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Army kills 40 Boko Haram, arrest 18

 The Nigerian Army said it has made significant effort in the push towards routing out the ruminants of Boko Haram insurgents in Sambisa forest and other location in the theater of operation.
Briefing journalists at the monthly press briefing, Maj.-Gen. Ibrahim Attahiru, The Theatre Commander of Operation Lafiya Dole, on Wednesday at the Command Control Center, Maiduguri disclosed that his troops killed a total of 40 Boko Haram insurgents, arrested 18 and rescued about 230 victims during combat in Sambisa forest in the last one month.
Maj. Gen Attahiru also added that total of ten insurgents surrendered within the period under review, stressing that the Theatre had recorded many successes against the insurgents after  the newly-launched  Operation DEEP PUNCH 2 and Operation RUWAN WUTA in Sambisa forest.
According to him, two operations focused on coordinated aerial bombardments by the air and artillery platforms supported by land operations to decimate the insurgents.
He also explained that the Mobile Strike Teams (MSTs) inaugurated in August has drastically gained momentum and had continued to ensure that the Main Supply Routes of the insurgents (MSRs) were firmly secured.
Gen Attahiru noted that the operations had enhanced safety of commuters as well as ensured the gradual return of economic activities in some affected rural communities.
His words: “Some of the operations led to the killing of two  key Boko Haram commanders, Abdu Kawuri and Abubakar Benishek, in a successful operation on Sept. 1  at Alafa in Bama Local Government Area.
“Additionally, a prominent Commander, Ba’abba Ibrahim, and two other commanders died after sustaining injuries during their last encounter with our Special Forces in an ambush at Magumeri council.
“In another encounter, our troops had repelled an attack on IDPs camp at Banki. The attack followed discreet insurgents’ infiltration into the area through the Nigeria – Cameroun border.
“The fire fight between our troops and the insurgents resulted in the death of two insurgents and caused others to flee. Unfortunately, eleven IDPs were killed and two others were wounded in the process.
“Search and rescue teams were immediately dispatched in a concerted effort to locate the missing IDPs while the wounded civilians were evacuated for medical treatment,” he said.
Speaking on the number of arrests, The Theatre Commander said that the troops also arrested 18 Boko Haram terrorists and their collaborators after they infiltrated into IDPs camp and that the suspects were currently undergoing investigation.
He disclosed that six members of the Civilian Joint Task Force were killed in a bomb attack by Boko Haram on IDPs camp in Ngala.
Attahiru further said that during the period under review, troops foiled several suicide and other forms of Improvised Explosive Device (IED) attacks, “thereby causing the adversary to drown in its own blood”.
“I want to reassure you that Boko Haram will finally be brought to its knees in no distant time as troops had conducted precursor operations and other offensives geared toward their final defeat.
On ambush operations, The Theatre Commander said troops had denied the insurgents any freedom of action through its ambushes along Road Ngurosoye – Bama near Borno State College of Basic Studies (BOCOBS) and Mararaba Kirawa.
“Also, on Sept. 12, 17 own troops successfully sprung an ambush against insurgents using the Firgi crossing point in Bama Local Government Area to access the Sambisa forest.
“The ambush was extended to Mallam Gonare where 2 Boko Haram terrorists were killed.  Troops also recovered unexploded ordnance and 7.62 mm ammunition during the operation.
“In the same vein, on Sept. 12, 17, troops ambushed fleeing elements along Road Ngoshe – Bokko Kugile and killed one of the insurgents.
“Troops also recovered 3 bicycles, 2 wrist watches, 2 SIM cards and the sum of N1, 140.
“Similarly, on Sep.14 17, our troops in conjunction with vigilantes sprung ambush against insurgents around Lokodisa in Gwoza Local Government Area.
“One terrorist was killed while others fled with gunshot wounds. Troops also recovered one AK 47 rifle, 117 rounds of 7.62mm (NATO) ammunition, 14 rounds of 21mm, 7 bicycles, one trolley, a machete and 2 jerry cans.”
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  1. John Peter

    Liars. BH kill 40000 Nigerian soldiers and arrest none
    The truth

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  3. Ikemefula Nobart

    Hahahaha the zoo don come again ooo.pls tell us how many soldiers they kill

  4. Ogbu Chijioke

    This video was the one taken @ umuahia along Nnamdi kanu street so which way did you meet boko haram there?

  5. Godfrey Eke-achuole

    Nigerians may doubt whether this is a media war propaganda. They might wish to see the corpses, for seeing is believing. But these boko-harams were claimed to had been defeated by Nigerian soldiers, so where came about these ones reportedly killed. No Wonder eight out of ten IDP presently refuse to return to their respective home for fear of attacks. There is God ooo…!

  6. Segun Ademola

    Na today we dey hear that story

  7. Anthony Nkem

    Pictures pls,liars from hell

  8. Ezekiel Augustine

    Only ibos names always attacked the Nigeria military negatively on social media.

  9. Joshua Enejoh Samson

    This is the type of news i want to hear. Kudos to the Nigerian army

  10. Emmanuel Okeke

    Lies and deceit…….one month given to capture sekau has passed
    We have not forgotten.

  11. Prosper Joshua Egye

    We are tired of lies in this country.

  12. Mmeri Forbiafra

    Story. What is difference bw boko Haram and nigerian army?

  13. Somtoo Valentine

    Comedy country… Just imagining how I’d be seeing this country if I wasn’t a citizen. Kudos to our harmy… 😂

  14. Stunch Godwin

    D man killed himself and ran away

  15. Lloyd Ejiogu

    You only kill each other in the news,you people should try something else, we are not fools

  16. Awinuola Kingsley

    And later with be released from detention

  17. Mack Chanchin

    it’s your people’s brothers

  18. Friday Obaji

    Boko haram kill 40 nigeria amy

  19. Oguaghamba Martins

    And how many of the armies did bokoharan killed? #GiveTheRealNews

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