Thursday , 18 October 2018


By Robinson Sibe

The Police have been commended for the arrest of the kidnap kingpin, and rightly so. The Public is better off with people like him securely behind bars.

That said, it’s important to look at the alternative facts and implications therefrom. I am disappointed in our security agencies that such a highly “successful” kidnapper evaded arrests for this long. I find it difficult to comprehend the fact that despite the luxuriant lifestyle, and the several footprints of his unexplained prosperity, that he was not detected and arrested all these while.

How do you explain someone who in just a few years, collected ransom in billions of Naira, and several millions of dollars, yet, the security agencies could not follow the spending trail and currency footprints to pin him down?

I am also disappointed that despite the availability of the right technology to track people like him, he was allowed to walk free for that long. This is not acceptable, and if I’m the Commander-in-Chief, I will issue a query to my security Chiefs, to give me an explanation why this man walked free for so long.

Finally, I am not unmindful of the difficult circumstances the security agencies operate. We all saw the video of the robbery and the bravery of the Police Officer who was reportedly killed in that ruthless operation. That man died, and his children have since dropped out of school. How do you have a motivated Police Force when the Officers are not properly taken care of? How do you expect results from officers whose monthly salary is less that $200? How do you expect a motivated and committed force, with no insurance policy? How do you expect results from security agencies without the right technology.

These are the alternative facts. We must be ready to deal with them. If we get carried away by this lone success, and not address these issues squarely, many more kidnap kingpins will emerge shortly, after the advertised flambouyance of this catch..

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