Monday , 28 May 2018


By Eric Patrick,

Very disturbing reporting just coming in indicates that Nigerian troops have shot dead atleast 7 IPOB members going to IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu’s home.

They were arrested by the Soldiers at Isialangwa.

According to one of the victim, he said that they so much thank God for saving them, he also said that they were forced to drink moody water.

, he added that before his very eyes, he saw 7 others shot death, many were shot on their leg while few including him managed to escape

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  1. Samuel Castro python dance has failed woefully, it has faild to keep the peace instead it has stared up mor troubles and has failed to stop the agitationl.php?

  2. Uchele Oguche

    Bury them nah…. Sey be dem sey biafra or death? I wonder what they will tell God about their sudden exit from earth.

  3. Ndu Roland

    Biafrans should get ready any 1 ipob member killed is equal to 2 hausa Fulani let them not fight the Army but start killing Hausa Fulani on the street of Eastern Nigeria,,Thunder from Sahara desert will fire Buhari,Non sense.

  4. Hamza Tanimu

    Every life is a life…. Stop wasting your life

  5. Jide Yakub

    how many of nnamdi kanu children or his family among those that were SHOOT DEAD today..igbos jobless wake up and stop this nonsense…Nnamdi Kanu is an agent of destabilization

  6. Joshua Ojile

    The should stop disturbing us.let them call their Biafra security service

  7. Fred Benefactor ThankGod

    Uchele Oguche
    Are you now saying those ,who fought for our independent died shamefully?, at least you’re a matured man with matured brain, next time you are try to speck think and weigh your word ,if it will match the word that you are about to ought out.👨

  8. Gbenga Joshua Jolayemi

    I have been reading comment from imbeciles supporting APC government activities for killing innocent citizens,

    A question, I need to ask them, is d result of genocide in Nigeria by aljazerra that give birth to boko haram during yaradua era.

    And every time I watch d YouTube of army refused to dance operations boko haram. I laughed in Japanese that d same army d imbeciles support for killing a boy with a stone refused to kill a boko haram will toy gun.

    Instead, d supporters of dis madness to advice d APC government to channel their dance to sambisa forest. They are jubilating that army who refused to fight boko haram is killing a boy with a stone.

  9. Umar Ndayako

    On their way to do what scam news

  10. Segun Olusegun Adex

    AFARAUKWU SHOW OF FORCE, A SHOW OF SHAME! A piece by Ekpenyong Isaiah.

