Monday , 17 June 2019


Sometime a year or 2 ago I wrote about an alcoholic liquor formulated by my late dad, WariSenibo Salathiel Daniel Joseph Ogolo. The liquor is made with secret ingredients passed down to him by his dad, my grand dad, who was the first DANIEL, whom I was named after.

I had searched relentlessly for some of the ingredients without success, but as I travelled to Opobo town for the winter solstice, I was able to lay my hands on the last piece of the puzzle at Akwa Ibom state.

My grand dad was a successful and ruthless trader in the colonial days. A native of Enugu state, sold as a slave to the great Chief Ogolo of Opobo town in todays Rivers State, he was handed over to Chief Birigberenari Joseph Ogolo, whom he went on to replace as the chief upon his demise, after rising through the ranks. He became Birigberenari 2nd, Alabo Joseph Ogolo war canoe house.

My late dad, Salathiel, was his only surviving son. A charming operator with an influential persona, we still ride on the waves of his popularly as “umu Dey Salathiel”

Daddy and nna daddy, today I continue the tradition. Your legacies are not lost. The great Uku Dimdim which only we your children know the secrets is back, though belatedly. And we will pass it on to our kids, your grand and great grand kids. Who knows, due to its unique taste and alcoholic level, someday it may become a house hold name like the Coca Cola’s of this world.

Cheers even as you sleep on.

Daniel Ogolo

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