Monday , 18 February 2019


When former President Jonathan said most profoundly that his ambition was not worth the blood of any one, he knew what he was saying because he lived in a society where blood was mostly the price paid for the ambitions of politicians.
In Rivers State as with most parts of Nigeria, those behind the current APC Federal Government have not failed at their cultic penchant for spilling blood and wasting lives as they fight to entrench themselves against the wishes of the majority and the ethos of democracy.
Rotimi Amaechi, Buhari’s minister and campaign chief, who has been at the fore of the call for a declaration of a State of emergency in Rivers State has also been the arrow head of crisis in the State, making every attempt to promote insecurity and where he fails, a narrative of such, at every given opportunity.
His affinity with the absurd hasn’t gone unnoticed. If you’d recall, 2 days before the deadly January 1 strike of criminals at Omoku, who killed about 22 people, Rotimi was on air harping on insecurity in Rivers State, even when there were no corroborating facts to that effect.
After the strike, he was the first to call for a State of emergency even without commiserating with the bereaved and victims. His action raised suspicions and sharp criticisms from across the country.
He didn’t stop there. On his orders, men of the Federal SARS opened fire recently on his Party youths who were demanding their right to participate in the Ward Congress of the APC, a day to what turned out to be a shambolic Congress of the Party. As usual there were fatalities and casualties. Blood flowed freely.
He didn’t stop there. He engineered the lockdown and subsequent invasion of the Rivers State Judiciary by touts working for his faction of the APC with the support and covering fire of men of the FSARS aimed at unleashing monumental mayhem on the youths of Rivers State who insisted that the doors of the courts could not be shut by anyone in a democracy. There were casualties. Blood flowed freely.
He didn’t stop there. There are reports from victims of kidnappings who confirm that most kidnappers work for the APC and are executing a plot to make Rivers State ungovernable. Thankfully, the security architecture has continued to fail them as measures are continually made to improve it.
He hasn’t stopped there. As I type, he is planning his next attack. His political history and temperament sells him out. He is predictable. He is weak in character. He is violent. He is Buhari’s Man-Friday, who is untouchable and has said almost timelessly that Wike was the problem in Rivers State, that he sponsors criminality and cannot lead the State properly.
Today, thankfully, the jury is out and the world has seen that claim to be an evident falsehood. Wike is no longer the problem and, indeed, never was. It appears to now be Magnus Abe his own partyman for whom he dared an attempt to shutdown the judiciary and spill more blood in Rivers State.
This is why I ask him, despite his unpopularity and serial political failures in Rivers State: “Amaechi, how many barrels of blood will it take to, at least, finally win a single political battle in Rivers State and do you not think it is time to show courage by beginning the contribution from your own household?”
Our prayer today has to be that in the best interest of our society, may his next attempt at spilling blood not only fail woefully but bring him to complete ruin in the matchless name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.
By Oraye St Franklyn
AmarSim Associations Development Consultants

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