    Until Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s bail is revoked, any show of force around him is a show of shame and intimidation. Intimidation done to one, is intimidation done to all and must be resisted.
    The Nigerian Army said it went on a “Show of Force” at Nnamdi Kanu’s residence at Afaraukwu and the Police said it happened around World Bank road. Tales of two agencies of government, one who actually went for the operation and another who was not there but issued press statement un-behalf of the operation. Graphic evidence shows the “Show of Shame” was at Afaraukwu and not World Bank road, as there is a clear distance between the two places.
    Nigeria, nay Africa is a place of great comics, a funny land where funny things happens, a George Owell’s animal farm, a place that needs re-colonization in the words of current American president, Donald Trump. Nigeria is a place where those who conquers today forgets there could be tomorrow and those who conspires to sing the conquest music’s forget they could be victims tomorrow.
    Let me start with the Igbos. The Igbos today are reaping what they sowed yesterday by their great men like Nnamdi Azikiwe, Aguiyi Ironsi etc. Their refusal to know there could be tomorrow is today’s manifestation of what they now termed marginalization. The Igbo person today would not have been fighting for freedom if Nnamdi Azikiwe had listened to leaders from the north that they don’t want one Nigeria for fear of dominance by the Igbos. Azikiwe failed to acknowledged the uncertainty of what tomorrow could bring, today, who is dominating who? . Aguiyi Ironsi again in failing to acknowledged there could be tomorrow, scrapped the former Confederate system to make way for a unitary system of governance to suit his desire of ruling over a large entity, again an Igbo man forgetting tomorrow. Today, the Igbo politicians are begging for a fall back to regional system of government that Aguiyi Ironsi abolished.
    The Yorubas today are knowingly or unknowingly taking the same pathway of mistakes that the Igbos took when they had their opportunities. Until recently when the Yorubas took a stand on restructuring at Ibadan in a Yoruba summit, most Yorubas were so comfortable with the position of Vice President and as such would even forget that the Yorubas were the most potent tribe looking for regional system of government. To these group of Yorubas, they are now part of government and restructuring can go to hell. And to them, any Yoruba that does not support this government is a criminal and must be jailed. Again, forgetting tomorrow like the igbos of old.
    The Hausa/Fulani have become the greatest beneficiary of a country their leaders never wanted. In achieving these, they conscripted forcefully the support of the Middle Belt people by imposing on them a language that unifies them which will make a Middle Belt person be so happy to speak the Hausa language than his own native dialect. It is the Middle Belt person that will first start conversation in Hausa language to make people believe that he/she is more Hausa than the Hausa’s. In trying to overthrow the dominance of the Igbos, the Middle Belters were widely used by the hausa/Fulanis, no wonder, they were the ones that fought the Nigerian/Biafran war on the Nigerian side.
    The Hausa/Fulani believes that a tomorrow that could change the current status quo can never come, forgetting that even the Roman, British and other great empires before now are no more. To them, since they climbed to the throne of the Nigerian empire, they must be there and nothing must be done in changing that. That is why in making sure they remain in their throne, they have employed every means and known tactics of intimidation which includes the show of shame at Afaraukwu Umuahia. The show of shame at Afaraukwu is another intimidating tactics by the occupiers of the Nigerian empire throne to intimidate and coarse the Igbos into submission since they are the only last voice standing against the throne now.
    You may not like Nnamdi Kanu or the Igbos, you may not want to be part of Biafra, but please acknowledge their right to freedom. A call for referendum, is not call for war. Catalonia is currently asking for referendum in Spain, Palestine is asking for it in Israel, Saharawi is asking for it in Moroco. Recently, the Arewa Consultative Forum secretary and president of their youth wing said restructuring can only be done democratically by political parties through parties manifestos they should take to electorates during electioneering and if voted, then they can implement it. My question is, the introduction of Sharia law in northern states, was it done through political parties? They say there is no referendum in our constitution, did our constitution recognize Sharia law before it was introduced and later smuggled into our constitution? Has parties ever been elected just because of their manifestos?
    For the Niger Delta/South South people conspiring to support the wickedness that is currently going on, let me remind you, the Middle Belt conspired to conquer Nigeria, today, the remain the greatest victims of that conquest, the current killings in Benue, Southern Borno, Kaduna, Plateau should teach you a lesson. Stand up for restructuring now, Nigeria must be restructured or we part our different ways in peace. -Ekpenyong Isaiah. A believer in a just Nigeria where there is equity, fairness and equality of men.

  11. Koko Joe

    Wow good News…..,more to go

  12. Robert Emperical


    They arranged a bail for him with conditions. He spurned all the conditions and dared the government. Ohaneze did not say anything, Abia state government did not say anything, South East governors did not say anything. All the abroadians and “intellectuals” who live in Abuja, PH, Lagos, etc did not say anything.

    As soon as he threatened the upcoming Anambra elections, Ohaneze said something. Anambra state government said something. South East governors said something. Because a pot of soup had been threatened. They even called him to a meeting. But he maintained his cocky stand.

    He turned around in a bid to continue to be in the news, decided to launch a Security Service. Asked his supporters to burn down the country; Ohaneze, Abia state, south east governors did not say anything. If anything at all, they aided him as according to them he was expressing his rights.

    Before now, the veepee called everyone to a meeting. Good man, he tried to approach the matter with gumption. You expected some caution from the other side. No! They made the veepee look stupid. Kanu continued his PDP and Igbo elite sponsored defiance. Kanu did not only carry on with his haughtiness, he disgraced the police everywhere he went.

    Then the military steps in, Ohaneze begins to lecture me on Human Rights? Abia state begins to speak up. All in Support of Kanu and IPOB. Nevertheless, the federal government must realize that PDP/IPOB does not own Igboland and as such cannot determine where it’s allegiance lie.

    Let all processes (legal) be taken to protect the integrity of the country as there is no country called Biafra. And Nigerians living in Igboland need to be protected by the Nigerian state, now. The country should no longer tolerate megaphones who seize the destiny of part of the country on a warped agenda called political/secessionist agitation.

    Credits ~ Uche Nnadozie

  13. Shamsuddeen Bature Mustapha

    Pls when KANU is going to shut down Kaduna and Lagos according to him noise Maker. I just pity all this jobless supporter for risky their life for dream that can not true.

  14. Bada Adewale

    Na lie,army are well trained and disciplined. u can’t call a dog a bad name just to hang it.

  15. Bada Adewale

    Na lie,army are well trained and disciplined. u can’t call a dog a bad name just to hang it.

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