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Boko Haram kill three soldiers, injure five in an ambush 

Three soldiers have been feared dead and five others injured in an ambush laid by Boko Haram terrorists on a military operatonal vehicle in Borno State.
A reliable security source disclosed that the insurgents ambushed an operational convoy of the Commanding Officer (CO) of 81 Battalion, Nigeria Army at Bulabulin Ngaura town along Damboa/Maiduguri High Way where the three soldiers were killed.
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 The source added that the CO with other members of his convoy escaped being killed by whiskers leaving other five soldiers wounded.
He informed that two military gun trucks were carted away by the insurgents. The insurgents were also reported to have set ablaze a military operational camouflage colored hilux vehicle.
Maiduguri/Damboa road has witnessed several kidnaps and ambushes of both civilians and security personal since the road was reopened by the military last year
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  1. Lot Kuhyop

    Python dance where are you please?

  2. Bardmmors Egbunaike Onuoha

    Boko haram is a charitable organisations

  3. Emmanuel Michael

    Hope its not my brothers they’re killing o

  4. Owunari D Afifamabia

    The Nigerian Army medical outreach should be busy there taking care of casualties of the war.

  5. Thankgod Nwaku

    Let them continue there phyton dance in the south, confused government.

  6. Jacob Soyi

    It’s a fat lie, Boko haram has been defeated. How are they able to achieve that fit?

  7. Ekene Udensi

    HAHAHAHAHAHA… Up BH boys… APC is BH ,and BH is APC govt…

  8. Augustus Akpan

    Do we still have real soldiers? Not political soldieroooo hummm

  9. Onyenkwere Goodluck

    Y will u b writing and concocting lies against a ‘defeated charitable’ organisation??

  10. Innocent Julius

    Let the north stop supplying them with arm, when will these Carnage stop?? We have had enough blood shed.

  11. Allen Morgan

    That’s very good wish they will soon kill buratai

  12. Biafra Uche

    Anambra: IPOB Declares Curfew, Urges Members To Boycott Poll

    Abakaliki – The leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has directed its members particularly those living in Anambra State and its environs not to go out between 6pm November 17 to 6pm November 18, but to sit at home during the poll, alleging that the Federal Government of Nigeria in cahoots with some governors of APC and some other leaders from the zone have plotted to unleash more killings on them during the Anambra 18th Governorship Election.

    Emma Powerful, Spokesman of the proscribed pro-Biafra group in a statement on Thursday made available to INDEPENDENT in Abakaliki, disclosed that the intelligence unit of the separatist group had infiltrated a meeting where the plot to create a scenario of crisis and violence during the election in the name and guise of IPOB was hatched.

    Comrade Powerful said that the intelligence before them hinted that thousands of miscreants have been booked to storm Anambra State on 17th of November with Biafra flags, emblems and other Biafra identifications to cause confusion and pandemonium so as to get the opportunity to substantiate their claims that IPOB is a violent terrorist organization.

    He alleged in the statement that the hired miscreants have been promised a hefty sum of money each and that all the logistics had been put in place to enable them storm Anambra state during the forthcoming election, during which they would engage security personnel and innocent civilians in a violent confrontation.

    Powerful noted that the sole purpose of the evil plot was for the Federal Government to prove to the world that they had good reasons for proscribing and declaring IPOB a terrorist organization and for the US and other world powers to also declare IPOB a terrorist organization.

    He therefore urged their members in Anambra State to stay at home and boycott the election governorship poll.

    The statement reads in part: “Biafrans must be at alert because corrupt politicians in the South-East working in tandem with the civilian killing Nigerian military will stop at nothing until they carry out of their devilish plans to implicate IPOB.

    “They have mobilised vehicles, printed fake Biafra flags and IPOB uniforms; they have acquired automatic rifles and guns for this dangerous crime against our people during the election period. Biafrans are therefore required to observe a curfew from 5pm 17 November to 5pm November 18, 2017.

    “Anybody found outside within this period will be killed by these thugs and men of the Nigerian Army. Every Biafran, especially those in Anambra and neighbouring states must not venture into Anambra State either on foot or aboard any vehicle.

    “The evil plotters promised to give out the sum of N20,000 each to those who volunteer to kill their fellow humans in Biafraland particularly those who would be travelling to or coming out of Anambra State during the election period between 17th and 18th November. As a responsible people oriented mass movement, we are worried about this cruel plan to massacre innocent people once again in Biafraland.

    “We are advising every Biafran to stay in their homes and not venture outside from sunset on the 17 of November to sunset on the 18th. The Nigerian Army, Police, Navy and Civil Defence Corps are coming to Anambra State to kill as they did in Abia and Rivers during their illegal and murderous Operation Python Dance II. If you don’t come out, they will not kill you. Stay safe, stay indoors,” Comrade Powerful explained.

  13. Obika Oluchi Mercy

    Ow many boko did the Nigerian army killed ?

  14. Mac Long Smith

    I can imagine how happy Scannews was, on this post

  15. Canice Ibeh

    You guys should stop this nonsense post why only just 3 we need to hear that boko boys kill like 130 or 150 soldiers yes you guys will post it not only just 3 boko boys una dey fail hand this days ooh

  16. Don Pounds Pheelz

    It might even be more than this which the boko haram did but they will just lie to us its three dead and five injured. Meanwhile if proper investigation is taken you will discover its 30 soldiers dead and 50 injured. Who are you deceiving now. During Jonathan regime, buhari will make sure that the numbers are highly inflated to the fear of Nigeria not knowing its all lies

  17. Emeka Robinson

    Please boko haram kill all d Nigeria army self even my brother way day there if una like

  18. Chibuzor Ntekume

    That’s hw they will continue to kill the zombies until they all perish

  19. Frank Ezedinma

    North is reaping what they sow

  20. Frank Ezedinma

    North is reaping what they sow

  21. Olubiyo Joseph

    But the APC government is always celebrating victory over the BH. I laugh at their incompetency

  22. Olubiyo Joseph

    But the APC government is always celebrating victory over the BH. I laugh at their incompetency

  23. Moon Aisira Heart

    Now that Boko Haram have killed three solders. they will turn to Biafra people now and start killing them. Sick people. Them no fit fight back. Once them hear Biafra they mind to stand, but once them hear Boko they dick go die. mad people

  24. Bardmmors Egbunaike Onuoha

    Hausa Fulani don’t want to comment on this good News

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