. We are dying in silence, please pay us our money. God bless you as you do so.

  171. Just b patient pls and pray

  172. My fellow clients let me tell u dere is nt hope in ds cashflow issue completely wht he is delay d payment 4? Wht does he calculated capital dat we invested seporate wt d interest without joint dem 2gether nd whic kind of arrangement after d ve released his account 4 almost three month nw. Is it another investment or wht?

  173. Do we have to be dead people b4 mr Gora pay us our money?this sufering is too much.some families depend on dis money to move on,why should they be suffering bcos of Mr gora negligences..sometin needs to be done.

  174. just same Q I keep pondering on! Y mr financial profet is dis adamant to our suferin and pains inspite his kindness he is dubious. After coming on radio to deliver such emotional speech yet notin to show for gosh!!!!

  175. Another verification wahala 4 royalty 7 in Jos.we ar spendng unnecessary money without gain anytin,riskng of our lives no even our capital dat we ve invested 4 almost a year nw some died,sick,accident on d road simply becs of ur money. God ve mercy

  176. Go 2 cashflow office in Jos nw 4 another royalty 7 verification or u shld call anybody in dat office

  177. We are now in the month of october yet there is no sign and nobody is saying anything including Mr Gora that we all had trusted over these months. Well, a’m living you (mr. Gora) in the hand of God almighty for judgdment, remember He created all and His can see everywhere. For the book of Psalm 24 says….

  178. why has Gora come on radio to alter such emotional n couragious speach wit no intent or no possible means to alleviate our state of depression or izit bcos of our quest for information? Whicheva way it is Gora is a mediocre, a visionless leader dat bost of 20000 folower, I hope we dnt go down d drain. Although he promise nt2 abuse his calling as financial profet bt stil he lack leadership quality.

  179. Can sum1 pls.tell me what is going on

  180. We jst leav d matter 2 Almighty God

  181. Diamond bank released Cashflow frozen account,wht is happening 2 Gora

  182. I learnt d money in d diamond account released has been tempered wt by diamond bank wch amounted to like 10 billion naira or so. I tink that lead to another problem wch I do not know hw far they have gone abt d case.and from the source I heard said d two diamond bank branches in jos has been sealed by EFCC. The truth of d matter is that I don’t even know wch is the truth.

  183. @Martins every single one of us is uncertain, can imagine dat 2013 is stil looking,watching n viewing in2 2014 4CF clients

  184. Verification in lafia now on

  185. Verification in minna now on

  186. Lets keep praying our prayer is availing


  188. Pls guz, what is the latest news so far?

  189. Hey people any news in regard to cashflow?

  190. Gora, Taking whatever is not urs will not add to u, it will subtract from u and invite a curse. See Gehazi story in 2 king 5.20-27!

  191. Guys any goog new regard to Cflow.

  192. Guys any good new regard to Cflow

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  202. I Paid into this account:0026070341;Name: God’s Grace Divine Mission as intructed by Diamond Bank on 02/08/12. Pls could I do my verification in that Church.

  203. Please can anybody tell me if Gora(cashflow), Elijah(eureka), Nathaniel(bakutson) and Geldap belong to one syndicate and how come Gora used God’s Grace Divine Mission’s a/c numb on 1st and 2nd augk 2012 in kafanchan. I think proper investigation should be carried out ’cause nobody has seen Elijah and the rest in Nigeria again.

  204. please i paid 15000naira as instructed since june in minna, till now i have not received my money, they kept posting us they said gora travelled to united states that he is coming back by ending of july its august now still no news.i heard people in jos and kaduna have been paid then why minna’s own different.oga gora please pay us in minna we are dying

  205. Mr Jonas who hve paid in Jos? As a Chashflow clients? Whre? When?

  206. Gora and God’s Grace Divine Mission general overseer Evang Danjuma Fwenji are both fraudsters using their church account numb in duping me.God will punish this fake Pastor called Evang Fwenji.

  207. Having invested in this account no: 0026070341@ diamond bank kafanchan Named God’s Grace Divine Mission, people can see that clients like me don’t have to blame Gora because the owner is Pastor Danjuma Goshwe Fwenji. He is the owner of God’s Grace Divine Mission. Please members of GGDM should tell their senior Pastor to pay us back through Diamond Bank, kafanchan. I can’t be deceived into submitting/losing my deposit slip in the name of verification which is my only evidence. If what I said was a lie let God Punish me for it.

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